Buffalo Soldiers


Last night.

Buffalo, New York.


Buffalo, New York Mayor’s statement.

Buffalo police officers suspended for pushing 75-year-old to ground during protests (The Guardian)

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72 thoughts on “Buffalo Soldiers

    1. Brother Barnabas

      one paused momentarily – hard to know if the intent was to assist or put the boot in – before colleague ushered him on

      so perhaps

      1. class wario

        this is exactly why the fleeting potentially good intentions of people within corrupt and bad institutions are irrelevant. when the possibility of doing something even slightly humane was considered, the institution stepped in to drag him away and he complied. if supposedly good people don’t step up to address injustice in their own ranks, how can they be said to be good?

      2. Bebe

        Saw tweet where one who paused and leaned to assist the man was immediately pulled back by another. What threat did the man of 75 years pose ? Totally unnecessary use of force against a peaceful person attempting to engage in conversation to diffuse rather than inflame. It truly is sickening to watch. I hope the gentleman is okay as delayed body reaction from such trauma can result in serious life changing head injuries and even death. Shame on those cops.

        1. Cian

          The person who leaned to assist was one of the two that pushed him. Probably not a good idea to let him near the old man!

          (shame on two those cops)

    2. Ghost of Yep

      Could tell you a couple of bad ones. Bit stupid to consider they are all capable or culpable because they are wearing the same thing. Wouldn’t it?

      1. class wario

        they only reason these people are ‘capable’ of doing this with impunity is because they’re wearing the same thing and empowered to act like bullies. i feel like you are trying to draw some comparison between this and ‘judging’ other people as a group but no group is comparable to the police who are empowered and protected beyond the means of any other group routinely discriminated against as a whole.

          1. Ghost of Yep

            Leaving him to die? I would say the cop who bent down saw the blood and intended to help. Pushed to “hold the line” once the crowd reacted to it. He then began receiving treatment.

            I’ll leave you to your day.

          2. millie von strumpet

            You’re defending some seriously disgusting behaviour there. There are hours of videos of examples of this kind of brutality online from the past week. It’s systemic behaviour, not from all cops, but from an alarming number of them, which is extremely troubling.

            ‘Hold the line’ is not a defence against what that cop did or the subsequent behaviour of his colleagues. That level of aggression is unacceptable against another person who is clearly not a threat, and to not check (when you can clearly see this man is bleeding from the head) after such unwarranted behaviour is disgraceful.

          3. Ghost of Yep

            Where did i defend the behaviour?

            You must have also seen cops trying to work with protestors then yes? Emotional interactions from across the line that has been drawn by others nowhere near the situations.

            Cops are also dying i think people should remember. People. Doing a job (that does not excuse illegal acts in that uniform) who probably have families worried about them too.

            The thing i take issue with at this point is the narrative that every cop in America and elsewhere is just a tool of an oppressive facist state. Its unhelpful and simply untrue.

          4. millie von strumpet

            Take a minute and reread my comment. There are plenty of examples of the police working with the protesters to facilitate peaceful protest.

            It’s the ones who are using the protests as a means to beat others and lord their powers over others, assuming they can act without being held to account which is shameful and is rightfully being called out. The sheer number of stories coming out, together with video evidence just shows how ingrained it is within the system, and how dangerous and inflammatory it is in this kind of situation.

            Your comments read as a defense against such behaviours because ‘they are dying too’ and ‘they have families’. You could say that about every single person who is out on the streets of America right now.

            It’s not an ‘all cops are bad’ situation , it’s a misuse of power and no accountability situation which is only making an already volatile situation even worse.

          5. TypeONegative

            Wow dude. Look at the video again. Those cops in riot gear were squaring off against one man with a sign and the old guy that we could see. Rationalising their behaviour as “holding the line” against a “crowd” is utter bullcrap. Hey I’ll bend over backwards to give them the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t pushing veeerrryy hard and probably didn’t expect him to fall over, but the moment the old man’s head bounced off the pavement and they kept moving they were 100% at fault.

          6. SOQ

            What was a 75 year old man, in the middle of viral pandemic which near exclusively targets his age group, doing out at a protest in the first place?

          7. Johnny

            His duty as a citizen,peacefully protesting, lock down was lifted in “Western NY” (Buffalo) a while ago.

          8. Ghost of Yep

            @ negative

            Im explaining what i saw from the video. The hold the line thing looks like what happened. At no point have i said it was right. Is every cop present there guilty of the actions of those cops?

            Johnny attended a huge peaceful protest. No issues. Makes a comment that the authorities were itching to beat people up. I have no doubt there was some that would have loved it. If you don’t account for the amount that were delighted that they just had to stand there then you are being reactionary and willfully ignorant.

          9. SOQ

            @ Johnny

            From what I can see the lock down has been lifted but many places are still shut and social distance is definitely in place.

            Can you put you hand on heart and say you would want either of your elderly parents to be in such an environment?

            I know I definitely wouldn’t.

          10. Ghost of Yep

            Millie, maybe you didn’t read my comment wrong You said i was defending the behaviour. Nowhere in my comments did i do that. Because i don’t.

            Reminding people cops are dying too and that we should remember that is not a defense of cops abusing power.

          11. millie von strumpet

            Apologies, Yep, if I misread the tone of your comments. It’s obviously an emotive topic and I’m not the first to jump to conclusions.

          12. Itchysays

            In context with the post being discussed, this is undoubtedly the most stupid
            comment you’re likely to read on BS for quite some time.

            {What was a 75 year old man, in the middle of viral pandemic which near exclusively targets his age group, doing out at a protest in the first place?}

            No surprise there @ SOQ

          13. SOQ

            Why stupid? I have elderly relatives quarantined and will be for quite some time after lock down is lifted- what makes this guy so different?

            Any while we are on the subject- his behavior would suggest some signs of dementia- tackling riot police like that.

          14. millie von strumpet

            That couldn’t be described as a tackle even by the widest definition of the word, soq.

            And yes it may be concerning to see an elderly person out at a protest in light of Covid-19, he was within his rights to be there.

            And can I just ask, what signs of dementia does he appear to be showing? It really is very hard to tell in the video, imo.

          15. Ghost of Yep

            @ millie

            I jump all the time myself. Sorry if it came across badly or if i was downplaying the violence. Have a great weekend

          16. millie von strumpet

            You too. It always takes longer to get here after a Bank Holiday, if you ask me.

          17. SOQ

            @millie- ok tackle is the wrong word but you what I mean. He probably just wanted to talk to them- God love him.

            He walked straight in front of a group of moving police officers in riot gear on his own. Would you do it? I certainly wouldn’t. It is possible that he was simply not aware of the danger he was putting himself in- which is common with people who have dementia.

            It is one of the reasons why so many end up in secure units- for their own safety.

          18. Nigel

            American police are so incredibly dangerous that the only reason you can think of for an old person to go near them is dementia?

          19. SOQ

            Given the recent rioting history and when marching in full riot gear towards a protest- yes- especially if you are 75 and of frail build.

            And more to the point- that his age was known means he was with other people- if he was not fully compos mentis then why was he there?

          20. Nigel

            Because he was protesting police brutality?

            (Of course you mean, given the recent riot police history. They’re by far inflicting the most violence on anyone at the moment.)

          21. Cian

            It looks like the old man has a (police?) helmet in his left hand when he approaches the cops.

          22. SOQ

            For goodness sake Nigel- not everything has to be black and white (pun)- I am only making a suggestion as why he behaved like that- I don’t know and neither do you.

            The only thing we can be certain about in these videos is that they far from the full story and that we are usually been fed a narrative.

            For example- the original incident- did you know that the police guy charged with 3rd degree murder had been working part time as security in a Latino dance club for SEVENTEEN years?

            Strange place for a racist to be hanging out don’t you think?

          23. Nigel

            You’re speculating baselessly about his mental health. It’s revolting.
            You know what’s a strange place to hang out? Kneeling on a man’s neck for nine minutes.

          24. SOQ

            Ok so is someone of similar age presented in a similar fashion in front of a group of PNSI in a riot situation up north- would you be so quick to dismiss what is a reasonable question about his his mental health? I doubt it.

            As for the other- do you believe the intent was racism? I don’t. he’s charged with 3rd degree murder- not 1st.

          25. Nigel

            Of COURSE I would! My God, old = dementia? What’s wrong with you?

            As for the killing, I think he thought he could do it with impunity because of the institutional racism of the US police force and legal ssyem.

  1. Spud

    That country has been messed up but we really are seeing it in all it’s horrific glory over the past while.

    Anyone else have a new found love and respect of living in here in Ireland?

    1. class wario

      it’s good we don’t live in an actively fascist police state but that is a low bar and doesn’t render our equivalent institutions infallible

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Spud it’s the first year I have been genuinely glad to be back, close to my family and in a leafy green quiet neighborhood

    3. GiggidyGoo

      How far are we away from similar though. Cast your mind back to the water protests and the image of a Garda thug throwing a woman against a bollard. (just one example).

      1. Cian

        I think you mean the fine member of An Garda Síochána that risked his life to remove a woman from the path on an oncoming car.

        She is quoted as saying : ‘The tall guard in black, he saved my life’:

  2. broadbag

    There was one the other day of them shoving to the ground an old man walking with a cane (they shoved him with force, from behind so he had no time to even brace himself) it’s very sad to see them attacking the elderly.

  3. Nigel

    Aside from the cops, there’s videos of protesters being attacked by civilians with a bow and arrow, a sword, an ax, and some sort of messed-up Freddy Krueger glove. A family camping were attacked and chased out of some town because a rumour went round that they were antifa. Another antifa rumour caused Chicago police to shut down highways. This is so messed up.

  4. TypeONegative

    Sickening that an elderly man lies motionless with blood pouring from his ear and the reaction of the one cop is briefest of … concern? curiosity? … but allows himself to be moved onwards by the other regardless.
    Obviously there’s the more important matter of mobbing a single man with a cardboard sign and getting a media cameraman to stop filming. It looks like the militarised goons in camo start performing first aid but the complete callousness of the perpetrators and the wider group bums me out.

    1. millie von strumpet

      Well said. What’s worse is that this is just one of many videos I’ve seen like this over the past week and the perpetrators almost never stop to rectify their behaviour. It is almost always another person – be it another cop or an onlooker – who steps in to help. It’s the fact that they think they can behave in this way without impunity, without being held to account that is so horrifying.

      1. Cian

        The behaviour of the cops in this is terrible.
        The guy was really unlucky. As I see it – there were two cops telling him to move away, a third came to join them. The two cops happened to push him back simultaneously (they shouldn’t have pushed him, but they both did it at the same time) AND the third cop (who seems more senior) joined the group at the same time and seemed to push one of the two cops.

        After the man fell, one of the pusher cops stooped to help but was stopped by the third – who issued orders to “get a medic” and got on the radio. Then the second protester started shouting. Once the 2nd protester was dealt with the guy got attention from many cops.

      2. Nigel

        Agree with Cian here. The cop on the radio HAD to be summoning medical assistance, and it’s a bad idea to go near someone with a potentially serious head/neck injury if you’re untrained.

        1. ReproBertie

          It’s never a bad idea to check the ABC’s Nigel, no matter how serious the injury. First step is to preserve life followed by prevent further injury. They are in that order for a reason.

        2. millie von strumpet

          Good points both Cian and Nigel.

          I can see what you’re saying, especially after taking another look at the vid. You can indeed hear someone confirm that an EMT is on scene. I only hope that they follow up on what is clearly unwarranted violence and a totally unnecessary reaction from the cops. It’s incredibly distressing to see that kind of behaviour from those who are supposed to ‘serve and protect’.

    2. TypeONegative

      Additionally the fact that the victim is described as being in a serious but stable condition in hospital doesn’t give me much hope for his well-being, hitting the back of the head against concrete from a standing fall is devastating to the brain and often fatal, and usually the cause of death in fistfights.

    3. Conor

      The “militarised goons” are National Guard so probably alot more in touch with reality as they’re are regular citizens. It’s pretty clear that the moment they saw the guy they rushed to his aid, prob thinking wtf is wrong with these cops!
      Whereas the cops seems to lack any sense of empathy or respect for anyone, so bizarre

      1. TypeONegative

        They could probably be National Guard, but they are more likely to be police. Its indicative of the modern US that the line between police and military equipment is so blurred these days
        AFAIK those compact spec-ops style tactical helmets are more likely to be worn by SWAT than weekend soldiers. The smoke/tear grenade launchers would probably be too specialised for NG too.

        1. delacaravanio

          I think you’re right, and they are state troopers. From what I have seen online National Guard have shoulder patch on the upper left sleeve which shows where they come from/their unit.

  5. Johnny

    If they can do this to a 75 year old man……was chatting with some foreign correspondents about the similarities with the peaceful civil rights marches of August 12-16 1969 in NI at the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday.

    Yesterday’s marches in NY were peaceful and fun, it was sunny and warm, lots people had ‘boom boxes’ with some great old school and new sounds, entire crowd shouting out a few old school classics at the NYPD !

    On Wednesday night there was a call to prayer at sunset (around 7pm) outside the Barclays Center,it was my first time to pray like that,the leaders invited anyone to join it was truly an amazing and spiritual moment and one I will never forget.

    It also really really anyoned the NYP/FBI/DOP/NatGuard/ICE/etc who were massed in riot gear watching with unbridled disgust thousands of peaceful protestors kneel at sunset and pray…..F da..

      1. Johnny

        Hi John,ah it was amazing hate think people in Irl believe all that misinformation about rioters and looters, in Harlem the leaders and many at the peaceful protests all wore their Sunday church outfits to dispel the myth they a bunch thugs.

    1. Johnny

      Ok ok last one – now it’s biblical !
      Last night in DC they played “I had a dream” and the peaceful protestors sat in silence – meanwhile GOD struck…apologies Justine just having bit fun :)

      “Shortly after midnight, #DCsBravest received a call for a report of 2 military personnel suffering the effects of a nearby lighting strike within the Lafayette Park perimeter. Both were transported with non life threatening injuries.“


      Ps – the buffalo police issued a statement initially claiming that there was a slip and fall and he hit his head…

  6. Dhaughton99

    What are you going to do? Let the auld codger walk all over you coz he wants to be a martyr.

  7. Ringsend Incinerator

    And here comes Rob_Google and Mr Outsider to widgery away the reality…

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