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From top: The East End Hotel Direct Provision centre in Portalington, County Laois;  Direct Provision payments from 2016-1019; Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy in the Dáil on May 26

Last night.

In the Dáil.

Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy raised comments earlier made by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar about direct provision when he twice said that some direct provision accommodation is “substandard” and “that needs to change”.

Ms Murphy was addressing the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan when she said:

“I want to raise the issue of direct provision with the Minister. I listened to the Taoiseach this afternoon when he described some direct provision centres as being substandard. Will the Minister give us an indication of how many of those locations he regards as being substandard?

“I share the views that many members of this House make about the system needing to be dispensed with and a more humane system being put in place. In the meantime, things can be done immediately.

Will the Minister address the issue of how many direct provision centres would be deemed to be substandard? Where are those centres located? Would Miltown Malbay be included as one of those centres? I suspect that it is.”

Unfortunately, in his response, Mr Flanagan did not answer Ms Murphy’s questions about direct provision.

Monday: Direct Debit

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One thought on “Substandard Response

  1. Ragamuffin

    Movement for Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI) have done a very good Uplift letter template: , which only takes 30 seconds to put in your details and it then emails Charlie, Leo, Simon etc as well as your local TDs. The letter calls for immediate improvements to be made to Direct Provision system in light of Covid, and in the longer term, an end to DP.

    I got responses back from TDs in Labour, SF, FF & Greens, all saying their party is demanding the DP system be dismantled. So is it just FG alone keeping the system going at this stage?

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