Trace Baiting




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9 thoughts on “Trace Baiting

  1. GiggidyGoo

    “The note on the driver app was from a previous booking and wasn’t related to this woman or her family in anyway.” Says Lynx


    he should (showed) her an alert that came up on his App with her name, address and said she was a COVID patient.

    Is this database available to everyone then?

    1. ReproBertie

      Lynx also said “we have no idea who has the virus unless we’re told prior to booking.” It’s possible the previous passenger sent a note to tell them they had the virus. I haven’t used the Lynx app so I don’t know if you can send notes to drivers but it’s a more likely explanation than the Covid-19 track and trace database being open to all.

    2. Cian

      I don’t know how the app works… but is it possible that a driver can attach a comment to a particular passenger(e.g. if they were aggressive/ a good tipper/whatever)… and that comment is then visible to any future driver that accepts the passenger?
      If the woman told an earlier driver that she/her child was COVID+ and the previous driver added the comment?

      Makes a lot more sense than there being a COVID database that anyone can access.

      1. brughahaha

        If so , my understanding of GDPR is that Lynk is not allowed retain any information on a person without their express consent , which they clearly didnt have No?

        1. max

          I am guessing she consented when she read the terms and conditions signing up to the app.

      2. Cú Chulainn

        That’s because there is no track and trace anything.. if only there were..

  2. broadbag

    She may have been going to/from an apartment block where they had a previous pickup with that noted, the note is then tied to that address and shows up under the latest booking, ie her name and address but old note?

  3. Harry Robertson

    Don’t use that lift app do not familiar with it. My question is the woman said she wasn’t a covid patient but her child was… did she tell the driver this fact or not? The tweet doesn’t make it clear

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