We’re Back, Baby


This morning.

Via RTÉ:

Asking prices for houses that were for sale here in May rose by an average of 3.7%, regaining the 5.5% of lost ground in April, according to new data released by property website Daft.ie.

In the Leinster counties, asking prices remain 2.1% above levels seen 12 months ago.

In contrast, average listed prices in Munster during May were 5.7% lower than a year ago.

When it comes to the availability of homes, there were 22% fewer homes for sale at the start of June across the country than at the same time in 2019.

But the rental market saw a slight increase of 6% in the number of properties available in May.

House asking prices rebound after falling in April – Daft.ie (RTÉ)


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31 thoughts on “We’re Back, Baby

  1. GiggidyGoo

    That’s Daft for ye. Website that makes its living out of helping auctioneers sell property gives upbeat report. All we need now is Ballsy O’Connor to weight in.

  2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

    rental up 6 percent ? As someone who recently moved it was night and day finding a place compared to exactly a year ago, despite not ” officially ” doing visits , attitudes had changed so much, people were virtually throwing keys at me, ” it’s yours…sign tonight ” I had my pick and upgraded massively for the same price of what I was paying.. so whatever Daft, I also happen to know that two months later my x landlady has not been able to fill the space and I have seen it advertised for 200 less a month

    1. Cian

      It says “the rental market saw a slight increase of 6% in the number of properties available in May.”

      the RTE page says:
      Average rents sought by landlords also rose 0.6% last month[…]

      This is 0.7% higher than at the same time last year, although in Dublin rents were unchanged over that period and in Connacht-Ulster they were 1.7% lower.

      1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

        must drink more coffee, maybe I’m not clear
        but what I’m saying is it felt like there was a much bigger increase of what was on offer and cheaper too

      1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

        last year I was shown damp garden sheds for the price of a nice one bed this year,

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

          and I’m sorry but I hope everyone renting these hovels ends up really feeling the pinch, I rarely wish ill on people but it’s a special kind of scum who takes advantage of others misery

      2. SOQ

        Well- a quick glance an Daft does not show much of downward movement in rent prices at present- at least not the D1/7/8 areas. In fact, a few seem to have gone up?

        Likewise the sales- or maybe that is just Daft?

          1. Steph Pinker

            Janet, how did you source potential viewings, was it through Daft, MyHome etc., letting agencies or a combination of both?

          2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            a mix of everything some agents were in the car and allowing social distant visits in turn, or sent a video tour, except Daft, I try to avoid it, if you are looking for somewhere my top tip is to join the Facebook community page of wherever you are looking and make a post about what you are looking for, that gets the most responses, usually with owners direct and you get a good feel for the community you are thinking of living in

          3. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            legally I don’t think agents are allowed to organise viewings but as with everything in life you can always ask nicely, on the phone, not in writing

          4. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            also as someone who used to work in real estate in France where you need a tonne of paperwork I always have my portfolio ready to go in hard copy and as an attachment, work contract , references etc, you’d be amazed what a difference that makes, you look organized, serious and professional and making it easy for everyone to move quickly

          5. Steph Pinker

            Thanks for the reply, it’s not for me but I’ve been asked by a couple of people to keep an eye out for them – the FB angle is one I didn’t know about – appreciate it :)

          6. SOQ

            Why would you provide a work contract Janet? I get the proof of employment thing but no landlord would ever know how much I earn- it is of no relevance.

            Oh and some on daft are already advertising viewings.

            the Facebook thing is good mind- cuts out the middle man-woman-non binary.

          7. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            it’s standard in France, I’m not showing my bank account balance, I don’t care if you see how much I earn, it’s proof I can pay the rent and am in stable employment so why not

          8. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            so viewings must be back, they were definitely not official when I was looking that will make it easier for everyone again

          9. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            yeah the Facebook thing makes you nice and personable, just be careful what you have as public viewing, maybe not your snake collection

          10. SOQ

            Problem in Ireland is disclosing your income may leave you open to gougers. And I doubt if there is any long term renters who believe there is not gougers in the rental market.

          11. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            well they can’t put the rent up more than x percent per year or suddenly tell you it’s more on seeing your contract, so I don’t really feel that’s an issue,
            when I meet a landlord that’s a two way interview anyway, there’s a few red flags to questions I ask before I’d take a place too,
            years of experience maybe being on the other side but knowing someone has it doesn’t mean you are going to scheme up ways to get it off them,
            I do a full checklist big any damages when I move in somewhere signed off by the landlord and dated, it’s called an état des lieux and for me that’s standard too in addition to a hard copy of a contract

        1. SOQ

          well they can’t put the rent up more than x percent per year or suddenly tell you it’s more on seeing your contract, so I don’t really feel that’s an issue,

          They can Janet- especially those with children. Illegal yes but proving it is another thing. There is a big socioeconomic issue at play here.

          1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            that’s when I walk out the door a month later after using my deposit for that last months rent, illegal too but getting screwed not happening

          2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            the rental laws here need both an overhaul and enforced, luckily things are swaying away from a gougers market

  3. Bort

    My colleague just got 5% off the purchase price he had already agreed 3 months ago. Daft is BS

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