I Was Only Messing


This morning.

On RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Sarah McInerney.

Clondalkin Landlord Joe Doyle  (top) explains his controversial video (above), tweeted out yesterday by outraged Sinn Féin Housing Spokesman Eoin Ó Broin TD.

From the show…

Joe: “That video is so ridiculously out there that it could not possibly be true.”

Sarah McInerney: “Well, you see that’s the thing? That’s the problem isn’t it? It could be true, it is true. There were 23 tenants living in a three-bed house in Rathmines in 2017, Prime Time found them and we saw, we saw video footage of the disgusting, difficult situation that they were living in.”

Joe: “And would you be putting me, or would you be putting a landlord in the same bracket as the culprits that ran that operation?”

Sarah: “Well, it was a landlord, they were being paid for providing the accommodation.”

Joe: “That, that’s, that’s, it’s someone like that that brings shame on my industry who goes and rents 23 people, one flat. That’s not something that I would interact with. People that, you know, landlords, other property owners I interact with on a daily basis, that’s not them.”

Sarah: “Ok, so I’m not suggesting that you’re involved in doing what that landlord was doing. I’m just asking you do you think it’s OK or acceptable to make fun, as you say, or use those people’s living conditions and different people around the country, in Dublin, and around the country, living conditions, very difficult because they are desperate, because they have no other choice, they don’t have enough money to find proper accommodation. Really abuse and extortion of those people. Do you think it’s acceptable to use their situations to further your own business?”

Joe: “I didn’t use them. Like it’s a joke. Like if somebody wants to be outraged by it, that’s fine, they can be outraged. But like…”

Sarah: “Well you’re banking on people being outraged by it.”

Joe: “But if that’s, if that’s what they want…like it’s nothing, it’s…Half the people thought it was hilarious, the other people wanted to be outraged and that’s fine. And even if we quote Eoin O Broin himself, he said ‘satire is essential to democracy, it doesn’t matter if you agree with the sentiments’.”

Sarah: “OK,well, we don’t need to quote Eoin O Broin because he’s on the line. Eoin, what do you make of it?”

Sinn Féin TD Eoin O Broin: “First of all, I don’t accept it was satire, whether Joe Doyle engages in this kind of practice or not isn’t for me to say, that’s a matter for the inspecting unit in South Dublin County Council, to inspect his properties and decide if they’re legally compliant or not. But if it was an experiment or if it was a joke I think it was a very distasteful one…”


Joe: “I suppose at the same time, if it brings this discussion to the forefront, it’s an important discussion.”

Sarah: “Which discussion?”

Joe: “The discussion of the homeless crisis.”


Sarah: “I don’t really understand cause on the one hand you’re making fun of the homeless crisis and people being in very desperate situations and now you’re saying you just want to bring the discussion to the forefront…”

Joe: “I didn’t say I want to bring it to the front, that wasn’t my intention. But if it brings it to the forefront, sure what’s the harm?”

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33 thoughts on “I Was Only Messing

  1. RuilleBuille

    Regulation compliant landlords get a bad rap already and then choose to make this deplorable character their spokesman.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        He is spokesman for the Residential Landlords Association of Ireland. Be that on TikTok, RTE, The Sun, the Mirror, The Independent. Unless of course he puts up a disclaimer, or is a known comedian (like Oliver Callan) whose job it is.

  2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

    this person believes he is to be admired you see based on how society views success in this country,

  3. Dr.Fart

    whats goin on here, is Joe is just a bit of an idiot. He tried to do a joke, regardless of tastelessness it jsut wasn’t funny. I couldnt see any part that was meant to be funny, or was even funny in hindsight. If you’re doing a satirical video, it needs to be funny, and you shouldn’t have to wonder if it was satire or not. he just did a rubbish video tryna be a media man, and now he’s doing double loops tryna say it was actually this, it was actually that, etc., and theyre still talking to him as if he has any idea what hes doin, which he doesnt.
    “i was jokin” – it wasnt funny
    “i mean i was starting conversation on the topic”

    1. Bort

      What he “could” have done is. A very quick video after, “now that I have your attention, this unfortunately IS a problem in this country and that’s what I wanted to highlight”. Now that would have been a nice campaign and sentiment. But what he did do was say “It’s a joke guys, it was meant to be outragious”

      It got far too meta for Joe

  4. Col

    It’s the “entrepreneur” bit that got me! I hate talking to landlords who act like they are the world’s smartest businesspeople because rents are high.
    And I know most landlords aren’t like this.

  5. Baz

    its a publicity stunt and its worked for Joe, his website states as much.

    he will attract a type that is the core of his business.

  6. frank

    I live in a very quiet estate in north Dublin (Santry). 3 houses have been bought by a landlord and filled with Brazilians.
    My house is nextdoor to one of these. There’s approx. 15 people living in a 4 bed house.
    When I complain to the landlord about noise etc. he says ‘go to the guards, not my problem’.
    When I go to the guards they say what do you want us to do.
    We use to have a Fine Gael TD here. He got on board talked a lot and did nothing.
    There’s nothing funny about that video because it’s true and it’s happening all over and even less funny, there is nothing that can be done about it.

    1. Cian

      Go to the RTB and raise a complaint with them.

      Q: My neighbours who are in private rented accommodation are behaving in a manner that is anti-social. Can the RTB help?
      A: The third party applicant must first attempt to resolve their dispute directly with the landlord before making a formal application for RTB dispute resolution. The tenant will also be invited to the dispute hearing to be given an opportunity to defend the allegations and will receive copies of case documentation. Any complaints of a serious anti-social or criminal nature should be reported to the Gardaí in the first instance.

      1. frank

        The landlord no longer communicates with me Cian so I have just began that third party complaint with the RTB. There is no serious anti social behaviour or criminality so where will any of this hardship get me? I suspect no where.

        1. Cian

          Have you talked to the neighbours directly?

          What is the problem if it isn’t “serious anti-social behaviour or criminality”

          1. frank

            Our gardens are side by side. The enjoyment of my garden for myself or the kids is ruined by the noise of 15 Brazilians working out (full gym set up) hooting and hollering plus bonkers Portuguese techno music in their tiny yard prob. 8ft square. When I tell them to turn it down all I get is ‘it’s not even 10 o’clock’.

          2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            exactly it’s why I left my last place, just Granddad and Granny downstairs turned into the whole family, three generations, I didn’t sign up for a screaming child and boomy English accent in a house not designed for that level of occupancy, noise pollution, sleep deprivation is torture but it’s almost unavoidable in a space not being used for purpose

          3. SOQ

            I had a similar problem as you on NCR Janet- 10 bedsits, nice bedsits in fairness as just recently renovated- apart from myself, minimum of two per room. All appeared to work in the service industries as dinner time was twelve at night. Oh and the wan in the room next to me was also running some sort of daytime creche.

            Complained and complained and nothing improved so I left- deposit was withheld but I still insisted on an inspection and handover of keys. Took case to RTB- and won. The main reason I won was because all correspondence to and from the management company was by email from my work account.

            Email is great- you have a complete record of who said what- and exactly when.

          4. SOQ

            Oh and another point- it is always worth doing a check to see who actually owns the property. If it is a limited company who tender for work, especially state work, then a RTB judgement will automatically disqualify them from such.

            So the stakes may actually be quite a bit higher than you think.

    2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

      I used to live in Island Bridge, the two bed apartment behind me had 12 people living in in and yes naturally it was noisy as the garden became an extension of the small living space, three bunk beds to each room, think of that when your partner sniffs at night

      1. Nullzero

        I lived beside a situation like that in island bridge a few years ago. Landlord arrived up in his new merc to collect his rent in cash. Looked like hell on earth.

  7. Jonickal

    He handled the interview on RTE appallingly but his original video was a good pisstake and caricature of unscrupulous landlords. The original reaction from Eoin O Broin shows he didn’t get the joke at all. Oh well.

  8. goldenbrown

    presumably Joe shot his little satire from the inside of his fat Range Rover barge there for some contextual accuracy

    motor of choice for the landlord class

  9. V

    Typical arrogance of a lad with no real substance or talent, landing on his feet

    He totally underestimated Sarah McInerney, which might tell a separate story about his inherent attitude to women

    And fair play to her, she was well organised and prepped
    And didn’t exploit his own hubris to demonstrate her own stronger hand and skills

    Unlike him, winging it on his own fumes

    More of this please RTE

  10. goldenbrown

    Joe Doyle on Dragons Den circa 2013:


    on this occasion Joe pitches to the Dragons regarding his idea for a new online system for landlords just like himself which enables them to ensure “the correct tenants” are selected to rent their properties….a bit like Cartell for checking on cars

    Joe is no joke and no comedian

    btw. http://www.tenantreference.ie is available if anyone wants to buy it :) :)

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