Was It For This?


From top: GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin; Exo building, Point Square, Dublin

This morning.

An Post is ‘closing in on a deal to relocate’ its headquarters from the GPO to the Exo Building at Point Square in the Dublin docklands.

Via Irish Times:

The company is understood to have entered into exclusive negotiations to rent at least 120,000sq ft at the property from its owners, a European fund advised by Tristan Capital Partners and local partners SW3 Capital. The Exo, which is under construction, will comprise 169,150sq ft of Grade A office space upon completion later this year.

….While An Post’s GPO headquarter operations now look set to be relocated to the Exo Building, its public post office and the GPO Witness History Museum will continue in their current location…


An Post looks to relocate from GPO to Dublin’s tallest office (Irish Times)

10 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. Tommy

      A company which is constantly with its hand out is hardly in A position to spend money it has not on swanky new offices

      1. Cian

        It depends on the reason for moving.
        It is possible that the new building in the docks is cheaper than the existing 100+ year-old building in the city centre?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Are An Post renting the GPO?
          From who?
          How Much do they pay?.

          Or if they’re not renting, how much would it take to renovate any areas of the GPO that need renovating?

          Is the State paying rental on any empty commercial properties etc the moment?

          And why not name the ‘Fund’? (‘a European fund advised by Tristan Capital Partners and local partners SW3 Capital.’)

  1. ken mitchell

    while they are at it (GPO into a museum), move the abbey theater beside it into the old carlton cinema site. Then when the Rotunda moves to blanchardstown, move the archaeological museum from kildare street into it.
    These along with the Hugh lane galley and the gate theatre would create a proper museum and arts area and revitalize it.

  2. dav

    Terrible they are getting rid of that plaza outside the point. I thought it was a good area for the thousands entering / leaving a gig. Now they’ll just have to jam themselves in the space between the 2 buildings..

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