Dude, Where’s The Car?


Commissioner Drew Harris and Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, PSNI, speaking to the media on the day of the alleged  abduction of Kevin Lunney, September 17, 2019


The Special Criminal Court, Dublin.

Counsel for the fourth accused, Michael O’Higgins SC, told the court  that a vehicle in respect of which evidence was gathered was apparently “burned” while in garda custody, “apparently accidentally”.

Mr O’Higgins said he did not have full details on what happened to the vehicle and “the easiest thing to do would be for the State to tell us all they know”.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt, presiding at the three-judge court, put it to prosecuting lawyers that the matter seemed to be “of concern”.

Counsel for the DPP, Gareth Baker BL, replied that the State were “looking into it”.

You’ll have to do more than look into it,” the judge replied.

Good times.

Vehicle recovered in probe into alleged abduction of Quinn director Kevin Lunney ‘burned’ in garda custody ‘apparently accidentally’, court told (Independent.ie)

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18 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s The Car?

  1. SOQ

    I know that when you have you car stolen then later found, they use private storage companies until you retrieve it. Surely they did not leave evidence of this importance in the hands of such?

  2. TypeONegative

    I really would like to know the details of how a car in Garda custody is accidentally set alight.

  3. jamesjoist

    Wasn’t there a previous case where a tanker full of laundered diesel , impounded by the Gardai , was stolen from the compound where it safely stored as evidence .

  4. Otis Blue

    Crucial evidence destroyed while in Garda custody?

    One defendant who cannot be named for legal reasons while three others can?

    All with a dash of border area shenanigans.

    This has the makings of an epic.

    1. V'ness

      Supergrass stuff I reckon

      what are the chances the lad not been named is one of them
      either AGS or PSNI Or Defence forces or the other crowd
      or some colour of para

  5. Tarfton Clax

    Not the first time this kind of thing has happened. a mate of mine had his car stolen earlier this year, was recovered by the Gardaí, stored by them… and then accidentally crushed by them. It was an old car, but it was all he could afford.

    1. scottser

      then there was those blood stained gates and a load of other evidence that went walkabout from the duplantier murder.

      1. dav

        I had heard about some balls up by the cops on that case but nothing about the gates, sounds like they were completely over their heads.

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