A Limerick A Day


Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticised a CNN town hall meeting on racism featuring Sesame Street’s Elmo

Carlson’s viewers were in for a treat
A takedown of Sesame Street
For this may sound mad
But it seems Elmo’s dad
Is a villain that they must defeat

John Moynes

4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Col

    Does anyone know much about this guy? I’ve seen a few clips and I presume he’s the broadcast equivalent of a click-bait headline? He seems almost like a caricature.
    It’s doing the trick, loads of free publicity for the show.

    1. dav

      He’s a white supremacist sympathizer and is beloved by drumpf and his supporters. You don’t need to know much more.

  2. f_lawless

    Take him with a pinch of salt but occasionally he’s been a lone, anti-imperialist voice of reason on the US corporate news network. When all other shows were amplifying the drumbeat for a bombing campaign on Syria, he was urging Trump to re-think. Was the only show to feature the OPCW whistleblower scandal in relation to Syria too.

    Similarly, with Venezuela he was heavily critical of Trump and the only pundit urging the president to de-escalate the situation, asserting that conflict between the two nations was not in the interest of American citizens.

    But then of course, he veers into dodgy territory. Use your own judgement to know when he’s making sense or not.

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