A Limerick A Day


Pubs must serve meals costing at least €9 to reopen this month, under new Covid guidelines

If you want pints in June you must eat
A large pile of veggies and meat
Because Covid dies
Around burger and fries
But infects those who drink on their feet

John Moynes




“Government sources indicated they [draft guidelines] refer to a maximum length of stay for customers of up to 90 minutes in a food service premises including pubs serving food and it would also be necessary for customers to pre-book before turning up at a restaurant or a pub serving food.

Now that might sound like progress for such businesses in the sense that the two-metre rule would become one metre which is what they wanted.

But there’s likely to be some major practical difficulties there. Like, for example, establishments that rely heavily on walk-in trade only, like hotels perhaps, would there business disappear?

And for pubs, for example, would 90 minutes be sufficient for most customers? Certainly it would involve a change in behaviour for many people I think…”

Journalist Will Goodbody on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland earlier.

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18 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Pee Pee

    So dumb. How does a €9 meal keep Covid at bay? Tony Holohan was on the radio saying some men sitting around eating crisps, having a few pints won’t cut it. What difference does it make, you’re opening up the establishment.

    1. Tirtle

      The meal is food and as for 90 minutes it’s utter stupidity

      To be honest being a publican it’s all about trying to take in tax to pay for government as no tax is coming in
      It’s not about ensuring businesses survive

      There has been no help for business just enhanced dole for the workers

      I will not open my doors under these rules just to be used as a tax cow and without any serious help there will not be a toilet left open in ireland

      1. Pee Pee

        Yeh its pure making things up to be seen as to be controlling the situation, and making a hames of it. Best of luck for tricky times ahead. Hope all goes well for u.

  2. class wario

    Notwithstanding that the acceleration of measures over the past week or two means this will probably be forgotten by months end: I think this is less about the financial aspect and more them trying to police the inside social distancing thing by reference to ‘substantial’ meals and the space required to serve and eat them. Again, very clearly the result of strong lobbying and I question how effective if at all it will be (doubt it’ll be policed all that regularly or clearly) but I think Ewan is being a bit too drole for his own good there

  3. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

    nine quid in a pub ? great a bowl of soggy fries/onion rings / wedges as long as it’s brown, can’t wait

    1. Tirtle

      Much like everything else on offer here
      Rather a stodgy chip for nine euro than a Gerry built kip of a box to live in at €350000
      Or even a botched re fit of house at a rip off price

  4. frank

    The teachers will want some of this €9 immunogrub if they are to return safely to work.

    But on a serious note. Can you consume the €9 immunogrub leave the pub for 5 mins then return to your pew for a second helping? The more €9 immunogrub we consume the better it seems. Also the 5 minutes outside the pub will help eradicate Covid from the miasma / ether

  5. jamesjoist

    My favourite time in a pub is spent watching Champions League games , I don’t have sports channels. The 90 minutes rule means I could be dragged out , biting and scratching, before the finish of the game .

    1. scottser

      i had a think about this. the only solution i can think of is to put on an opponent’s jersey and maybe a fake beard or hat for the first half. change into your club’s jersey at half time, and then on 90 minutes they have to throw out one of the opponent’s fans thinking that it’s you.

  6. Zaccone

    The whole thing is ridiculous. Like the 90 minute rule is just going to result in people pub hopping to four or five pubs a night, potentially spreading the virus much much more widely than they would if they stayed in one pub all night.

    Absolutely nothing thought through, as usual.

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