Dog Poo Afternoon


This afternoon.

Dartry Park, Dublin 6.

Carlosfandango writes:

Them bins are full lads.

1. Stop piling the poo bags on top of everyone else’s poo bags. Yisser just being Silly Billys.

2. What’s the story with the lads that are supposed to be emptying these bins?

Is there like a pandemic or something?


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11 thoughts on “Dog Poo Afternoon

  1. SoLo

    It’s not nice to stand in dog poop, and of course we don’t children to go blind, but it makes no sense to wrap a poo in plastic and send it to the landfill. There has to be a better way.

    1. greenfingered

      Totally agree. There are compostable dog bags pretty widely available, (some Dunnes and Supervalus). All other types should be banned. It’s tiny little changes like this that we need to start implementing.

      1. Conksi

        Dog owner i know buried a swing top bin in the garden after swiss-cheesing and cutting off the bottom. He fills it with the dogcrap and the worms gladly munch through it underground.

      2. Pixie Hat

        Nearly impossible to find regularly. Which Dunnes and SuperValu? TK Max and online maybe.

  2. missred

    These bins should be emptied regularly, but dog owners should not put their gross bags on top. Wait til you find an empty bin for goodness sake

  3. Matt Pilates

    “What’s the story with the lads that are supposed to be emptying these bins?”

    Will ya cool the jets? They’re trying to form a government.

  4. Pixie Hat

    People put their household waste in public bins. There’s no room for the waste the bin was intended for, including pooh bags.

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