‘Fianna Fáil Always Put The Country First’


Last night.

Tonight Show on VMT.

Michéal Martin tells Ivan Yates why Fianna Fáil is at its best in power in his first telly interview since agreeing the programme for government


The Tonight Show

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16 thoughts on “‘Fianna Fáil Always Put The Country First’

  1. diddy

    putting country ” people” first more like. eg… developers being allowed throw up any oul tat and call it housing …at top dollah

  2. Bruce Wee

    How in gods name can he sit there and say that. Global economics played a part…cool…we accept that. If they cared so much for the people, why was no one prosecuted for their actions. Why did their government prop up the whole economy on a housing market instead of investing in the areas needed like broadband, infrastructure, housing and Health. Such a load of SH”£$

  3. Paulus

    “Fianna Fáil Always Put The Country First”
    Someone should have told;

    Charlie Haughey
    Bertie Ahearn
    Ray Burke
    Liam Lawlor
    Pee Flynn & daughter Bev.
    John O’Donoghue
    Sean Doherty
    Ivor Callely

    1. GiggidyGoo

      They are one and the same Dav. At least we now have a clarity as to who is the opposition going into the next election.

  4. Termagant

    No no, you’ve got this all wrong. He’s saying they put the P.E.O.P.L.E first. Politicians’ Extra-Ordinary Paycheques and Limited Eccountability. It’s not a perfect acronym but the lad in charge of the initiative was promoted out of that department.

  5. scottser

    seeing this absolute sphincter of a party back in government is making me lose my faith in democracy. i still reckon i could crowdfund a couple of million quid and stage a coup with a few hundred well trained mercenaries.

    1. Cian

      In fairness, if you have a few million quid you could buy this lot – save a lot of time and effort.

  6. Vanessanelle

    If ye knew who has been quietly pencilled in for a Senate freebie
    ye’d know exactly what a hape of shONEt the entire set up is

    They’re all at it

    I won’t deny I wouldn’t take the hand off them for one meself
    but this one
    I’m actually galled by it

    1. Paulus

      Yes do tell.
      This virtual tapping the side of your nose shtick can be wearing without actual facts.

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