For Your Consideration


Good Vibrations: The Play.

From the movie of the same name, Good Vibrations is the story of Ulster Punk told from the perspective of a radical and rebellious Belfast record store owner named Terri Hooley.

Some Old Queen writes:

The play is now available for 24 hours only on YouTube….

Good Vibrations

6 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

      1. Johnny

        -thats 3 pm for me ok will watch it around noon, we had a mini tread on SLF recently, I can set my own intermission, have whatever snacks I like-Jungle Boys chocolate-which is my favorite,thank you SOQ the theatre and arts scene in NY has been devasted-noticed most West End closed till next year.

        Jungle Boys are a cult LA collective that constantly has the best edibles- Enter The Jungle:)

  1. Clampers Outside

    I must’ve missed that movie, I was in a funny place in 2013…

    Not a big fan of plays on screen, but will have a look at both if I can :)
    Ta, SOQ

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