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Premier League-winning Liverpool FC fans celebrate outside Anfield, the club’s ground, last night

Please indulge me, dear readers.

It’s taken three long decades for Liverpool FC to climb back onto their perch as champions of England.

So naturally, as a lifelong fan, there could only be one theme for this week’s competition: What’s your favourite song by a band or singer from Liverpool?

To jog your memory, here’s a select list of Scousers who have put Merseyside on the music map: Gerry & The Pacemakers, Cilla Black, The Mop Tops, Wings, The Mighty Wah, Pink Industry, Echo & The Bunnymen, OMD, Teardrop Explodes, The Lotus Eaters, The La’s, Cast, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Atomic Kitten, Elvis Costello, Shack, Michael Head & The Strands, Plastic Ono Band…

In tribute to Herr Klopp and the Liverpool/German connection, here‘s my choice.

The best answer wins a delightful €25 Golden Discs voucher, to be chosen by my imaginary club mascot.

Lines MUST close at 6am.

Please include video links if possible.

Nick says: Good luck, la.

Golden Discs

Last week’s winner here.

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78 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Scouser Voucher

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        Thanks pal, Dublin 5 in a row, Liverpool champions, just waiting on a text message from Amy Adams now for the hat-trick!

  1. yupyup

    THE greatest masterpiece has to be the best of Liverpool surely ?

    The epic nature, the switches and ups and downs which lead to the final crescendo and the famous final chords are rather appropriate for all the Liverpool fans breathing one massive 30 year sigh of relief.

  2. Vanessanelle

    Souser Something with a few somethings I bet most of ye didn’t know
    Or had forgotten

    The Scaffold and Lily da’Pink–0v4

    A couple of young lads – just starting out, performed backing vocals
    Reg Dwight and Tim Rice

    The three lads that made up The Scaffold were no one offs either
    John Gorman went on to work with Terry Gillinham
    Roger McGough was already a celebrated poet within the Liverpool Beat scene when Lily made No 1, was awarded an OBE and a CBE, along with numerous prestigious Literary Posts and Titles
    And well Mick McGear was only his stage name, more known as Uor’ My’kheh or Uor’ Khidd to his family. The McCartneys.

  3. Rosette of Sirius

    Here’s a classic for the ages…

    It is of course, “Time Flies By (When You’re the Driver of a Train) by Half Man Half Biscuit –

    But then who could forget the classic – “F*rkin’ Ell It’s Fred Titmus” –

    Could go on all day about Half Man Half Biscuit….. I will a bit more seeing as you asked…
    Here’s a song that’s as relevant today as it was back then…Trumpton Riots –

    1. Brother Barnabas

      my grandfather knew pete burns

      his middle name was jozzeppi, my grandfather’s middle name was giuseppe – he always maintained that pete’s parents intended his name to he giuseppe but couldnt spell it. i was disappointed to learn that wasnt true – jozzeppi being an old jewish name.

      lastly, i dont think pete burns was from liverpool – sorry: disqualified

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        Deadly. :)

        I read his buke, fairly sure he’s from Merseyside Ted?

    1. nicorigo

      It was the first song I thought about…..they are not from Liverpool thought…great song nonetheless..

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