A Word In Your Ears


The votes are in.

Last week, with a €25 Golden Discs voucher on offer, I asked you to name your favourite song with a one-word title?

You answered in your tens (supplying a brilliant playlist)

But there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

Xtal by Aphex Twin

Specific Gravity writes:

Often imitated, never bettered.


Cupid by Sam Cooke

Scottser writes:

There are songs that reflect hope. Songs that reflect pain. Songs that try to encompass the human condition; why we are here, what am I for, what should I do? We fall in love.We must – its inevitable.

What song encapsulates that hope of being loved back? a song like no other, sung by a voice that would melt the coldest heart? Cupid, by Sam Cooke, that’s what..


Nightswimming by REM

Andy Pipkin writes:

This track is just brilliant. Actually forgot how good it was!

Nick says: Thanks all.

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8 thoughts on “A Word In Your Ears

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Excellent winners! j;

    It was indeed a great playlist for the weekend, so allow me to give my thanks to all who posted. Some of them are on my Full Volume Favourites list, so the neighbours had to watch out :-)

  2. Pedantic Pat

    Eh, Broadsheet, there was another competition last week too…no sign of a winner announcement there?

  3. Andy Pipkin

    Thanks a million Nick, your imaginary pet Labrador has great taste in music!!

    Thanks too to everyone who contributes, I learn something new every week!

    In the words of Errol Brown,

    ‘Everyone’s A Winner’

  4. george

    All dubious choices.

    Xtal – not a word
    Cupid – a proper noun
    nightswimming – not a word either, a combination of two words.

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