Soft Landing


This afternoon.

Convention Centre, Dublin.

New ministers arrive for a Dáil session. From top: Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe; Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney; Chief Whip Dara Calleary; Minister for Education Norma Foley; Green Party Leader and Minister for Climate Action, Communication Networks and Transport Eamon Ryan.



The Government is seeking Dáil approval for €483 million.

The money is aimed at making the reopening of businesses as easy as possible, the Tánaiste told TDs.

The Dáil heard that the vast majority of the funding is as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

….Sinn Féin said it would support the revised estimates today.

However, party spokesperson Imelda Munster said grants and interest free loans should be provided to small and medium sized companies.

Earlier: Michael Taft: Follow The Money

No time to waste over economic stimulus – Varadkar (RTÉ)


This afternoon.

New Lord Mayor of Dublin, Green Party’s Hazel Chu leaving the Dail in the Convention Center, on one of her first assignments as the capital’s first citizen.


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31 thoughts on “Soft Landing

  1. GiggidyGoo

    How many of the new Ministers were elected on the first count?
    How many of the new Ministers were returned without reaching the quota?
    How many of the new Ministers were runners-up to Sinn Fein or other candidates?

    Answers on a postcard to Talk2Joe

          1. Johnny

            You just can’t stop eating can you…in Kate’s words nothing tastes as good as skinny-be better,thinner healthier ….gosh happier even ..Mount St sends there regards but not regrets:)

          2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            ahh now Johnny, can you not get out and get some fresh air because your knees aren’t the best, never quite recovered from a punishment beating some years back. You didn’t do nothing wrong, but they had to be sure. No grudges, eh?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Don’t think SF killed anyone. If you have information to the contrary, the best place to bring it is to the Gardai or Police. If you haven’t, then maybe spend a nice quiet evening in and do the equation FF=FG=DUP=UDA. What does FF=? (Hint – it’s not the Republican Party).

        1. Johnny

          ..they did ‘kill’ Willie O’s career …and his advisors ain’t that right ‘Mary”….

          “Willie O’Dea apologised unreservedly to Mr. Quinlivan for the harm done to his reputation and accepted that Mr. Quinlivan is a person of exemplary character.
          The Minister withdrew the misleading allegations made by him in his affidavit to the High Court.
          The settlement sees O’Dea paying damages to Maurice Quinlivan and discharges Quinlivan’s legal costs.”

          Next stop Belfast,then Glasgow onwards and upthe…:)

        2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          I’m quite sure it wouldn’t be hard to find one among collection of shysters and scum bags who attended to funeral of Bobby Storey in Belfast today.

      2. goldenbrown

        you’re like one of those kids who can’t resist kicking the neighbours gate as you walk past, aren’t ya ;)
        just to rile up their yippy yappy snarly terrier
        maybe even poke a stick in at it thru the railings if noone is looking

    1. Rob_G

      @GG – I bet all of those ministers at least showed up to work; Mary Lou didn’t bother her hole.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Wasn’t that Dimmy Tooly, the Phantom Button Pusher?

        But, what a motley crew we have as Ministers.
        The only two that topped their poll were? Heather Humphries, FG and Eamon Ryan, Greens. Of the rest of the Ministers, it was an assortment of 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 15th count. The two Wicklow lads bringing up the rear.

        And a further look at the departments they are Ministers for throws up a barrel of laughs. Square pegs trying to fit round holes.

    2. jimmyV

      What point do you think you’re making?

      That Ireland shoud have a voting system that returns a less representative parliment?

    3. Cian

      How many parties wanted to be I government and had 80 or more candidates?
      What party has most TDs?

  2. SOQ

    I don’t like Hazel Chu- she is a race baiter- so lets see her now climb down off her identity pedestal and get to work.

    Start with an affordable reliable public transport which should be a core Green principle except they won’t take the state within the state otherwise known as CIÉ on.

    Lets go.

    1. realPolithicks

      I’m sure you’ll be able to produce examples of the “race baiting” done by Hazel Chu.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        She’s a big meanie to Irish racists who are predominantly white, so she’s baiting whitey and whitey don’t like it.

        1. realPolithicks

          If it wasn’t such an important issue it would actually be comical how fragile these guys really are.

      2. SOQ

        I most certainly can but that would be diversionary and Hazel has done enough of that while climbing her career ladder.

        1. Vanessanelle

          Fair enough
          You don’t like Hazel Chu
          Don’t vote for her

          The remainder of your post inc the one above again, is a foul rancid chum line

          No surprise of course
          But that doesn’t make it any easier to pass it by
          And I hope it never does

          From now on lads
          This type of race baiting and
          whatever it is this time Sexist Hate’ist trolling
          I’m going to call Chumming

          Remember it wasn’t Hazel who introduced her ethnic background to her profile, and Political identity
          She was dragged into it
          And by the likes of people not unknown to ye here
          And on whose behalf you were a particular activist Same oh

          Good luck using the the mask slipped now lads

          Sometimes I think tis backwards we’re all going
          But tis days like this I’m glad ye killed Frilly off

          1. SOQ

            Wrong- I actually do like Hazel as a person but it is pretty obvious that she used her minority status to at the very least, increase her public profile.

            People are fed up of this identity stuff so if she continues to play the POC victim card, she won’t get very far. Its boring and stale and to most of us, it is downright friggen insulting.

          2. Vanessanelle

            Stop it Same Oh
            You’re making it worse for yourself
            As if that were possible
            Yet you’re managing it

            it is pretty obvious that she used her minority status to at the very least, increase her public profile.

            Explain over four thousand 1st preference votes in an election that had a quota of barely 2,000
            And that’s before most of the Councillors in Dublin City Council even heard of Hazel Chu

            Show me anything – anywhere, from her joining the Greens up to becoming the party Chair, and from her campaign in the Locals, or her professional career,
            up to when The National Party and the ACI or whatever the Barrow Street singers are now
            made Hazel Chu respond and defend – and to reuse your own expressions Minority Status …. POC victim

            You’re some piece of work
            You really are

            Local Elections 2019 ran on the same day as the EU elections
            As the counts came in and in the days after, all anyone was talking about was the Green Wave

            Except for – D’you know I can’t bring myself to say it

          3. SOQ

            I never denied Hazel’s or anyone else’s electoral mandate V- and like quite a number of others I expect, I wasn’t really aware of her until that race thing kicked off. She definitely put herself forward as a spokesperson.

            My point is that if she continues in that preachy theme it will be divisive is all. She is employed to represent everyone, especially now when the economic poo is about to hit the fan.

          4. Vanessanelle

            You’re making it worse for yourself

            She didn’t make herself a spokesperson
            You did
            You and all those chums you were only too happy to be seen with
            Please don’t make us go through all this again

            It wasn’t Hazel that took to Social Media to rally supporters agitated by pigment
            It wasn’t Hazel that took to the City Centre streets to protest. rally and pontificate – drunk or sober, to rouse up support for a General Election Campaign, or a Party or a Paypal account, or a Website, or a Webstream,

            If you want to introduce Preachy Themes well go for it Chum

            All the Preachy Themes I need to know or will ever need to know to sort who what where and from are all on your side of the Street


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