A Limerick A Day


Reopened pubs will be monitored by hundreds of health-and-safety inspectors and Fáilte Ireland staff

Some pubs can currently choose
To let people in to drink booze
But watch out for a spy
Who checks if rules apply
But can’t fine the pubs who refuse.

John Moynes

Pic via Frances

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7 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. dav

    I heard newstalk accusing pubs of breaking the rules, but changed stations before they continued with the story. Any ideas what they were blabbering about?

    1. scottser

      probably calling for some kind of tax-payer funded agency to address this disgraceful situation before announcing that denis o’brien has been awarded the contract for it.

    2. ReproBertie

      Pubs are not even pretending to enforce the 105 minute rule nor is there any attempt to stop groups crossing over and mingling.

    3. Fellow

      Pity the same virulence was not forthcoming when the covid 19 arrived into the country via dublin Belfast

      No screening and no temperature testing and I remember well that night listening to a HSE gob poo stating there was no point in temperature testing because paracetamol would be used to lower the temperature

      Or even the 4000 rugby supporters that were allowed to de end on Dublin as the rugby match was cancelled
      Yes Lombardy was the epicentre at the time

      Or even the thousands upon thousands unchecked air passengers or passengers on ferries

      And still no facemasks

  2. DOC

    Social distancing my hoop
    Every pub i was in last night were rammed
    One of them is beside a Garda station
    Everyone had a good laugh about that one

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