Sneaker Pimps


The trainers feature the Lidl logo and are bright in blue, yellow and red are only available in Finland and The Netherlands

This morning.

People are flogging a pair of popular Lidl trainers online for £450.

The £14 pair of colourful shoes are eye-catching to say the least.

Now, they’re appearing on third party selling sites like eBay – and they’re even selling for over 30 times their original price..


Savvy shoppers are selling £14 Lidl trainers on eBay for £450 (Daily Star)


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20 thoughts on “Sneaker Pimps

          1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            other oddly nice smells,
            horse manure,
            the inside part of your elbow after you have been to the beach,
            behind your dogs ears,
            Welly boots

  1. Bort

    Selling and buying are not the same. I can sell a piece of bellybutton fluff on ebay for a grand

  2. jamesjoist

    I was reading an article about a craze for collecting runners/trainers. Apparently men , and it seems to be predominately males who developed this obsession, will travel many miles and pay large amounts of money for limited editions. I wouldn’t be surprised at the EBay incredulous asking price .

  3. Your Home Correspondent

    I’ll stick with my Hoka One Ones for my runs thanks.

    The ones pictured look like something a holiday camp social events manager would have to wear.

    1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

      do you think they are worth the hype ? do you not find the heel a bit thick ? I need a new pair for distances mine are all worn thin, thinking of going back to my first love mizuno after a Nike or just barefoot hiatus

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I got first ever pair of hoka 1 1s a few weeks ago – mine are trail running ones, which I also never had before

        I love them- I’d say best I’ve ever had

        slightly ugly though

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

          hope you are killing those Spanish hills bud !

    2. class wario

      hokas do a bit too tbf.

      hokas are now also cool so there isn’t even some element of counter-cultural value to them, soz!

    3. Scundered

      The Clifton 2 was just the most comfortable trainer ever, still love mine for long summer walks

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