19 thoughts on “When Life Gives You TDS…

  1. dav

    while I agree with the sentiment I must say that when facemasks are politicised (and that happened when the gun nuts demanded an end to the restrictions) you know the country is in trouble.

        1. Help

          A massive dose of clap for the morons who came up with this

          As for Kanye west he will eat into Biden’s target votes

          Wise move by trump to scupper the dems who used an Ashanti tribes scarf when they recited the list of Africa Americans killed by police of which half were killed during obama’s Tenure

          The Ashanti tribe rounded up the slaves in Africa to be sold on to the USA
          With these mistakes it looks like trump will get in again

          1. Johnny

            ..the tribe currently dying daily- we at 130,000 dead toady is kinda the focus here at mo-condolences to the Ashanti-Kayne does not even make it onto one ballot.

            “The University of Washington has extended its projection of how many people are likely to die from coronavirus in the US to November 1, predicting at least 208,255 deaths by then, based on the current scenario. ”


    1. newsjustin

      Have to agree with dav on this. Just an arms race of nonsense. (Even though I agree with the sentiment)

  2. Johnny

    Approval ratings in June of re-election year via Gallup:

    Johnson 74%
    Eisenhower 72%
    Nixon 59%
    Clinton 55%
    Reagan 54%
    W Bush 49%
    Obama 46%
    *Ford 45%
    Truman 40%
    Trump 38%
    *HW Bush 37%
    *Carter 32%

    *lost re-election

    1. Vanessanelle

      Its also worth mentioning that Clinton himself had higher approval ratings in the run up to the election to replace him than either of the two challengers

      BTW, History will remember Jimmy Carter far more fondly than that 32%

  3. Scundered

    That branding message will totally miss it’s purpose, if anything it makes you think it’s about STD’s and not politics. Also placing the masks over themselves is jarring as it makes it appear that they should be silenced, not Trump. Am sure someone is making money out of it though.

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