Luke Upon My Works


In fairness.



Zardoz speaks to YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Luke Upon My Works

  1. Miscanthus Giganteus

    Saw commentators over on the twitter saying it looked like an onion flower.

    Given the stress this statue has caused and in the tradition of bestowing weird names on public art in and around the O’Connell St Area, might we call this one the Allium on the Vallium?

  2. baz

    firstly, IMO that is a terrible sculpture, it is an assault on the senses, I drove past with my kids and they spotted it and laughed at it, one dubbed it the angry hedgehog

    It is fair to presume that the indigenous folk are pushing back upon the imposed assault on their senses.
    it might also be fair to assume the ‘artist’ responsible does not live very close to this defecation

    1. george

      It’s a great sculpture in my opinion and many local people have said they like it. Apparently kids from the local school remove any leaves and bits of rubbish that get caught in the hair.

      Your kids probably don’t react at all to most public statues in Dublin so I don’t see their response as a terrible thing at all.

      I’m not going to assume anything about the vandals involved but they’ve arrested a 47 year old “man” so we’ll see what happens.

  3. Kingfisher

    Put it on the Central Bank, staring accusingly in the boardroom window, with James Larkin playing on loudspeaker every time there’s a board meeting

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