B’Fhéidir Gur Mhaith Leat É Seo


IMLÉ featuring Roisin Seoighe Do Chuid Jeans

Fancy a cupla focal?

IMLÉ scriobh:

“During lockdown, IMLÉ shared their new song Do Chuid Jeans with friends, family and fans, asking them to film themselves reacting to it in whatever way they saw fit. Here is the finished result.

It features contributions from throughout Ireland and from the United States to Japan. “Do Chuid Jeans is the first single on the second album from IMLÉ. It features a guest performance from the incandescent Róisín Seoighe.

Do Chuid Jeans is a song about celebrating the small beautiful things, the everyday and a shared life. It seeks to capture a sense of deep gratitude and the significance of love in life.”

Stream it here.

The video is edited by Shane Callan.

Nick says: Jeans genie.


Róisín Seoighe.

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  1. Mé Féin

    Seans go dtaitneódh seo leat might be a better headline. But I’m open to correction/improvement.

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