‘Not Based On Politics’


This afternoon

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney (above) has said the United States and probably the Britain will not be on a list of safe-travel countries due to be published Monday.


Mr Coveney said the list was not compiled based on politics, but on the “epidemiological data and numbers”.

He said countries that are included in the list “represent no higher risk than Ireland represents”.

“So in other words, travelling to one of these countries wouldn’t be any different than travelling to Kerry, Connemara or Donegal,” he said.

The minister said there is “no question” that the US will not be on the list, and added that it is “very unlikely” that Britain will make the cut either.

It’s “really unfortunate”, he said, because of the integration between Ireland’s economy and the US and UK.

….Mr Coveney added that they are looking at increasing safety measures in airports, including having testing available there.

US, Britain not expected to be on travel Green List (RTÉ)


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6 thoughts on “‘Not Based On Politics’

  1. jamesjoist

    Britain and Northern Ireland are subliminally hyphenated. He only referred to the ‘Britain’ element

    1. No.ly-pratt

      The big problem is Northern Ireland is part of the UK and that is that no matter what we wish so if the UK is on the naughty step so is Northern Ireland

      The big question is when returning from holiday it’s up to companies to protect their work force from covid risks so technically these workers must quarantine for two weeks
      And also it’s up to government to ensure they have quarantined for the sake of those who obey the rules

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