Live From The Costa Blanca


Last night.

Broadsheet on the Telly: Holiday Special

Host Neil Curran writes:

Broadcasting from the Costa Blanca area in Spain, Irish bar owners Hazel and Rory of Paddy’s Point (top) joined the panel to share their views on the summer holidays, lockdown in Spain and the outlook for the bar trade both in Spain and Ireland.

As always, Derek O’Donoghue and Vanessa Foran joined us with Vanessa streaming from the tropical hotspot of Brittas Bay [County Wicklow]

Rory and Hazel also share insight on how the the Spanish government have handled this year’s Selectividad, Spain’s equivalent of the Leaving Cert, much to Derek’s shock.

Are there lessons that can be learned for Ireland? Bring your own Sangria

Last night: Staying In Tonight?

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11 thoughts on “Live From The Costa Blanca

  1. White Dove

    The outside broadcast by Vanessa (love that style!) is really good, as is Neil’s broadcast from Spain. It is great to see these two long-standing panellists finally relaxing and having fun with this show.

  2. Orla

    Dereks comments on the leaving cert not testing intelligence were interesting ,he was saying it highlights a work load capacity.
    It would be interesting to hear what he thinks could replace it? Is there an argument for IQ testing being more accurate or some other form of test that could test desire and work capacity. I understand the IQ is quite controversial.
    Surely we would benefit as a country, it seems we are loosing some great minds as it stands.

    1. Cian

      All that an IQ test does is how rate how good you are at doing IQ tests. :-)
      Although, when I think about it, all the Leaving Cert test does is rate how good you are at regurgitating information.

      There are many different types of intelligence[1]. The standard IQ test usually only has questions that evaluate some of these (numbers, words, and pictures) but ignores the others.

      [1] Howard Gardener described 9 types
      Naturalist (nature smart)
      Musical (sound smart)
      Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart)
      Existential (life smart)
      Interpersonal (people smart)
      Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)
      Linguistic (word smart)
      Intra-personal (self smart)
      Spatial (picture smart)

    2. Steph Pinker

      Intelligence Quotient is exactly as it says on the tin which makes it irrelevant and oxymoronic – intelligence can’t be measured.

  3. Vanessanelle

    I should be boarding the Amtrak Coast Starlight Seattle Departure
    right now

    Maybe even already shown to my private sleeper

    *#@*X you Corona effin’ Virus

      1. Vanessanelle

        Got stuck for about $150 with the Amtrack cancellation, and the insurance didn’t cover
        And it looks like I’m getting stuck for the €100 exit seat top up on the LA to DAP return with Aer Lingus as the flight hasn’t actually been cancelled
        Dublin to Seattle was.
        Also, the Hotel in Seattle didn’t thing twice about refunding and even offered me a voucher – dinner or wine or something, to use when I get to rebook

        Which is probably never

  4. timely

    Why would anyone go to Spain and sit in a plastic paddy Irish pub drinking really bad quality draft Guinness
    Its bad enough in england

    1. bisted

      …I feel I’ve been there because I’ve heard so much about it…one guy in particular has lived there for about 20 years and still hasn’t picked up any Spanish…

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