One Long Lane


This afternoon.

New cycle lanes taking one lane of the road from Blackrock Village (top) through to Sandycove (above)

New restrictions mean that motorists can no longer drive towards Dun Laoghaire from Blackrock Village and can no longer drive through Blackrock Village from Dun Laoghaire.

So there.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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11 thoughts on “One Long Lane

  1. Broadbag

    They’ve made a complete balls of it, terrible signage, brand new traffic jams that never existed before this and bollards everywhere – well worth someone checking into who got the contract for all these (mostly redundant) bolllards that are springing up all over the place.

    1. Cian

      Motorists can no longer drive towards Dun Laoghaire from Blackrock Village and can no longer drive through Blackrock Village from Dun Laoghaire.
      And one of your complaints is that there are brand new traffic jams? What do you expect? If you close a road the traffic will re-route to other roads – increasing the traffic – which may cause jams.

      I haven’t seen the signage so can’t comment on it.

      As for the bollards, are you talking about the 60cm orange ones in the photos? or the small triangular ones on the road dividers…. I think something like that is needed if you add a new sort of road divider – so it can be seen (especially at night).

      1. Broadbag

        I expect urban planners to make better plans and not create gridlock, call me old fashioned! They’ve also reduced access for the RNLI, which was really clever. The cycling mafia who appear to be in charge don’t care as long as they can potter along once a week (when it’s sunny).

        I’m talking about the orange bollards, they’ve carpet-bombed the entire area with them, it’s ridiculous, the small triangle ones are fine.

        1. Cian

          Right. I was just down there – at the Blackrock end.
          There are cones out – it’s a work in progress. They are still covering the lane with that ocre cycling surfacing gravel stuff.

          The 60cm orange sticks are at the ends of each mid-road-divider – to highlight that the divider is there. In certain sections (especially where there are houses on the inside and their gateways will cross the new cycle lane) there are a lot of breaks in the road-divider so there are a lot of bollards – but that is to be expected.

          No urban planner can push the same amount of cars on less road and not produce more traffic. it is physically impossible. But, over time, people will get used to the new layout and the traffic will ease.

  2. Scundered

    I cycled through Blackrock and was amazed at the clutter caused from the amount of bollards, just no need for that, a little kerb and raised track would have been much more aesthetic. It’s a complete eyesore at the moment as everything is demanding your attention.

    1. Your Home Correspondent

      The amount of bollards will diminish when Blackrock College opens again. They’ve nothing to do.

    1. Jade

      its normal route. The cycle lane stops at the pavilion carpark entrance and starts again further on.

  3. Joe

    What a mess, whatever joke jobsworth designed that inept piece of psychlopath poo should be sacked. I expect an awful righteous and correct kick back against the local politicians to have it removed/modified.

  4. SB

    I think it’s a great addition, and should be reproduced all over the country. It’s a drop in the ocean compared to the money spent on roads every year. Traffic jams will reduce of people get out of their cars and walk or cycle when they’re only going down the road for a paper.

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