‘Residents Spoke Of The Fear Of Never Hugging Their Familes Again’


This afternoon.

A report on the impact of the virus on nursing homes by The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has been published.

Via The Irish Times:

“The State health watchdog was granted an emergency court order to shut down a nursing home over fears residents could not be protected during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa) has also revealed none of the 44 homes where there had been confirmed cases of Covid-19 fully complied with regulations to stem the spread of the disease.

…In a report on the impact of the pandemic on nursing homes, Hiqa said it began inspecting homes that had “significant outbreaks” and found shortcomings in management, staffing levels as well as infection prevention and control skills.

Hiqa granted order to shut nursing home over Covid-19 risk to residents (Irish Times)


The report also outlines the human impact of dealing with the pandemic on staff, residents and their families who contacted HIQA to tell their story.

Residents spoke of the fear of never hugging their family again and of what would happen if a resident of staff member tested positive.

One said he would “not leave the room again until a vaccine was found”.

Others were frustrated and angry that prevention measures meant they were largely confined to their bedrooms and cut out from the friends in the centre.

The only human contact was from staff, many of whom were wearing PPE.

There was also a serious impact on the wellbeing of staff.

One home said “we have some staff that are still out and it is likely they will never return, such is their upset“.

Half of nursing homes with virus outbreaks inspected did not follow hygiene rules – HIQA (RTÉ)

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9 thoughts on “‘Residents Spoke Of The Fear Of Never Hugging Their Familes Again’

    1. italia'90

      I mentioned that I live less than 200 metres away from one of the worst affected nursing homes in the country, in a reply to SOQ here last week.
      I know someone who works there.
      If I was to repeat here what they told me had happened, how it happened and when it happened, who was to blame, you would have no faith in any commentary, facts, figures, statistics, analysis, announcements, excuses, policies, recommendations, guidelines or the official narrative from any source that the general public are being asked to support, it would likely boil most peoples urine and have ye reaching for your pitchforks.
      Only an independent inquiry will allow the truth to be revealed.
      They’ve been misinforming us since before the official patient zero narrative took hold.
      She was not Patient Zero.
      The daily reported R number and the amount of people who are said to have been infected has been corrupted and managed for different peoples agendas at different times throughout the whole bloody mess.
      I’m not, just to be clear, NOT saying people didn’t get infected or died from or with the virus. I’m saying the cover up of the truth started well before the official narrative was released and the official patient zero narrative was disseminated to the general public.
      Be as dismissive as you want and I expect the usual crew to have at it, but please call for an Independent Inquiry if even just to get an explanation why our economy has been decimated and the reasons and evidence to support the experts decision making processes.

        1. Liam Deliverance

          +1 Italia, I don’t doubt ya, I suspect that public inquiry is coming somewhere down the line

        2. italia'90

          I wouldn’t be able to do the story justice like a professional journalist would. They informed me that journalists from a non Irish newspaper already have the story, as part of a bigger story involving an airline, a hotel group that is used for direct provision, asylum seekers working for an agency as hca’s in multiple care homes and hiqa and hse attempts to cover it up involving court injunctions. The guards are also investigating, not the ones you think, they’re investigating the sources that the journalists have used. Go figure!
          I will tell you this though, the virus was spreading like wild fire through the nursing home before Valentines day. Over 100 patients and 85 staff were infected before the end of February. Everyone eventually got infected. Staff and patients. Now check the official timeline and the numbers of cases reported in February.

          1. Liam Deliverance

            Thanks for the update Italia’90, keep the story alive until it runs.

            From looking at recent Covid updates from other countries there seems , to me, to be a much longer period between a case and the follow on spreading through the population. Like the incubation rate is much longer than they said or that asymptomatic cases is much higher?

            Is the nursing home network, public and private, now prepared for a follow on wave of cases?

            Is Direct Provision ready?

  1. H

    If only they were this quick to publish the findings of the mothers and babies findings or anything else to do with the awful treatment meted out on those under their ‘care’ by the church

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