26 thoughts on “Big Wednesday

  1. Mickey Minaj

    Dirty b******ds, p*ssing and s***ing on a nice beach, should be returned into yogurts or burgers. Also people who bring their dogs to the beach are the worst, especially Pomeranians

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I love the colours down there so much, we used to holiday in Ballyconnelly, its where my running soul flies the highest, a gorgeous part of the world

  3. Rob_G

    Jesus – before I saw ‘Conamara’, I thought that I was looking at a photo from the Carribean

    1. Cian

      Who knows – if it is north of the Liffey, or outside the M50 Bodger’s geography goes a bit wonky! :-)

    2. Mary (Never) Wong

      Might as well be to a southside elitist rugby-loving type like yourself. PS You also drive a Range Rover Discovery

          1. Mary (Never) Wong

            Careful now Giggidy, old chicken
            Seems likely you made a Ba-hamas out of understanding my West Indian culinary reference

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