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Happy Friday.

What’s your favourite album track that you felt should have been released as a single but never was?

Here’s mine.

Best answer wins a hallowed €25 Golden Discs voucher.

The winner will be chosen by my personal trainer.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines close at Midnight.

Nick says: Good luck!

Golden Discs

Last week’s winning ‘opener’ here.

69 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Darn, I type too much! Wanted to see if I could get the first post again :-)

      Nice post. I am not really familiar with The Pixies, so must go down that rabbit hole over the weekend.

      But I agree that it is hard to choose just one. Even on the album I chose, it was a close call with For Crying Out Loud, but I thought that was a bit risque for this hour, before the watershed :-D

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Where did this post come from?

      Oh, yeah. 2 links = moderation :-)

      Guess I will settle for 3rd place

    2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Saw him live a few years back. He’s a very attractive man indeed. Great show too.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Also saw George Clinton and P-Funk. I’ve never been in the company or so many stoners. Gas. The drummer had to be carried off and replaced by one of the (approx) 50 other musicians on stage.

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Hey Joe MacKenzie by Vicky Leandros, from her album I Am. It was released as a single in its original German, but this is the English version which, as far as I can tell, was not released.

    I always liked its bright and cheerful tone, coupled with the threat of violence if the thirsty crowd did not get their beer. Given it be a Friday of a bank holiday weekend, I thought it might be appropriate.

    1. James M.Chimney

      She was name checked in a song by Half Man Half Biscuit (Whit Weekend Malarkey)
      I always thought the line was “We just got back from Greek isle Kos, Didn’t see no Vicky, Lee, and Ross”
      Thinking it was a reference to 18-30 crowd. You learn something new every day.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        She was quite famous particularly in the 70s. She represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision twice, winning on the second occasion with Apres Toi ( in 1972, the year before Janet’s least favourite band won for a song about a famous war.

        She is really big in Germany, and apparently has had The Hoff open for her. I do recommend checking out some of her songs.

        My Dad fell in love with her… singing… after a tour with the UN in Cyprus. For many years, her records and those of a band that shall not be mentioned were the only ones allowed be played on my Dad’s stereo – a 3 in 1 Sanyo bought with some of the proceeds from that tour, I think specifically to play Vicky’s records that he brought back with him.

        I got indoctrinated early :-)

        Note to Janet: Apologies, but I will be posting one later that you should probably avoid. I will wait, hoping you read this in time.

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    This Is The One – Stone Roses

    That album, like Hunky Dory is one of the few records where every track could have been a singe. It’s a masterpiece and this track hits me in the feels every time I hear it….

    1. Papi

      Always wait for your music contribution, O blue.
      Also, give me your record collection now.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Janet, this is the one to be careful about. If you wish, enjoy the post. Links are at the bottom.

    From the album Waterloo, one of my favourite songs of this band, and that was not released as a single was Another Town, Another Train. As a kid, it evoked in me a sense of wanderlust, and exploration. I was too young, and the themes of not settling and even of abandoning everything and everyone went right over my head.

    Over the years, I have hummed this in my head as I went from airport to airport in a lifestyle that in some ways mimicked both my childhood dreams and the theme of the song. In particular, the opening line (Day is dawning and I must go – darn, I should have used that last week!) reflect in how many times I had to leave my home and head for the airport at horrible o’clock to be off to another country, at the start of what were often multi-day trips to my end destination. I think my record is 6 days, 7 plane journeys and a multi-hour/two day car trip that included a ferry crossing. Can I count that as a boat trip?

    And then at the end of a mission, a few weeks, or months, and occasionally years later, it was back to the airport for another town. A short while ago I realised I was still constantly reusing the same clothes from the suitcase I came home in, nearly 2 years ago now, just rewashing them as needed and stacked on a chair. Despite my wardrobe being full, just as described in this song.

    The song is also one of the few where Bjorn was the lead singer, with the ladies on vocals.

    Years later, they put out their last recorded (albeit second last released) song, which has proven to be my favourite: The Day Before You Came. This time sung by Agnetha, former wife of Bjorn who abandoned her in Another Town, Another Train. It speaks of a life empty and full of routine until the arrival of someone. It is very poignant and wistful.

    I saw a documentary (link below) in which Benny describes how they made it. One thing he said that struck me was they instructed Agnetha to not sing as well as she could. I thought that spoke volumes.

    Blancmange did a good version, for those who like the song but not the artist. I will not link here.

    Many years after that, in one of those airports, humming in my head as I waited for another plane, it struck me that in many ways these songs are bookends, both of their career, and in a way of my life. And both songs began, and ended, with trains. My journeys began, and ended, with planes, occasionally one being a plane back home again.

    No trains, though.

    Another Town, Another Train by ABBA:

    Documentary on making of The Day Before You Came (first minute or so in Swedish, then English):

    1. Lush

      Thanks for that post BS. I share your (not so secret) love of they who shall not be named; and The Day Before You Came is one of my favourites too.

      You home for good now or are there more planes, trains and automobiles in your future?

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Apologies for the late reply, Lush. Yesterday turned into an unexpected family day.

        Home for now, mostly due to travel restrictions, but who knows? I have a few years left in me yet :-)

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I remember crying through their farewell concert in Sydney (saw it on the telly). I LOVE Crowded House. So goddamn musical.

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