“Well Flagged And Should Have Been Tackled Earlier”




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18 thoughts on ““Well Flagged And Should Have Been Tackled Earlier”

  1. Vanessanelle

    What an absolute scumbag of a bitter coward of a man
    Not even a man
    A half witted flaccid specimen with some traces of homosapiens

    DP was in his direct remit as Minister for Justice – including the Acting term
    This was entirely in his hands when in this last job

    Typical oul’ fella politics
    Blame someone else

    Well flagged with yerself ya lazy useless goat
    And instead of getting these people out of communal DP accomodation
    You actually loaded people onto a bus and moved them to another location spreading the ‘Rona from Dublin to West Kerry

    You sickening lump of turs

    1. goldenbrown

      entitled with ideas well above his board
      definitely in my personal top 10 most hated politician list of all time

    2. Keith

      A total plonker
      This man is partly responsible for the arrival of covid19

      They coded us well with the hero crap
      Yes hero’s
      Gardai frontline
      Workers in the hospitals

      Ambulance drivers

      As for government
      Their handling has caused more misery
      And now the chickens are all coming home to roost

      We need to know why the obvious places where clusters were always going to happen were not monitored

      We need to know how many people were tested
      We need to know we’re the processing plants calling the shots and why inspections were not carried out

      And we need heads to roll and that is for starters

  2. Madam X

    He has no room to talk.Moving People in DP around willy nilly without a covid heath check in the middle of a lock down for the rest of us. from which I got the covid . He has no right whatsoever to say anything

    1. Keith

      Talking about DP we need to know how many workers in these plants lived in DP we also need to know why migrant workers were allowed in unchecked or quarantined

      We need to know when workers were tested

      We also need to know wether criminal charges are to be levied against management of these plants

      Also these plants must be seized by government and kept closed

  3. the bottler

    A safe pair of hands for the law society, insurance industry and all the professionals cartels that pillage and plunder Irish society.

    1. Keith

      No insurance to protect your buisness from these cases but an open season for those suing businesses from catching covid on their premises

  4. GiggidyGoo

    I hope the journalists keep an eye on Lockdowned Flanagan to make sure the stays locked down. Are there any real journalists nearby?

  5. Keith

    well what else happens when you keep your airports open do not trace or ensure people arriving are quarantined

    Then the cast of the walking dead from epicentres flying in by the thousand

    No testing and now the latest scam for cyber criminals are on line covid 19 tests so you cannot get a test if you want one except by recommendation of your GP

    Mind you keeping pubs closed was the smart move so your alcohol had to be bought and consumed where ever you liked from supermarkets garages and off licences

  6. Frank

    is the problem with meat processing facilities that they are principally staffed by Brazilians who live in ‘residences’ of 10 or 20 per house or more and go from house to house parties. if there was any investigative journalism in this country a spot light would surely be held to this.
    I live next to one of these brazillian houses. there are perhaps 14 to 18 adults in a 3 bedroom house in North Dublin. these individuals are working as food couriers and in Keelings as fruit pickers. the same is true for meat packing in Gort, Kildare and Waterford.
    there is a modern slave trade between the English language colleges, landlords and low paid food processing and courier jobs.
    which is why you’ll hear nothing about this. Landlords + meat barrons = FFG

    1. Keith

      Maybe it’s time the gardai were told to investigate this

      I worked in two restaurants that hired Brazilian students
      Hard workers and allowed to work up to 20 hours a week
      And they did plus working in other places
      Some never studied

  7. Truth in the News

    Any chance the Dept of Foreign Affairs would tell us how many Visas were issued to perspective
    meat plant workers outside the EU Zone and in particular Brazil and since there are no direct
    flights from Brazil how is access gained ….how many non nationals are employed in the meat
    processing sector and how many out of DP

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