A Limerick A Day


Ronnie O’Sullivan (above) criticised snooker’s next generation after securing a World Championship quarter-final place to meet fellow veteran Mark Williams

Poor Ronnie is feeling quite sad
That the players he’s facing are bad
Do they deserve blame
Or is this a mind game
To try to make Williams go mad?

John Moynes


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6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Probably because he’s arguably the best ever.
      (Alex Higgins would have argued with this but then, he argued with everything!)

      1. Hector Rameriz

        Possibly, but he’s tortured cos he plays it. Give it up then and go do something else.

  1. OJohnny Keenan

    Dav, where did Alex get the 147 with his left hand?

    Ronnie the Rocket is a sports man, having some sport in a game, without to many personalities.

    Saying what he said can only rev up the young lads, to beat him now.  He loves the challenge, winding up the corporate BBC suits and major sponsorers.

    The hack and yes man Ken O’Doherty now reckons that O’Sullivan has a moral responsibility to the profession not to talk like that. I hope Ronnie gives him abit of what for in his next interview.

    He is his own man and he will be around for a long time.
    Always gives great copy. In interviews always gives great insight in how he played, and how he is playing.

    Everyone loves The Huricane.
    Bertie, i think if he was alive he’d be the first to say he is not in the same league as Ronnie. No one is. Probably the best sportsman/ entertainer in our life time.

    Look at his fastest ever 147 break again. Pure poetry in motion. He even got the record, just last week for the quickest match ever at the crucible. 10-1 in 108 minutes.

    If he can get 104 with his left hand while listening to this music you know he is going to get a 147 in a match situation sooner rather than later.
    “I will get it, one day” https://youtu.be/GkPB39FmnEE
    All done with great aplomb and a cheeky stoner grin.

    Whats not to love about the Rocketman.

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