12 thoughts on “Armoured Cats

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        one recently adopted me, brought me home a huge half dead crow, I hadn’t seen it in the dark of the room until I was on top of it, frightened the life out of me, a gift apparently

    1. missred

      Feline warriors are enough on their own to go forth and prey, without undignifying them in weird baby-substitute outfits

  1. scottser

    don’t trust cats – the 8th one down just shat out a skull.
    people, this is not what the internet is for. if done deal has stopped selling puppies then BS should stop this travesty at once.

      1. Charlie Lord

        One early mornin, the screws were balling,
        And the Cats were squealing in my prison cell,
        And the old triangle, went jingle jangle,
        All along the banks of the Royal Canal…

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