I’m Looking For A Partner In Crime


Love In A Covid Climate dating site forum from the Lockdown Sceptics website


This afternoon.

Seeking a rebellious mate?

Following criticism at the launch of a dating section on his ‘Lockdown Sceptics’ website…

…site founder Toby Young writes:

After I was contacted by the Evening Standard asking me to comment on the “adverse reaction online”, I had a chat with the Forum moderators.

Should we abandon the whole idea?

Would it be too much work to constantly weed out the pranksters, particularly if “Love in a Covid Climate” attracts a bit of publicity?

They heroically concluded it would not and set to work tidying it up. I can’t promise that no hoaxers will get through from now on, but we should be able to spot them fairly quickly.

Since we cleaned it up “Love in a Covid Climate” appears to have taken off, with plenty of legitimate users now posting messages. And I’m happy to weather the Twitter storm if readers think it’s a useful service.

The most common barbs revolve around the fact that lockdown sceptics are more likely to have the virus than other people, making them extremely unappealing as potential romantic partners.

I even got an email from a reporter at the Guardian asking me to respond to the charge that the forum could spread coronavirus and harm the individuals involved…


Love In  A Covid Climate (Lockdown Sceptics)


“I don’t want a sterile world.”

Cheryl, a photographer from the Cotswolds, England asks covidly: how do you survive ‘without meaning’?

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17 thoughts on “I’m Looking For A Partner In Crime

        1. AKA Frilly Keane

          Same email login & avatar

          Back in the day of whole-time Frilly
          T’was changed according to the mood / weather
          i.e. Frill the 8th, Campaign for Frilly etc

          Login email was always the same, like the same user account
          And the occasional swap out of avatar was most likely flagged anyway
          Everyone knew who t’was
          Including Mods

          Same for Vanessa,
          Of the Telly, The Holy face of etc
          Same email for all V/ Vanessa stuff
          And again Mods are well aware

          And just in case you’re still worried
          I announced not here that I was no longer posting from the Frilly Keane base email account
          That’s why you see funny avatars on old posta

          1. scottser

            Remember when you were ABM? and dirty Mani? The best was when you were Mick Flavin and you drew those class pics for a tenner..

          2. AKA Frilly Keane

            And your good self Scottie

            Funny thing is, when I mentioned to Jimmy earlier that I was reopening the ‘Frilly Files’ kinda dunno yet
            He said
            Why not?
            You already have a ready made army of trolls!!
            What could go wrong???

            Go for it

        2. Lush

          That’s our Frilly; check out the Bake Off posts; the forensic accounting and much more to boot. A valued member of the (sadly much diminished) original BS community.

          1. AKA Frilly Keane

            Ah ya dote Lush

            Just thinking there now
            You know that @ireland Account on the Twitter?
            The one that gets ‘curated’ by someone famous – Irish famous?
            Not Rhianna stuff

            Anyway I reckon we should take turns to be ABM, Mani, and of course Rotide
            Maybe even Memes

  1. M2cool

    If you read about 1918, none of this behaviour is unusual.
    Or don’t and be mean to them online
    No difference either way ( prove me wrong!)

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