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Behold: the Addarmor Bulletproof Cadillac Escalade – a heavily customised version of the SUV beloved of rappers and private security firms brought to you – the nervous oligarch/drugs kingpin – by a company founded by former law enforcement and special-ops professionals.

Inside the ballistic glass and lightweight composite armour-panelled body is a plush interior with two facing rows of seats and a 32-inch retractable flatscreen TV separating the driver and passenger compartments.

Yours for €310,000+, depending on fit and armour options.


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Behold: the Inkas Hudson APC – the world’s favourite 4×4 workhorse transformed into a vehicle of law enforcement, state oppression, zombie management or whatever swivels your gun turret.


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Nevan Riley writes:

Your readers might be interested to know that the creator of the weapons for Game of Thrones is Wicklow armourer Tommy Dunne. Here he is talking about his latest creations for the new season.

Cat Battle Armour (€377/US shipping only) by Etsy seller snaububle who sez:

Cat Battle Armor is a for-reals armor harness for your kitty. Completely hand-made from durable veg-tan leather, this is no mere costume piece. Your cat will become an unstoppable force for slaughter in this fully articulated suit, shielding him/her from foes while allowing unimpeded movement across the battlefield or living room floor.

The imposing torso section features several riveted, articulated plates and a terrifying rack of dorsal spines. Your cat’s hindquarters are sheathed beneath exquisitely arrayed overlapping scales stitched to a soft leather backing, adorned with nickel silver dome rivets. Midnight black scales and plates are finished with a glossy protective coat and seamlessly join together like the petals of a deadly flower. Adjustable at the collar with elastic and two nickel silver buckles, and at the belly with grommeted corset-style lacing for a secure, comfortable fit.



zefrank‘s true facts about the last surviving New World armoured mammal.

Sadly, it can neither fart fire not teleport two inches in either direction.


Tony Stark’s new schmutter for Iron Man 3, revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.

We’re not sure about that trap-door in the butt.

Some kind of exhaust vent, presumably.