Kicking Out Time


This evening.

Phibsborough, Dublin 7.


Thanks Wickedfairysad


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      1. Mary (Never) Wong

        No it’s what usually happens when the landlord reports to police that he has concerns over a threat to public order and or his safety. The Gardai are there to ensure the terms of the eviction order are lawfully complied with. If the evictee refuses to vacate then the Garda has powers to order it provided the order is valid.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          gardai don’t enforce residential eviction orders – county sheriff does; gardai attend at sheriff’s request (not landlord’s request)

          1. Mary (Never) Wong

            You are simply misinformed
            I know of several examples where a law abiding citizen advises the Gardai that a public order offence may be committed and they will then show up, their mere presence is to guarantee that the order will be executed lawfully

          2. Brother Barnabas

            so the gardai’s role is to enforce the court order, which is what you said first, or their “mere presence is to guarantee that the order will be executed lawfully”?

            or you don’t really know?

            again, it’s the sheriff’s job to enforce a court order – gardai will stand idly by unless there’s an offence but they don’t get involved in enforcing the order, nor should they

          3. Mary (Never) Wong

            No one said anything about a “court” order
            I referred to the eviction notice – see linked reference below. Is this like when you tried to argue about the medical cannabis article? Same result looming.

            99 times out of 100 Gardai will advise evictee that due process has been served ( if it has) and that is that. Do you really think people who are resisting a lawful eviction notice are running to the court or guards for protection? Seriously -that is your point ?

          4. Brother Barnabas

            you’ve gone “eviction order” to “eviction notice”

            it’s clear you dont actually know what you’re talking about but I’ll humour you

            so you’re referring to a “notice of termination”?

          5. Brother Barnabas

            with respect, mary, you’re talking out of your hole

            if not a court order, what sort of order were you referring to? a determination order from the RTB can only be enforced through a district court (which issues a court order). have a read of this:

            and only in the event of non-compliance with that does a sheriff get involved – which, again, is the only body that can enforce that (not the gardai, who have “no role in evictions” –

            what result is looming, mary?

          6. Mary (Never) Wong

            I actually see now your problem is with reading comprehension and adult literacy, I guess the additional lessons you’ve clearly needed as an adult to help you to an acceptable level explain what you are doing, trying to make other people appear smaller than yourself. Well at least you have a cheerleader/ paedo obsessive to back you up. Neither of you had much concern to exact terminology when you were describing the affairs of a now dead man who can’t defend himself

          7. Brother Barnabas

            not even an attempt at a refutation – like a 6 year old who’s had his bottom spanked. sad twit.

          8. Brother Barnabas

            there’s a link above that explains it, johnny – even you should be able to follow it

          9. Johnny Green

            why are you conflating so many landlord and tenant terms, like an overly excited first year.
            you quoted them as your source ?

          10. Brother Barnabas

            what terms have I conflated, Johnny?

            I know I shouldn’t… but I’ll play along for a bit. go on…

          11. Johnny Green

            …they can call in sick-why are they at the above eviction Bro -who’s the landlord ?
            “Senior Garda management in communities around the Republic are informed of evictions and assess them for risk. And in cases where it is suspect public disorder may result from an eviction, gardaí are deployed as a precautionary measure.”

          12. Brother Barnabas

            what’s your point, Johnny?

            Gardai have no role in enforcing an eviction order; they’re there solely to ensure there’s no breach of the peace or public order issue – that’s what I’m trying to explain to your little friend

            would you two not be better off just exchanging upskirt pics?

          13. Johnny Green

            lost me-why were they outside the banks foreclourse,to observe what, for who ?
            “… no role in enforcing an eviction order; they’re there solely”

          14. Brother Barnabas

            yeah I can see I’ve “lost” you… I cant help you with that- maybe ease off the spliffs; dulling you cognitively ?

          15. Johnny Green

            ..your ‘source’ for why the RUC sorry Guards were providing muscle for this eviction is hold on checking notes,ehm oh yeah Bro…
            “The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (Agsi) said some Garda members”-your link above.

          16. Brother Barnabas

            Johnny, I’ll try again:

            the guards do not “provide muscle” for evictions

            that comes from the sheriffs office

            the guards attend as observers if requested to ensure there’s no public order offence

            it’s not that complicated

      2. Larry

        The Gardai are by law acting as what they are paid for
        No one except gardai can legally restrain another full stop
        Never mind who is in power
        The courts are separate from government and the law is the law and without it anarchy prevails

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Apart from van loads of masked thugs in former UK police van, allowed to do just that as the gardai looked on.

  1. Rumbled Stealth King

    Gardaí do what they’ve been instructed to do most of the time.

    They’re not too bad. They talk to God.

    1. Larry

      Typical sinn feiner
      No such thing as a free lunch
      And the law must be upheld
      If you cannot pay sadly you can be evicted and by court order
      Maybe the person concerned could of paid but used this crises to avoid there commitments

      Also once I faced eviction and know exactly what it’s like
      Have you?

  2. Larry Farrell

    Irresponsible of Broadsheet to publish content like this, giving fuel to wild speculation that the Gardaí were acting improperly. I’d love to know what the tenants did to warrant this but it must have been very bad. The last thing the Gardaí or landlord want is for this situation. I’m willing to bet if we knew the full background to this story we’d realise the action was justified.
    I enjoy Broadsheet but don’t give people with chips on their shoulders a medium to attack public officials who for the most part we are so lucky to have.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Larry rages against “wild speculation” before asserting that the tenants must have done something “very bad”

      several levels of thick, Larry, but you’re up near the top

        1. Mary (Never) Wong

          Wow what a double act
          Has there ever been a more widely considered epic comedy duo since Dumb and Dumber?

      1. Larry Farrell

        You know I’m right! They wouldn’t do this for shits and giggles as much as you might think they would.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Many of B9/Wong’s posts being removed these days. The number of aliases increases day by day though. A sad little man.

      2. Gay Fawkes

        Do you know the situation or the people involved Brother?

        It’s wrong to speculate either way if we don’t know the facts.

    2. Rumbled Stealth King

      The poor Landlord must be mortified.
      Just imagine if YOU were a Landlord and this happened to you.

      These ‘renters’ are supposed to pay your our mortgages.

      75% of our ‘government’ agree..

    3. Larry

      well said
      Maybe the broadsheet should of shared what they knew and if not they should realize their credibility is at stake

      This landlord could have his reputation ruined by tittle tattle

      1. Brother Barnabas

        and what about the tenants’ reputation with unsubstantiated tittle tattle like this:

        “I’d love to know what the tenants did to warrant this but it must have been very bad… I’m willing to bet if we knew the full background to this story we’d realise the action was justified.”

        we’re talking about a family who were thrown out of their home today, larry – a family with three children (2.4 and 7 years of age). do you reckon they did some “very bad” things too? bad enough to have some uninformed eejit on the internet casting aspersions

    4. Shadow Hound

      I fully agree Larry.

      There must have been justifiable cause, and probably months of no rent paid, for an eviction order to be issued.

      Landlords have rights too.

      Let the uninformed but sympathetic whingers try living beside, or renting their hard-bought property to, the type of people who would bring an eviction order on themselves…

      1. Brother Barnabas

        or perhaps not, shadow

        perhaps they were great tenants and always paid their rent but the landlord decided to sell or decided to pull the “substantial renovation” angle to replace them with new tenants paying more

        that’s 90% of notices of termination, actually

        1. Mary (Never) Wong

          So what if it is? It may be unethical, I agree with you there, but it’s within the existing laws sadly

          And “90% of time tenants stop paying when given a notice from the landlord to lawfully terminate”
          See how fair that style of argument is? You’re better than this Brother: I believe in your potential

          1. Brother Barnabas

            keep on digging there, mary

            you dont know what you’re talking about- you and your upskirter pal are a good match

          2. Brother Barnabas

            links above, johnny (and they’re not even April Fool jokes)

            I know you’re not the brightest, but you’ll get there

          3. Mary (Never) Wong

            enough already brother
            You’re clearly not going to be able to admit you are wrong so please see a shrink to understand your pathological need to bully people online

          4. Brother Barnabas

            who do I bully online, mary?

            yourself and johnny are the biggest bullies on BS, so you two are fair game and dont count

            who else have I ever had a go at?

          5. Mary (Never) Wong

            What about that poor charger fellow?
            It may be a laugh to you but yes it would be considered bullying by any other people

          6. Johnny Green

            so you made this up Bro…no source for this absurd ignorant claim ?
            “that’s 90% of notices of termination, actually”

          7. Brother Barnabas

            promised myself I wouldnt engage with you, johnny

            it’s like trying to wipe dog poo off your shoe and ending up getting it on your pants as well

          8. Mary (Never) Wong

            the dog poo is still here cheerleading for you brother lol
            Regarding charger I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve that
            I’m saying you shouldn’t
            Not a far cry then to mocking the handicapped

          9. Johnny Green

            Friend had a puppy like that Bro,used also soil itself,I hear rubbing the digs nose in it helps ….
            How was it for you bro :)

      2. Johnny Green

        Stop making things up it’s pathetic,sad.
        You have no source once again to your imbecile claim that it’s 90%-just flooding the zone with nonsense as usual.

    1. Larry

      That’s why they sacrificed the economy and for what sparing the population
      The result of a health service on its knees
      Evidently you do not realize someone pays and there is no money tree just lefties with no answers

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Blueshirts, would-be blueshirts and blueshirts on bikes will be blueshirts. Happy holidays you shower of ph……..

  4. SOQ

    A solid reason for half a dozen Gardaí rushing to a scene other than someone refusing to wear a voodoo mask in Brown Thomas I think.

    1. Larry

      if Masks were worn maybe we would of had less cases
      Strange that it took face
      Masks before nursing staff stopped falling
      Like flies SOQ
      Much like the mask for your John Thomas when aids was out of control

      1. Gerry

        It’s “would’ve” or “would have”, where do you get this “would of”? It’s the past conditional

      2. Steph Pinker

        Larry, that’s one of the most disgusting comments I’ve ever read on BS – you need help.

        1. Gerry

          I know Steph: would of, strange use of line breaks, less instead of fewer, uncapitalised acronym for AIDS. I would go with annoying rather than disgusting though, but you obviously feel strongly about it.

        2. SOQ

          Personally I don’t have an issue with such homophobic comments because in the real world I would prefer to know what I am dealing with, than not.

          Where I do have a problem however is when these two or three nasty bitter old creeps step out of line, they are just allowed to change names and continue as was.

          It is not my site so not my rules but this bullying acts as a form of censorship which is a shame because now more than ever we need an open and free exchange of opinions and ideas.

          1. Mary (Never) Wong

            I also thought it was well said but my supportive comment was deleted
            Soq was dictating to management again?

        3. Papi

          david has long been a murderer of the written word, both in content and style. Don’t get him started on the Jews.

  5. Brother Barnabas

    with respect, mary, you’re talking nonsense

    if not a court order, what sort of order were you referring to? a determination order from the RTB can only be enforced through a district court (which issues a court order).

    and only in the event of non-compliance with that does a sheriff get involved – which, again, is the only body that can enforce that (not the gardai, who have “no role in evictions” –

    what result is looming, mary?

    1. Mary (Never) Wong

      Another embarrassment for you brother
      This subject was covered at length here already
      The North Frederick street case
      Cian or someone else who can use Google can help

          1. Johnny Green

            Tenants facing eviction in Ireland should be granted the right to council by the Minister For Nepotism,one line is all thats required.

            here ya go Minister.

            Tenants in Ireland facing eviction proceedings have the right to counsel.

            “Seven days after a pause on evictions expired in New York, the state court system has extended a moratorium through October 1 for residential tenants, allowing thousands of renters at acute risk of eviction to breathe a momentary sigh of relief.

            The new directive, issued by New York State Chief Administrative Judge Lawerence Marks, mandates that no existing or new residential eviction warrants can be executed until October at the earliest, and continues its suspension on proceedings in all new eviction cases brought by landlords after March 17.”


            Tenants in Ireland should demand the Minister grants them the right to counsel,if facing eviction actions.

            The Guards need stop acting as muscle for yanks,banks and absentee landlords.

            “Last year, evictions decreased by almost 20 percent in sections of New York City covered by the 2017 Right to Counsel law, which provides free legal services to low-income tenants in housing court, The City reports. According to an analysis by nonprofit Community Service Society (CSS), during the program’s first two years, evictions in the 20 zip codes covered by the program dropped by 29 percent. And by 2022, the program is expected to expand citywide.”


  6. RuilleBuille

    Whatever the matter of this particular event the Gardai have a history of being on the side of the wealthy and powerful. Remember how they facilitated loyalist terrorists to evict people in the recent past.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      it’s also the case that no family should ever be in the situation of having to defy a court order, which nobody – particularly a family with young children – does lackadaisically. if there was an available and affordable alternative, they’d have gone. nobody willingly places themself under that sort of stress. for the state apparatus to actively collude in that is scary

    1. Johnny Green

      …bank foreclosure-link above to IT picture of tenants,just ignore the Bro’s drivel,you be grand.
      WTF were the Guards doing providing muscle to either yanks or banks is the question,someone pretty senior signed off on this-why ?
      Its’ a complete waste your resources,the minister for justice is totally incompetent,her only qualification is her dead father.

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