This afternoon.

Further to yesterday’s eviction in Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

Nine tenants have returned to the property after being thrown out on Wednesday morning with all their possessions left on the pavement.

Some had been living in the house for years.

Following the government’s lifting of the ban on evictions during the pandemic, several men wearing all black – with small Irish tricolours stitched on to their tops – face coverings, caps and sunglasses’ entered the house, told the residents to leave and boarded up the front door and windows.

Uniformed Gardai were present throughout.

Via Irish Times:

The landlord, Gerry Ward, said he had been involved with the property since around 2004. He has been involved in a legal dispute over it since 2017 with a property fund, Beltany Property Finance.

“That has not been finally resolved, that has not been fully resolved,” he said, adding he had not been aware of the property’s repossession until he was contacted by the tenants.

A spokesman for Goldman Sachs, which controls Beltany, said the fund sold the property on June 2nd to an individual…


Nine tenants evicted from north Dublin property by men in masks and dark clothing (Jack Power, Irish Times)

Yesterday: Kicking Out Time

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53 thoughts on “Welcome Back

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Maybe it was a cunning ruse by the Nordie eviction squad to fool people into thinking they’re paytriots.
      (spelling deliberate)

      1. george

        They are either doing a terrible job of trying to look official (flag stitched on top of Puma logo) or they are racists. There is no sensible reason for the coordinated wearing of tri-colours while turfing people out of their home.

  1. Johnny Green

    Jack is a hack.
    “If Goldman Sachs sold 7 Berkeley Road in Phibsboro on 2 June 2020, how come the sale isn’t yet on the property price register?”
    H/T Namawinelake.

      1. Johnny Green

        Oh FFS – the FG mouthpiece is here to mansplain and flood the zone his with idiotic time wasting rabbit holes.
        Yo blue shirt shrill can you read – duh!
        Yes captain stating the bleeding obvious,tech yesterday,healthcare tomorrow,landlord tenant expert now…must be a empty bar stool somewhere… some pub is missing it’s resident know it all.

          1. Johnny Green

            any luck with that source?
            Rent Free living in the bro’s empty head-haha!
            Cmon gives us a few outdated sexual tropes bro…

          2. Brother Barnabas

            says the guy who used to brag about taking furtive photos of teenage girls in his gym… remember that, johnny

            it’s what earned you the tag Johnny Upskirt

          1. Johnny Green

            look Cian you want take cheap shots when the bro and Papi ganging up on me-your choice but in my world that makes you just a big a loser and time waster as that pair-so go F..yourself with your inane questions,next time don’t take cheap shots and i engage -got it !

            are you asking me to state again that GS probably sold the paper but never held the fee ?

            then your going want me explain that…meanwhile you want take cheap shots at me over weed-eh NO Cian-GS most likely sold the paper with that comes the rights to foreclosure etc-now i’m doing jacks job:)

          2. Cian

            look up “APT 1 7 BERKLEY RD” in the property register.
            It is there, with a date of 2/6/2020.

            Not a cheap shot. I’m trying to help!

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      How big do you think it should be? I lived in a house in Ranelagh in the 90s that was subdivided into flats and bedsits and there was easily 9 living in it.

      1. Termagant

        Big enough is the answer

        If it’s a two-bed semi d – no that’s not big enough
        If it’s one of those big 5-bed terraces – yes that could easily be big enough

  2. JEH

    How does a message on Facebook constitute legal notice? Shouldn’t there have been a legal notice served by an agent of the court or at the very least a letter signed by registered post? This is absolute madness.

      1. JEH

        The dude in the video with the tricolor at the door. One of the tenant says “where’s my eviction notice?” and the dude at the door says “I sent it to you on Facebook”.

        1. Johnny Green

          -but you have flooded the zone with your useless questions and misdirections so mission accomplished Cian!

          1. Cian

            Flooded eh?
            In two posts i answered questions.
            In one I asked questions.

            What have you added with your eight posts?

          2. Papi

            You’re not allowed to question johnny, or comment unless it’s praise, otherwise he gets vewy wewy upset.

  3. Stephen

    one of the men in black (with tri colour) appears to say there was a message on Facebook.
    I think there can be a time lag on updates to the property price register so possible the purchase price is not up yet.
    I think it appears the original landlord had neglected to inform the tenants of the legal dispute with the property and the precarious ness of their housing situation. But ultimately the new owners employed a bunch of unidentifiable furniture removers to remove furniture and people without much room for dialogue and dignity. And then to smash the place up and make it uninhabitable of course. There is more to this story than we know, if proper procedures have not been followed I hope the tenants can take legal action..

    1. Brother Barnabas

      if it’s an illegal eviction, the tenants have no recourse other than to submit a complaint to the RTB. even if they win the case, any payout is limited to iirc €20k. and that’s not each. not really much compensation for being thrown out of your home. and from owner’s perspective a small price to pay to get vacant possession.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        (doubt it’s an illegal eviction, though. guards wouldn’t be there unless there was a court order)

        1. Johnny Green

          what are you trying say ?
          the BRO –

          if it’s an illegal eviction
          doubt it’s an illegal eviction, though..
          guards wouldn’t be there unless there was a court order..
          being thrown out of your home. and from owner’s perspective a small price to pay to get vacant possession…

          Absolute nonsense total compete rubbish from the Bro-try reading or giving your specs a quick rub their granda…

          the tenants are back in their home…”The tenants have now gained re-entry into the property, supported by a group of housing activists”…your entire post is as effective and makes as much sense as dribbling on your chin Bro….its redundant they back in possession why bother with your nonsense bro-why I’m embarrassed for you its too easy.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            read it again, johnny – you missed, eh, everything; they’re not back in their “homes”

          2. Johnny Green

            they not-wow you’d better let Bodger and Jack at the IT know with that scoop-Bro-oh my……stick to the outdated sexual tropes Bro.
            “Nine tenants have returned to the property …”

          3. Brother Barnabas

            that’s right – they’re not

            the “former tenants” regained entry to the property earlier today, johnny

            they’re not back living there

          4. Johnny Green

            oh stop-put down the shovel man-your pathetic….this is in YOUR own words above !

            “compensation for being thrown out of your home. and from owner’s perspective a small price to pay to get vacant possession.”

            so which is it Bro-what a useless time waster- stick with your sexual tropes Bro-duh!

        2. Kate

          Apparently it was an illegal eviction! Empathy with the tenants wouldnt have gone astray. Show them notice to quit and eviction order otherwise tell the boyos removing their property to take a running jump.

  4. Darren

    Asside from the bickering I appreciate that there is reporting of this type of incident and no doubt everyone who comments here does too. It can be saddening if not maddening to see emblems and ideals at times simultaneously squashed into a single incident. And yet the people who were abruptly put onto the street from a place that in this world is so important to us. A place to call home. There is very much wrong with that. Asside from prayer and bickering is there anything else because if this is not an isolated incident then it is surely going to happen again. Who else rents the place they call home? It strikes at more than national pride. It strikes at something of our humanity. I had not seen this on our national station but believe that it would strike many as concerning. There is no need for shame but certainly there is room for change.

  5. Bertie Blenkinsop

    I’d say that toilet, even before it was smashed, would give the Trainspotting one a run (!) for it’s money.

  6. diddy

    they didn’t get their notice on Facebook…a man presumably the landlord says ” yis put me on Facebook” possibly to shame him? I might be wrong but I reckon these poor souls got plenty of warning what was coming and dug in.

    1. george

      The first reference to giving notice is inaudible. He later says “have a look at Facebook”. Sounds like he is saying he gave notice on Facebook but just isn’t very articulate.

      If he gave written notice properly by registered post he should have the documentation and wouldn’t need to be waffling about Facebook.

  7. Scundered

    Playing the race card was a very unwise move, any respect or sympathy will be lost at that point

    1. george

      Only by racists. I think they are right to suggest race is a factor. Why else are these lads displaying tri-colours?

  8. scottser

    I don’t know why anyone would jump to conclusions here. Firstly if the property was repossessed and sold then it was sold with a tenant in situ and the legal owner has to issue notice to quit. We don’t know if that happened yet.
    Secondly, was an eviction order issued? Usually a sheriff issues it but they weren’t visible there, so we don’t know that either.
    Thirdly, who called the cops? The evictees claimed they did. You would expect that they would at least check that the tri coloured heavies were authorised to remove items according to the lease’s schedule. We don’t know that either.
    Fourthly, have the tenants paid rent this whole time? If they have stopped for any reason then they have a weak enough case, but like all the above who knows?
    More detail please, before I dust off the pitchfork.

  9. The Priveledged Outsider

    These thoughts may be pertinent

    Define Gombeen man Gombeenism ——try south of the river hint canal

    The Irish Potato Famine Pandemic

    Diversity Online Course – Start Learning Today

    Visit Tipperary

    If your landlord wants you to leave – Citizens Information…
    27/04/2020 · The law on residential tenancies means that private landlords, approved housing bodies (housing associations) and those who let student-specific accommodation must follow certain procedures before asking a tenant to leave rented accommodation. They must also give the tenant a minimum amount of notice, depending on how long the tenancy has lasted.

    AC12 unlikely

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