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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    “Moderate surge in virus cases could overwhelm health service” – This is why there are lockdowns, not because of a handul of deaths.

    1. f_lawless

      “Huge drop in number of patients referred for specialist treatment prompts backlog fears”

      It has been the very introduction of extreme measures under a national lockdown – including drastic a reduction of non-covid related hospital services – that have led to this situation. Lockdowns have also played a fundamental role in perpetuating public fear which has deterred people from seeking medical help at a time when they should have done before their situation deteriorated

    2. SOQ

      Yes sure why not- 200 new CASES but only 16 in hospital, a grand increase of err —– 2. Oh and NO deaths of course- .

      Our very own Ivor Cummings’ concise ‘casedemic’ video is going VIRAL – viral gettit? Suit yourself.

      “We really need everyone to understand just how a #Casedemic slyly replaced our epidemic – and is now wreaking havoc on our society in Europe and elsewhere.
      It’s not rocket science either.

      Just 2 minutes to get a grip on it:”


    3. SOQ

      Yes sure why not- 200 new CASES but only 16 in hospital, a grand increase of err —– 2. Oh and NO deaths of course- .

      Our very own Ivor Cummings concise ‘casedemic’ video is going VIRAL – viral gettit? Suit yourself.

      “We really need everyone to understand just how a #Casedemic slyly replaced our epidemic – and is now wreaking havoc on our society in Europe and elsewhere.
      It’s not rocket science either.

      Just 2 minutes to get a grip on it:”


      1. MB

        Ivor Cummings is self promoting charlatan that looks at data which he doesn’t understand , makes assertions based on his own misunderstanding and relentlessly promotes it himself and via his own echo chamber of followers that broadly made up of “deplorables”. He has no genuine credentials , no body original research work – not exactly someone Ireland should be proud of – the internet makes it very easy for fringe lunactics like himself to find like minded individuals to pander to each other while accusing others of groupthink – while engaging sustaining their own groupthink themselves.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          lol what’s a Sunday got to do with your manners being any better, if you believe someone’s watching well then it’s every day, if they are not well then manners should be everyday anyway…it’s a Sunday lol
          comic gold

          1. Mary O’Wong

            Sunday for me is a day of reflection Janet and being grateful and thankful for your own blessings
            There are plenty of other days in the week to run around screaming and stabbing the disabled and sneering at them

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            you know that’s not what you were implying , sure you can mediate any day, but I’ll be expecting peaceful vibes from you today so ;)

          3. Lush

            Never known Janet to scream and stab.
            She’s an artillery kinda gal.
            And she doesn’t do hyperbole either.
            Take a chill pill.

          4. Mary O’Wong

            I wasn’t referring to Janet there specifically though I did see actually see her with a pitchfork in her hand on Portmarnock Strand the other morning

        1. bisted

          …you should lash off your complaint email to teacher Bog_R…see if you can get these comments deleted…mind you, it’s touching to see this new d’etante with the FFers since your merger…

          1. Rob_G

            *entente ;)

            I would say the same about any person confined to wheelchair who had just lost their mother – even someone from SF who had been the cause the of a few funerals themselves.

  2. Itchysays

    You can say a mass for him tomorrow lily.
    Light a candle etc…
    As he did for all those who lost everything post 2008.

  3. Baz

    Lefties only went after Cawley because of his links to Ryanair.

    key people in Failte Ireland should travel abroad, research the competition, be inspired, make comparisons etc.

      1. Mary O’Wong

        A very good description Steve
        Pitchfork wielding monster being manipulated by the likes of Ivan Yates and other paid for shills
        The poor oul divil was even selling hotel rooms in Connemara there in the last few weeks
        Unedifying to say the least

    1. GiggidyGoo

      “key people in Failte Ireland should travel abroad, research the competition, be inspired, make comparisons etc.”
      True. But none of what you have mentioned were reasons for this trip.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            nope, I’ll tell you why, I had. a big argument with some Failte employees during the covid travel cut and it’s fairness, hypocrisy hole to roost.

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            like I said that’s the only part I have an issue with,
            I have no probs with him going to Italy.

          3. Mary O’Wong

            my Heart is overflowing with love every day of the week Janet especially for some special someones

          4. Brother Barnabas

            I suspect I’m mary’s special someone but i didnt reciprocate – not that i wasnt going to but i like to be a bit of a tease from time to time, not give in too easy. instead of rising to the challenge, he took it poorly – went all knicker-twisty and antsy on me. it’s all messed up now.

          5. Mary O’Wong

            I’ve long been of the opinion you are a receiver brother and like to be debased a bit now and again, nothing wrong with that either, but don’t tell my special friends on here about any such horny secrets, they really don’t like it up ‘em, and won’t be able to look you in the eye tomorrow afterwards , sure you know yourself

          6. Brother Barnabas

            I – similarly- have long been of the opinion that you were wont to ponder me sexually, but wasnt sure of the depths of detail you allowed your defiled spirit to wallow in. I wont pretend I’m not a little uncomfortable with this morning’s revelation. do you ever do little drawings of us together ?

          7. Lush

            Ah Brother, you’ve got to admit, they’ve got the measure of you. Makes amusing reading, but I’d just look the other way from now on. You’re better than that.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          I wonder did Catherine Martin ask for the resignation as a box in the eye for Varadkar, who appointed Cawley to the position?

  4. Mary O’Wong

    Was there ever a more uninspiring set of headlines?
    You’d miss that Eoin here all the same to mansplain it all

      1. Mary O’Wong

        I had to change my name slightly overnight because of your persistence in expressing racist feelings to me Giggidy, which made me sad. Perhaps you and others will think twice about being racist and dismissive to a Chinese user name with a more Irish sounding surname? Try it please. I still love you very much.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          I used to work in a pub called O’Night Irish bar run by a bunch of French Algerians in Pigalle that served fake stout and thought I should drag in coustemers off the street like all the other eh hem establishments on that strip,
          it was a silly name and a silly bar, it didn’t last long.

          1. Mary O’Wong

            I’m here for the long term Janet.
            I am comfortable in being completely plastic and fake online – whenever I want I can disavow the usual platitudes with other annoying personae, it keeps the moderator busy, but hey we all got to eat.

            What’s the point of being anonymous if you can’t act the maggot now and again? I love putting a new skin on sure it’s like naturism only in reverse and allows you learn how to talk out of both sides of your mouth, a virtual skill to be mastered in real life as well

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            now it does feel like a Sunday, confessions and everything
            go in peace my child, twenty km while chanting “it’s nice to be nice”

          3. GiggidyGoo

            But you were adamant that you only use one identity here. Walter Mitty O’Wong in other words.
            At least you’ve admitted you’re here to disrupt as much as possible. That’s about the height of intelligence that you’ve shown alright. Hope your virtual skills (as you call them) stand you in good stead when you eventually leave school.

          4. Mary O’Wong


            I didn’t know I was in the District Court?
            What am I up for this time?
            Will you post bail for me love?

        1. Brother Barnabas

          let your wife or your girlfriend or your boyfriend ride whoever they want, mary

          trust me – itll be fine

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            ah Johnny this place would be a nicer place with a tune for every thread, maybe some lavender oils too, a few scatter cushions… refreshments

          2. Johnny Green

            -the ‘song’-Papi-Papi-my man,man,clearly you live alone,are eldery-but is this like your link on the songs tread,is this singer also 8 and giving you goosebumps?
            -why do you need constant links to songs and youtube videos to express yourself ?

          3. Papi

            Where do you live again, Johnny? Do you smoke weed, Johnny?
            Express yourself again there, upskirt.

          4. Johnny Green

            -in you and brother spoofers empty heads-ah gwan give us another few youtube links….
            (if was obv who you were attempting a witty retort to,it failed ,try harder)

          5. Brother Barnabas


            1. papi leaves makes lighthearted comment

            2. johnny, consistent with form, responds negatively to comment within minutes

            3. papi responds with dismissive comment

            4. johnny intimates that papi is harbouring an unhealthy obsession with him

            does the numeral ordering help you, johnny? you’re missing something very fundamental here…

          6. Johnny Green

            the pair you-JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY
            Baby say my name, say my name, say my name
            If no one is around you
            Say baby I love you
            If you ain’t runnin’ game
            Say my name, say my name
            You actin’ kinda shady
            Ain’t callin’ me baby
            Why the sudden change
            Say my name, say my name
            If no one is around you
            Say baby I love you
            If you ain’t runnin’ game
            Say my name, say my name
            You actin’ kinda shady
            Ain’t callin’ me baby
            Baby say my name

          1. GiggidyGoo

            No thanks Wong. Sure you’re a big fan of Love Island, with a trusty box of tissues by your side for those little tears. Sure you’d be worn out after one episode, and no use to anyone. ROFL!

  5. Johnny Green

    A Billionaire Lends Haiti a Hand !
    -“It is not only a story of what Digicel and Mr. O’Brien have done for Haiti, but also what Haiti has done for Digicel and Mr. O’Brien.”
    -“If you make money in a poor country, you can’t just take it and disappear,”
    -“What is striking is how deeply he has embedded his Haiti work into both his business and personal life,” Mr. Clinton said. “Because he cares so much…”
    -“Then Denis arrived and said, ‘What a nice school. Let’s have 20 more, one in each department of Haiti, before the end of the year,’ ” she said. “That’s Denis.”


    By any metric Dennis O’Brien and Leslie Buckleys ‘help’ in Hati,like most things O’Brien touches has been an unmitigated disaster,as he bleeds the county dry ripping of some the poorest people on the planet.

    “The 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 Haitians and left 1.5 million homeless crystallized the country’s plight, bringing, for a time, an avalanche of international organizations and promises, finally, of transformative aid. But many of the charities have since departed, the transformation unrealized, leaving a mix of resentment and hopelessness as the country has teetered on the verge of anarchy.”


    Sec State Pompeo is in DR today-quite bit coverage on Haiti-have Concern issued any statements,or any the many dodgy irish ‘charity” fronts supported by FG active here ?

    1. Johnny Green

      its raining here,have few hours so i’m gonna if allowed, lash up something on Haiti and Dennis,Leo and Simon.

      in my opinion,as protected,by my first amendment rights,i’m gonna try lay out a claim/opinion that Dennis O ‘Brien,Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney have blood on their hands,for aiding and abetting in the downright out of control murdering,criminality and looting going on in Haiti.

      Digicel and Dennis O’Brien,have in my opinion accelerated its fall into anarcy,bloodshed and death,with FG allowing and encouraging this modern day ugly,violent form of colonialism-via cell phones by reputation washing Dennis,from dodgy scandal ridden small time paddy,to savior of Haiti,crowding out other NGO’s-leaving it all to him !

      some background-Haiti is a mess with Digicel dependent on the vast majority of its revenue/profits here,or as they say skin in the game.

      1. Johnny Green


        -Haiti, to schedule its long overdue legislative elections.
        -While elections were due in October, they did not happen
        -the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti also expressed concerns about the resurgence of violence, which has left at least 159 dead, including babies, and 92 injured from armed gang clashes.
        -111 people were murdered, 48 went missing and 20 others were wounded. Also, 18 women and girls were repeatedly raped by armed bandits and at least six houses were burned.

        what a total F….DISGRACE for Simon Coveney who approved this funding on your behalf,SHAME SHAME -where this quarter million of your money go in Haiti ?

        “Irish Aid, Ireland’s official overseas development programme, provided a grant of €200,000 to Haven in 2016, up from €70,000 the previous year.”


        1. Johnny Green

          …digicel and dennis o brien do not have 300 million,nor do they have the skill set today or reputational capital to raise it,so it’s in Dennis’s interest if Haiti continues to have civil unrest as he won’t have pay for the license …
          “Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise has set the price of 4G licences at US$300 million, in a bid to allay uncertainty.“

          “ Digicel has not yet begun operating a 4G network in the market, although in May this year its CEO Maarten Boute said that it was “on the cusp of a new and very important investment phase to equip the country with a modern 4G LTE network”


          Background – links etc.
          I try lash few sentences together based on above …

          I know I know the notions the delusions – staggering – get a life Bro- any updates on your sources :)

          1. AKA Frilly Keane

            Bicker and b1tch
            And one up amongst yerselves all ye like
            And if ye want to turn weekends into a big swinging mickie p155ing competition
            Go on, shur’ there’s no Championship this year anyway

            But what we’re getting here about DOBe and Digicel in Haiti, the Clinton whatyamacallit, and Haven has all the makings of a book

            And a bloody good one

            So thanks Johnny Hamptons aka Green
            Keeping it lit when amid the turmoil – now why and who would be causing all that

            In the meantime, ta Johnny

          2. Rob_G

            Sure why stop there, we may as well blame Fine Gael for causing the earthquake while we are at it…

          3. :-Joe

            +100% – SPOT ON !!!

            Fair play Johnny, I’ve no idea what the madness is all about above but this is the makings of proper journalism, telling the truth about F-f/g’s favourite gangster (pseudo)capitalist local boy and his involvement with one of the worlds worst organisations in the clinton foundation.

            The history of the clinton foundation in Haiti is at every moment of every turn, nothing short of disgusting and abhorrent..

            Just recently… more of their perpetual corruption and abuse comes to light :


            Search clinton silsby haiti for yourself, it’s reported everywhere… not many will give you the details tho.

            denis and f-f/g are in good like-minded company with this one alright…


          4. Johnny Green

            Hey Joe and thanks-charity as you know begins at ‘home’-Haiti shut down and killed Digicel’s cash cow-will the fat man sign a song now that its all over ?
            Chutzpah nah its just Dennis Irelands RICHEST man-with his begging bowl,trying stiff third world countries again and looking for a handout-more please !

            “The Caribbean’s COVID-19-ravaged telecommunications industry is in need of “urgent” government bailout, amounting to millions of dollars, to prevent poor-quality service and higher prices for consumers, a powerful regional lobby group for firms like Digicel and FLOW has warned.”


  6. Johnny Green

    LEFT WING STALWARTS-says cliche riddled right wing hack.

    -this is irish state propoganda,its biased and misleading in nature, its used to promote the idea that Bernie and his supporters derailed HRC’s failed campaign.

    -the IT uses it to smear the ‘green new deal’ and publicize FG’s particular political cause and point of view.

    “Unlike the 2016 Democratic campaign when the infighting between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders camps continued right up to the convention, next week’s largely virtual convention will see left-wing stalwarts of the party such as Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deliver prime-time speeches, as the Democratic Party tries to show a united front.”

    AOC got 60 seconds-this hack is not reporting the real situation in the dem party,once again its her opinion!


    PS-the piece itself is drivel,Bernie and his supporters including AOC,get described by the IT, as some loony left wing nut jobs,its simply untrue.

  7. AKA Frilly Keane

    The Broadsheeters that have made all things ‘Rona an occupation, or even a vocation
    And never seem to tire
    Or give up

    You might be interested in Rod Liddle’s piece today (Sunday Times mag)

  8. Daisy Chainsaw

    Be interesting to see what treatment recidivist dealer Joshua Allen will recieve this time around.

    Membership has its priveleges!

    1. Lilly

      ‘recidivist dealer Joshua Allen’

      Why are you calling him a recidivist dealer? There’s so reference to dealing in the Mail article.

  9. SOQ

    I keep saying it is getting silly now but- it really IS getting silly now.

    Wisconsin state agency requires employees to wear masks while teleconferencing

    A Wisconsin state agency has required employees to wear masks while teleconferencing from home, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

    “Also, wear your mask, even if you are home, to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen — such as on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform — by non-DNR staff,”


    1. Lush

      Ok, for once SOQ, I’m with you.
      But I’m not wearing that badge you sent me and I still think you’re overreacting.
      I prefer SOQ circa 2018.

        1. Lush

          Fair enough.
          That’s me told.
          I was trying to be conciliatory, the badge thingy was just an (obviously) bad attempt at humour.
          I have no idea who you are either, so we’re all good ‘going forward ‘, as they say.
          I’m obviously not cut out for the cut and thrust of online posting.

          1. SOQ

            No go on- I like a bit and trust

            You’ll find me under BBC racist in the local geographical Grindr category.

            Also as a connection to English comedian Victoria Wood on LinkedIn.

        1. Mary O’Wong

          Brother Barnabas’ young one is well up for a bit of ..

          BS SEZ: Comment retained in order to illustrate why this commenter is now banned, following repeated, polite requests to desist.

          1. goldenbrown

            I think my favourite internet quip of the lot so far is this one:

            “If you catch the virus from Jess Brennan’s brunch it’s called Influenca”


          2. Papi

            What the hell does that mean Wong? You’d seriously want to watch yourself with statements like that.

          3. Mary O’Wong

            Calm down Papi
            You’ve been in Norway too long
            Some of the most miserable and humourless people I’ve ever met are from there – don’t become one of them.
            People taking the mick on here are not real people
            I’ve no idea whether BB has an actual kid for example and neither do you.

            The stuff about “saucy content sessions” caught my eye
            It was a joke. Just like you calling Johnny “upskirt”. hilarious stuff Jaysus

          4. Brother Barnabas

            irrelevant whether i do or not, mary

            making a joke about a child, real or imagined, being “up for it” identifies you as an utter scumbag

          5. Janet, dreams of big guns

            except there are real people at their keyboards, not everyone uses this platform to try on badly thought out personalities,
            most people haven’t the energy or the mentality to get a kick out of that,
            most people are genuine and can see the lines in the sand where teasing becomes bullying.

          6. Papi

            I’ll not take advice from anyone who thinks children are “up for it”, now go back under your filthy rock.

          7. Brother Barnabas

            any reference to Johnny “upskirt” is, you’ll find, entirely condemnatory of his own joking about upskirting young girls

            his joke was as repugnant as your joke about children being “up for it”

            you’re a nice pair – well matched

          8. Papi

            Mary, you’ve been caught out yet again as a reprehensible thing, and I’ll post your buddy’s comment offering photos of young girls if you’d like, and it’ll be a long time before you’ll get over your “up for it” comment. Filthy.

          1. goldenbrown

            I’d agree Harris is probably doing another FFG “look at the birdys” if you think of the likes of Provision Centres and C19. BUT I’m reliably informed that Berlin kipp have been taking the absolute p*** since the main lockdown was lifted, regularly crowded out of it, silly 2-for-1 Corona promos, fck all H&S and it isn’t just Harris and concerned citizens, it’s their fellow licencees are gunning for them.

            this was no misadventure, they knew full well what they were doing and yeah I hope they lose their licence, mind you just tune into all their internet channels – FB, Trip Advisor, Google etc. they’re getting fried alive and you can literally see their ratings tank if you watch the screen long enough so I don’t think they will have much business in the forseeable anyway

            as for the young wannabee celebridee used knicker saleswoman? have you considered that term “influencer”? would that somehow mean “follow my lead” or “setting an example to others to follow” perhaps? well she’s not really doing it right, is she? crash n burnt.

          2. SOQ

            I absolutely say follow her lead- enough is enough- live your best life.

            I survived and thrived the HIV- grow some balls- especially the drag queens.

          3. SOQ

            That you think that is an “aha” is to the point of annoying,

            One thousand and seventy LESS people have died than within the same period of 2018.

            Jay Bourke- you aren’t where you are without good reason but, a living wage is a minimum going forward- obvs.

          4. goldenbrown

            “I survived and thrived the HIV- grow some balls”

            kinda hoping that was a typo SOQ? or did you mean that in the “real men don’t wear masks” sense?


            I know who Jay Bourke is. he’s a reptile and has left a trail of destruction of unpaid staff and suppliers in his wake across Dublin over the years. So it figures that a gaff under his stewardship (amazed as I misunderstood that he was barred as a director for life) would be run in such a bonkers irresponsible manner.

          5. Lilly

            How can Jay Bourke be the owner if he’s been banned from acting as a company director until 2024?

        2. Papi

          You’re projecting the slime in your mind onto others and not getting a good reception, and I’ll post Johnny’s comment offering photos of young, half naked girls if you’d like, esteemed contributor my ass.
          Well met, the two of ye. Bottom feeders.

  10. SOQ

    And the casedemic continues

    ‘Reckless socialising cannot continue’ – Stark warning as 66 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Ireland screams The Indo.

    “New Covid-19 recommendations will be discussed tomorrow to “protect the vulnerable”…”

    A bit late for that now don’t you think? Nobody getting sick but sure that is just minor details.


  11. Janet, dreams of big guns

    Look I know you are a troll and this is how you enjoy yourself but I’ll stay in my heathy mind thanks, yours doesn’t look like a comfortable or kind place to be,
    you do realize some posters here know each other in the real world, real people ?
    Also I’m sure whatever issues V has had on here she won’t thank you for dragging her into your trolling.

        1. SOQ

          I suspect what is called ‘tech’ on this site have no clue what they are doing- hence the bouncing bots.

  12. Paulus

    When of news I am seeking the kernal;
    And if my visit to Broadsheet’s nocturnal,
    Those who must antagonise
    Sometimes make me surmise,
    That I’ve mistakenly clicked on The Journal!

  13. Tarfton Clax

    possibly the worst set of comments on Broadsheet in a long time. Bigly. Are you the Journal in disguise today?

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