10 thoughts on “Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down This Bar

  1. Bruncvik

    We now all know what awful behavior this dump allowed, and I’m sure plenty of us will be happy if it gets shut down for blatantly breaking the Covid rules. Now, can the media just move on and focus back on the working conditions in meat processing facilities and mushroom farms, which have actually been identified as Covid outbreak spots?

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    In pic 5 there’s a promotional ‘Berlin’ sticker on the public bin. Proliferation of trashy stickers on street furniture is a closing offence in my book ( / sticker album).

  3. Joe

    Bruncvik +100000000000

    Now watch FFFGGP milk this as a deflection to take the heat off the indentured slavery of workers in the Covid cesspits of meat plants. They can’t have a light shone on their execrable party backers and the governments failure to protect them …

  4. Haroo

    They should just embrace their nonchalance toward covid measures and the general pandemic and rename the bar Vienna (Ultravox fans might get that reference).

    1. f_lawless

      Young people doing what they like to do at a time when virtually no one is either getting seriously ill or dying. Where’s the problem?

      Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School:

      “As a society we should appreciate young adults who help generate herd immunity by living normal lives and keeping society afloat. When people throw misguided complaints at you, falsely claiming that you are endangering others, remember that the opposite is true”


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