‘Not Falling Apart’


This morning/afernoon

UCD O’Brien (cough) Centre for Science.

Paul Reid, CEO HSE (above) rejected claims that the test and trace system is falling apart and described such claims as ‘alarmist and unhelpful’.

Via RTÉ:

Health Service Executive CEO Paul Reid said the 14-day incidence of Covid-19 is at 25.4 per 100,000 leaving Ireland the third highest in Europe for new cases.

He said there have been clusters in private households, workplaces and sporting events.

He said:

“We want people to come forward for testing and have demonstrated that the system is meeting demand, which it did last week.”

He also said that in some cases there were up to 50 close contacts of a confirmed case identified.

Assistant Professor at the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at TCD Tomás Ryan said earlier this week that Ireland’s test, trace and isolate system was never fast enough and is now falling apart.

HSE rejects claims test system ‘falling apart’ (RTÉ)


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18 thoughts on “‘Not Falling Apart’

  1. Art Vandelay

    My Partner turned up for their test this morning in the Aviva and was turned away as it was cancelled. The Soldier said “happens all the time, I’ve had a woman in here turn up 4 times only to be told it was cancelled”. No explanation as to why and the GP has no clue why either.

    1. goldenbrown

      yep, I’ve had so many similar anecdotes now on testing from friends and family I reckon what the prof is saying there is bang-on.

      my guess is that it’s not for lack of available kits (the practicals of the whole thing is shrouded in such secrecy what else is there to do but guess)

      I’ve been following an American crowd called Co-Diagnostics who’ve been making an assay for months now that is 100% accurate @$7 per kit. and they’re just about to release a multiplexed one that distinguishes C19 from Flu, they’ve also have licenced a new “spit-test” technology out to other manufacturers. $7 per test kit.

      so at this stage in the game it’s the staffing capacity, lab capacity, process failure, they’ve just decided to freewheel or they haven’t purchased the test resources

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Wouldn’t it be quicker, and even cheaper in the long run, to provide the equipment for testing directly to GP’s for this virus?

        1. goldenbrown

          I would definitely have thought so

          there are miniature versions of the necessary backend lab processing gear available (all the major test platform manufacturers sell them) for small clinic/local processing scenarios with minimal lab tech skills required to operate

          Govt could buy/lease a rake of them and deploy to selected GP’s

          I wonder if they have even considered this

  2. Broadbag

    This guy in on 350K per year to spoof and blather and make stuff up as he goes along, unbelievable!

    They have had months to get this right and it’s still not fit for purpose and will eventually cripple the country but sure just keep spoofing on.

  3. AKA Frilly Keane

    As if he gives a flying lump of a bull’s full healthy motion about the mistakes he makes or the 000,000s + another 0 he’s spreading out there like scourry slurry

    He’s not out of work
    Or on PUP
    Or looking to negotiate mortgage payment holidays
    Or put any part of his organisation on payroll subventions
    Meanwhile he’s still clocking up PRSI credits and Pension years

    He might have had to work a few long days and weekends
    That’s the height of the impact the Covid 19 Pandemic has had in this buck

    Ok – so maybe he had to cancel his month in Club Med

    And he’s had to deal with a new boss

    Making it up as they go along
    Shur’ why not – who’s going to force him
    Or any of them shuffling papers and pushing pens for the cameras
    To answer for mistakes
    Take some pain
    Or see out their days on a statutory pension or job seekers

    Lads got sorted
    Blueshirts still in Government

    And that’s all that matters

    Since when have Public Sector chancers and incompetents ever have to pay, suffer or endure any life changing penality
    Believe me, tisn’t going to start now

      1. AKA Frilly Keane

        Since when have I ever not been about accountability, transparency, equality, integrity, merit and qualified, fairness, democracy and cooperation?

        When have you known me to ignore incompetence, nepotism, tokenism, patronage, corruption by way of conflict bias & influence, hypocrisy and the blind eye?

        Just cause the column is no more doesn’t mean I’ve kept me trap shut
        Or changed me tune

        1. Rob_G

          “incompetence, nepotism, tokenism, patronage, corruption by way of conflict bias & influence, hypocrisy and the blind eye?”

          ok, but are you implying that Paul Reid got his job through some combination of the above?

          The rest of your post seems a gripe about how public sector workers in general have it better during this pandemic than someone working in the private sector.

          1. AKA Frilly Keane

            You saying they don’t?

            And as for Paul Reid
            Point to one thing he’s got right since January
            And point to one thing he’s put right or even got to grips with in the HSE since he assumed the position from Fingal County Council
            Via Trocaire via Eircom

            Or maybe you could tell us about his time in the NHS or other Healthcare service providers

            Nice deal he got the Private Hospital Owners in fairness

  4. Micko

    I wonder are the private testing companies figured feeding into the Government totals.

    I’m doing a bit of work in the TV Biz at the mo and everyone seems to be getting tested on site.

    Actors, crew, extras – everyone.

    I just had another test this week and the turnaround time is great. About 48 hours.

  5. Kim Cardassian

    On the plus side, at least they don’t have to keep you waiting on a trolley for your test result.

  6. Jonsmoke

    My daughter had a high temp. on Monday. Rang GP that morning. Test scheduled within an hour. Done on the Tuesday at 11am. Got the result (negative) on Wednesday at 2pm.
    So not all bad.

    1. Rob_G

      Quit it Jon, you are wrecking the narrative of how everything is awful in Ireland

      (i hope the little one is feeling better, also)

    2. Jim

      We had the same experience at home and I know others who had the same. 24 hours after leaving the centre the texts came through. It’s clearly not perfect but I’m not sure what more people expect. Except to cite “I heard this one story” anecdotes and moan…

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