Stop That Laughing At The Back




This morning.

Nagle Community College, Cork City.





Utah, USA.

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  1. scottser

    now, i’m a mature man yet the first thing i thought of was drawing a moustache/stupid hair/fake tits in permanent marker on it.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I had an image of David Blaine.

      Won’t it be difficult to hear what the teacher is saying?

    2. Slightly Bemused

      Why do I get the feeling that all the ‘mature’ ladies and men would do this, while the young ‘uns would go “what?”?
      They would probably map something on their phones.

      Me, I am with the m****y and moustache brigade :-)

      Go Janet!

    3. Paulus

      If I was a teacher, and had to step in behind that yoke, I’d find it hard no to say; “Good evening. Here is the news”.

  2. Junkface

    Surely one of the most important things to do would be to install large fans and windows open to keep fresh air circulating, weaken the air particles if they are there?

  3. Yoji

    That looks like it would only offer protection from someone standing directly in front of and quite close to the screen. There’s lo a of room for floating stuff to get over or around. Looks like safety theatre to me.
    Masks and distancing are the core tactics. Would not like to be a teacher at risk.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      Agreed, this does not seem like it would be remotely effective. It’s also going to block the teacher from hearing students properly. I’ve noticed a lot of measures like this around, which are designed to show how seriously the implementer is taking the virus, but which are actually totally ineffective and very silly.

    2. SOQ

      Masks are not a core tactic- they had zero impact on infection rates in any European country after they were introduced.

      They were introduced as a means of public reassurance but that has backfired because when made mandatory in shops, foot fall has fell not increased.

      Interesting that the silly nonsense of making children wear masks in schools appears to have disappeared.

      It is all theater because perspective sheets is not going to blind bit of difference either.

        1. SOQ

          My mind works in a certain way and when something doesn’t make sense, it will churn away in the background. That may seem a bit obsessive but it a very good thing when I am working.

          Let’s face it- this is the biggest over reaction of our life times which is going to cause extraordinary hardship to many. That these politicians are now doubling down on their actions is reprehensible.

          Anders Tegnell, chief epidemiologist at Sweden’s Public Health Agency is of opinion that the evidence for mask wearing was “astonishingly weak.”- he has been right about everything so far so I very much doubt if he is wrong on this either.

          1. Do I need a username?

            Bull SOQ. Your mind operates a form of result-seeking. You form the conclusion first- I.e. masks are bad – and let’s face it every one of your conclusions are the one favoured by populist wingnuts and then you work to find whatever junk science or quack can back that up.

            Be honest at least.

            Still waiting for evidence to your febrile mini-me claim that 1 million! people attended the recent Anti-Covid restrictions march in Berlin…

      1. Formerly known as

        Do masks only work in Asian countries?

        Taiwan has 7 deaths, with a population of 25 million.

        On the basis of Taiwan’s invaluable experience in the prevention and control of epidemics: 1. We encourage the public to wear face masks during the epidemic while keeping the price of face masks low by controlling the manufacture and sale of face masks; 2. We ensure public access to affordable comprehensive screening tests and medical care for COVID-19. We believe that these two approaches are among the main factors contributing to the success of Taiwan in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Taiwan’s experience may help European countries and the United States to contain the COVID-19 epidemic.

      2. Cian

        “they had zero impact on infection rates in any European country after they were introduced.”

        1. SOQ

          Cian – you have stated previously that you were auto archiving posts made from a particular commentator on this site- I asked you how and why- you did not respond.

          Would you care to now?

          1. bisted

            …oh no…the porn site posts will be archived…surprised that Broadsheet didn’t delete these at the time considering the stuff they do delete…while I try not to click on dodgiLinks anymore it is surely ironic that the last porn site link was an ad for masks…not sure they were medically approved…

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Cian does archive. He produced (quoted word for word) some out of context comments of mine that were 9 months old in a rush to try prove some point or other (and fell flat on his face mind you when I found the original thread and outed him for not repeating the complete thread for context)
            That’s what FFGers do. Frape rooms.

          3. Cian


            Gg are you still sore that I found your quotes where you said you play the ball and not the man… which is rubbish because you are constantly ignoring the topic and totally attacking the poster.

            Like you just did here. Surprise.

            As I said. Everyone posts remain here. No I didn’t quote an entire thread – Just the appropriate part.

      3. Junkface

        If masks are not essential then why must Medical staff ALL have to wear them when treating covid 19 patients? Silly, silly, silly stuff SOQ.

        Also how come it’s mainly (some) men who object to masks and not women at all? Women are more practical when it comes to healthcare I think.

        Grow up man babies

        1. John Smith

          I think you wrong women, Junkface, by suggesting that they are more accepting of masks. Amongst my acquaintances, women are the more vehemently opposed to mandatory wearing of masks, though there are both men and women in both the pro and anti camps, of course.

        2. SOQ

          Junkface – I do not make personal comments to you so please show me the same courtesy and respond in kind.

          Google Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson if you want an answer.

        3. Lush

          I have to say, the weakness in the no mask argues this, their use in medical situations.
          I loathe them, it’s 40°here, but if it’s to potentially protect someone from my lurgies (Ha! My keyboard changed that to orgies, chance would be a fine thing) I’ll put up with it. I’ve been through a lot worse, as have you I think SOQ.

      4. Yoji

        Don’t care anymore about these arguments. If masks do little then I’m inconveniencing myself. If they are effective the antimask crowd are risking lives and our economy.

        1. SOQ

          They are not- that is the whole point.

          And yes, many people do care about the arguments- muzzling the most non vocal commutative part of your entire body is very important.

  4. Micko

    Might be a good time for older teachers closer to retirement to retire early?

    Since no one under aged 24 in the country has died from this, and only 17 aged 25-44 have, it probably makes sense to let the younger generation of teachers have a go.

  5. Brother Barnabas

    sure sign of a good teacher is being able to project spittle when agitated at least to the fourth row

    this is unfair on them

        1. Papi

          Miss Condon in second class used to use a brass edged ruler on our knuckles, 8 year olds, sadist. Mr. McGinn in secondary school used a hurley on the back of our thighs, lined us up at the end of class for punishments. Good times.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      One fr I had used a leather with a thumb tack stuck in it. Another used a drumstick. He broke a friends index finger with the drumstick. No repercussions of course as the clergy were kings, so the parents always took the view that, no matter what, their children must have deserved what they got.

  6. AKA Frilly Keane

    Schools out since the 13th March
    A Department the employs 0000s of educators
    All of ’em smarty pants and never shy about their MAs and PhDs on top of their 1st, hdips and max points for St Pat’s

    Yet still no single sensible workaround between the lot of them

    And we’ve the nerve to be laughing at Trump’s adminstration

    Tell ye what, they’re all not so flash with their fluent spluttery modh coinníollachs and Honours Chemistry & Young Scientists prizes now

    ps: talking only about the full time appointed teachers now, not the newly qualified and treated as 2nd class entrants, and subs
    Who probably would have made a better fist of things if they were treated equally in the staff rooms

    1. Lilly

      ‘Yet still no single sensible workaround between the lot of them’

      From what I’ve heard, no one is asking them.

  7. frank

    Let’s be frank.
    Something truly dreadful was expected to come here in March. A tsunami of death if you will.
    It did not happen.
    It is not going to happen.
    We prepared as well as we could for this phantom menace but the truth is we got it wrong.
    Now let’s face this new reality rather than trying to accept a false ‘new normal’.
    It’s a huge ask for government to do a hands up and say ‘actually covid-19 is not totally deadly and it won’t kill you all, go back to your lives’. In fact it’s the greatest u-turn imaginable but that is what we have to do.
    The emperor has no clothes. Pass it on

    1. SOQ

      I think the problem is a bit deeper than that- this was the ultimate exercise in project fear- literally we are all going to die- based on bad science and superstitious rubbish. That fear is still with people and the government and the media are doing absolutely nothing to alleviate it.

      But yes you are right- they are doubling down with positive results from a test which at this point is not fit for purpose- imposing stupid rules like masks that are not even consistent let alone make sense, and running around looking for more kids having a party to blame.

        1. frank

          Time to wake up Cian.
          We are not in Italy
          or the UK
          or New York.
          Stop looking over there and have a closer look over here.

          Have a look at how foreign nationals live in overcrowded, unsuitable accommodation and then go and staff our care homes and meat processing and delivery services.

          The truth is hard to face Cian but you should tell your paymasters to try it. The public might respect you.

          1. Cian

            Right. So Italy got the bad COVID and we got the benign COVID?
            Or we were lucky?( except the 1700 that died and the 1000s with complications).

          2. frank

            concentrate on Ireland Cian, not Italy.
            Why did over 50% of deaths occur in nursing homes?
            Who makes up the staff of the care homes?
            Where do they live and in what conditions, how many in a house?
            Why are the clusters in meat processing facilities?
            Where do they live and in what conditions, how many in a house?
            How is pandemic being managed in the traveller community and in direct provision?

            Stop asking us to look over there and have a look over here.

          3. Lilly

            ‘the 1000s with complications’

            They’re not getting much air time right now but we’ll be hearing more from this cohort in the coming months.

          4. Lilly

            ‘And they haven’t appeared elsewhere on the Covid-19 timeline why?’

            Can you rephrase SOQ, I don’t know what you’re asking.

          5. SOQ

            ‘the 1000s with complications

            What evidence do you have that this thing results in any more complications than other viral infections?

      1. Junkface

        Nobody said we are all going to die! They said it was very dangerous to the elderly and people with health problems, and fat people. It still is! They are records of many young healthy people in their 30’s who have still not fully recovered, have weakened hearts, less lung capacity, loss of smell and taste, neurological problems. This virus has a long and suspicious list of long term health problems connected to it, suggesting that somewhere along the lines it was manipulated in a lab.

        Everybody should be afraid of catching an experimental Chinese manipulated virus. It could change the rest of your life.

          1. Junkface

            Good for you! You are lucky. The problem with this virus is the huge amount of variation and mutations. I know a Marathon runner who cannot get back to normal after 4 months.

            There was also a broadway actor in New York, was 40 years old, went into a coma, had to have a leg amputated, then died after 3 months. He was healthy, normal weight, in shape. How do you explain that?

        1. Zaccone

          Normal, healthy, young people die of the flu every year too. There are always statistical outliers, unfortunately. That doesn’t mean society shuts down for every potential disease.

          1. Junkface

            Count the dead so far. Could the health systems in major cities all over the world cope without the first lockdown? No!

          2. SOQ

            @ Junkface- Count the dead so far- we have- 600 LESS than average in Ireland this year so far.

            Genuine question- do you have a fear of death?

          3. Frank

            I’m guessing its a fear of work.
            if you’re in a salaried job, a teacher or a civil servant why would you want this to end?

    2. Yoji

      I hope you’re right. But what we have seen is if numbers go up the hospitals fill up. The places that have got bad, Northern Italy, new york and the southern states all had flooded hospitals. We have a really really shit system compared to all of them. We get big hospitals numbers and we’re f*****

  8. frank

    thank you.
    I make my own luck. We all do.
    I wish your marathon runner friend a speedy recovery.
    RIP to the broadway actor.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I hope your runner friend recovers well,
      just as an aside long distance runners at certain points in their training have an open door syndrome to viruses in general, the longer distances can leave you more vunerable to colds/ flu ECT, it’s something you have to watch after longer runs,
      so yes you’re fit but depending on your training often more vunerable ironically.
      Lots of runners are over tired and over training too.

  9. Yoji

    I hope you’re right. But what we have seen is if numbers go up the hospitals fill up. The places that have got bad, Northern Italy, new york and the southern states all had flooded hospitals. We have a really really shit system compared to all of them. We get big hospitals numbers and we’re fecked.

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