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  1. SOQ

    Health Freedom Ireland are supporting a protest today Saturday at Custom House, Dublin @ 2pm.

    Their demands are single issue and unequivocal.

    – No mandatory Face Covering
    – No mandatory CoVid-19 testing
    – No mandatory CoVid-19 Vaccination

    Single issue= no mandate- crystal as it gets.

    And yet, BLM/antifia are planning a counter protest- FOR WHAT????

    They are like vegans protesting against a SF march down the Anderstown Road in Belfast.


      1. Steph Pinker

        Cian, why are you asking SOQ if he can count? None of your colleagues at the GOLF function were competent enough to count; sensitive enough to leave; or emphatic enough to follow the restrictive measures which have been imposed upon the rest of us.

        If there’s anything good to be observed about this virus it’s certainly about cynicism and observing rats leaving sinking ships; I wouldn’t mind but, politicians are probably the only cohort who haven’t actually been affected by this pandemic as they live in their own world and because *apparently* they’re essential workers – which is a misnomer.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Mask wearing works. Seven deaths in Taiwan, 25 million people, lots of interaction with China.


      Is anyone suggesting mandatory testing or mandatory vaccination? The Aussie PM (another useless idiot a la Bozo/Trump) stated that the vaccine, which doesn’t yet exist, would be mandatory. A few hours later, he said it would be voluntary, after there was a backlash. I don’ t think you have to be an anti-vaxxer to have concerns about a new vaccine that is being rushed, without proper testing.

      1. f_lawless

        Low number of deaths in Taiwan from Covid-19 is not proof that masks work. Why didn’t masks stop a severe flu epidemic there in 2019? Have a look at this article.

        In the space of just over one week alone “Over 99,000 emergency room visits were made due to flu-like symptoms”

        Similarly Japan, which, like Taiwan, also has a long history of mask-wearing, had it’s worst ever flu epidemic in 2019. Millions were struck down suffering from symptoms. Many died. Japan has had relatively few Covid-19 deaths too.

        According to some expert opinion, a more credible explanation is that the most significant factor is the existence of high levels of cross-immunity across the region acquired from prior exposure to respiratory viruses similar to SARS-Cov-2.

        1. SOQ

          This piece from The Business Insider says exactly that.

          “Many people who’ve never gotten COVID-19 seem to have memory T cells that can recognize the new coronavirus.

          The likeliest explanation for these findings is a phenomenon called cross-reactivity: when T cells developed in response to another virus react to a similar but previously unknown pathogen. In this case, experts think these cross-reactive T cells likely come from previous exposure to other coronaviruses — those that cause common colds.”


    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      The anti-mask dregs are the same ones who turned up with nooses at that fake anti paedophilia rally a few weeks back. Herman’s Irish Farage Party holding the reins again.

      1. SOQ

        The fact that you would use such a lazy stupid term says a lot more about you than anyone else Daisy. If after Galway you cannot see how we are all being played then you are nowhere near as sussed as you think you are.

        Those people gathered with the full knowledge that they were not at risk because the seasonal virus known as CoVid-19 has passed. Take your narrative led blinkers off for a minute and look at the data- nobody is being admitted to hospital and nobody is being admitted into ICU’s- nobody is getting sick.

          1. Pat Mustard

            Vague second hand statement from virtue signalling muppet.

            You can add gullible to the list I put up earlier.

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            Ah come on Daisy

            There are some decent people in there too
            Maybe not many but there are

            And if Golf Gate tells us anything
            Its that 80+ people in and around our Oireachtas, at all levels aren’t swallowing a word of what they themselves are shoving down our throats

            Not even the very lad that wrote some of the same legislation

          3. V aka Frilly Keane

            I don’t know why my post to this was deleted

            Not that I care anymore tbh,

            This post is written for Daisy & Bisted, so let me just have this, please

            Lads ye both know and followed me / Frilly Keane for years now
            And ye know full well I share yere opinions about these few people that seem to draw focus at all of these marches rallies bunreachts wtfs

            My opinions have not changed
            Nor have they wavered, stuff in the old dead and killed off FK columns still stands up today, a test of their genuine authentic soul. Even the ones published elsewhere.

            I didn’t row in to any of the ‘Nazi Salute Guy’ commentry/ threads and ledgers
            Anywhere. For a reason.
            So please leave me absent from all that mention
            From any source

            Feel free to contact me privately for a fuller explanation

            By defense of some of the attendees of yesterday’s event has nothing to do with these characters. Nothing. It was to remind everyone that not all skeptics are of the same ugly character of that handful


    3. f_lawless

      I’ve decided I’m going along to the protest tomorrow as a concerned citizen who’s sceptical of the direction our government continues to take . I feel like they’ve been sleepwalking us into a dystopian “new normal” without due consideration to the long term damaging effects of their policies and with no real end in sight either .

      Maybe it won’t make any difference in the long run, but the thought of just meekly going along with it all and doing nothing for fear that I might be associated with the more fringe protestors present doesn’t sit right. You can’t live your life in fear of being negatively judged or ridiculed by others. There’s probably always going to be a fringe element any time people gather to protest against government policy.

      1. Steph Pinker

        F_Lawless: no offence, but it’s obvious that they’re far from sleepwalking – in fact, you’re being very kind. I doubt the truth will ever surface regarding Covid-19 in this country as there are too many scapegoats, confusion, deliberate misinformation being fed to willing MSM – and the fear being instilled every day by government quangos, ministers, TDs et al., As long as Covid-19 is in the face of those who vote in Ireland, the housing/rental crises, NCH, NBP, Cervical Check/Breast Check, banking debts, drunken FF ministers, OR, gatherings of 81+ making political love to each other in a hotel in Galway …etc., is never ending.

        This country is broken and the rats are leaving the ship – who’s going to sail it? Leo and company are waiting in the wings, even though they don’t realise how much they’ve f***** up, SF don’t wan’t to know, FF are so scared of FG that Martin is wetting his knickers and Leo is getting wet at the thought of being Taoiseach again – that’s all it amounts to.

        Do you not think it’s odd that very few politicians have had Covid-19 (18,17,16,15 etc.,) while the rest of the country is still on lockdown measures being imposed by the GardaÍ and their new powerful regulations? Do you think RTÉ will report if a ‘cluster’ in Clifden becomes an issue? An issue which will travel around the country and abroad with the likes of Phil Hogan at the helm?

        The fact is, this virus is a godsend for every politician in Ireland and for the first time in my life, I find it very difficult to think rationally – despite my day job – because nothing makes sense anymore; we’re being fed poison to the point whereby we’ve become immune and don’t question it, and if we do, then we’re classed as Fianna.

        I’ve said it before that I’ve never voted SF in my life and I don’t want to, but I also understand how important it is to have a vote; I’ve some serious thinking to do before the next GE in a couple of months.

    4. Gerry

      I don’t agree with your position, but your right to protest and march is something I do support — have at it!

      I’m a little concerned about the number of people who will be there not wearing masks, but attendees will be aware of that in advance, it’s their risk. I was unhappy about the Black Lives Matter march, the justification for which seemed to be that virus transmission doesn’t matter if your cause is popular or progressive enough. So, the precedent having been established, it would be illiberal of the state to restrict your protest.

      As for antifa, is that a thing in Ireland now? I hate fascists, but, as a liberal, I believe the best disinfectant is sunlight. If you deny speech rights to fascists, then all you have to do to silence someone is to call them a fascist.

      Freedom of speech is an important value.
      Protected speech includes unpopular speech.
      Speech is not violence.

      1. Jam

        It’s not just their risk though that’s the problem. Also, you say you were unhappy about no masks at BLM but because the BLM protestors didn’t wear masks means that everybody can now just through their hat at the idea. That is whataboutery not liberal thinking.

        1. Jack Of Ireland

          If you think left = liberal you have failed political science 101.
          The left and the right are authoritarian.
          There are no hard right parties in Ireland, but a lot of populist centrist parties, standing for something tangible at a national scale is not what Irish politicians do.

      2. Nigel

        Who can forget how sunlight and freedom of speech completely destroyed fascism in the 1930s? Not disagreeing with you that freedom of speech is fundamental, but if you think it’s a magic antidote to evil you really don’t know what it is at all.

      3. Nigel

        Some other points. There were anti-mask covid-is-a-hoax let-the-weak-die protests before, during and after the BLM demonstrations. The Debenhams demonstrations also took place before the BLM demos. The BLM demos did not set a precedent for them. That people who demonstrate during a pandemic think their cause is important enough to demonstrate during a pandemic seems self evident. The justification for the BLM demonstrations was the extra-judicial murder of a black man by the US police and the pattern of police brutality and institutional racism

      1. M2cool

        Gas craic
        Same as 1918
        Poor decision making skills on display
        I hope ye all are safe and don’t end up blocking a bed in ICU
        Best of luck

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Why do the Guardian and UK Independent think a movie is worthy of being on the front page? I think there might be a few other things happening that deserve to be there.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Liberal elite..? The second ship of Golgafrinchans ? We may guess, but we might never know..

  3. goldenbrown

    hey Bodger
    any sign of the Irish papers yet?
    I doubt anyone on here gives a fiddlers what’s afoot in Engerland
    we’re all local GOLF fans like

        1. scottser

          Although the break is most refreshing. His relentless hypocrisy gets boring and tiresome pretty quick these days – he’s a one-trick pony.

          1. Johnny Green

            Bro,one day maybe you will reach a level of self awareness where you just don’t care what ‘other’ people think,goals bro.

            Charger has one schtick-thick paddies HAHA.

            its an old tired worn out offensive trope-glad you enjoy it so much many don’t.

            PS-quite a few have also assumed i’m on the run in the states,in my mums basement,oh a registered sex offender thats you bro,on a J1,active service, stoned or high all day,i liked Mary,she triggered your megalomania ,celebrating her ban,calling for mine-yeah whatever Bro.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            with respect, you talking about anyone lacking self awareness displays a fairly amusing lack of self awareness in itself

            celebrating mary’s ban? no, I never have. I dont actually think anyone should be banned, no matter what they say or do – but that’s bodger et al’s call, which I of course respect

          3. V aka Frilly Keane

            In fairness Johnny G

            Charger’s schtick-thick paddies
            As you put it
            Always provided plenty opportunity to give it loads back
            Such terrible cases of Inferiority Complex should be out in the open
            For anyone to put right

            Its the best cure

          4. Brother Barnabas

            I dont think it’s quite correct to reduce charger’s thing to “thick paddies” – yeah, theres a fair amount of that, which is unfortunate – its detracts from his more substantive arguments, which, while I dont agree with, and invariably a manipulation of facts and perspective, are interesting

            and, invariably, amusingly put

          5. Brother Barnabas

            that was in reference to a hypothetical person being convicted of upskirting ?

            that’s hardly you, is it?

          6. Johnny Green

            – own your comments Bro,your mendacity on a sunny sat is tiresome!

            “celebrating mary’s ban? no, I never have. I dont actually think anyone should be banned, no matter what they say or do….”

            see above.

  4. V aka Frilly Keane

    ‘morning all

    Just wondering – and sorry to bring it to Broadsheet

    the Twittershere is giving me a headache
    And there is a bit of a Morning After the etc etc going on

    Has Dara Callery also resigned from his Deputy Leader FFS gig
    Or been sacked by the Taoiseach and Party Leader on the QT
    Since that’s the way Callery came by being deputy leader FFS in the first place

    Since you’ve a raw spot for Deputy Party Leaders getting similarly appointed like

    Meanwhile, I’m still trying to find out who the Brian Hayes +3 are btw
    Any help will be credited
    Ta, V

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I know he was on hols with his family. +1 could have been his wife. No idea otherwise.

      1. Brother Barnabas


        always assumed brian hayes was a non-wife-sort-of-fellow if you know what I mean but you’re quite right; google confirms

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        Yeah one is Mrs Hayes alright

        I’m hearing the other two are Vultue & REIT CEOs

        I can’t get too close myself – work stuff and then there was that Costs case against me that’s still sore with the Plaintiff side
        So I need them Named and Shamed by others

        Something else that disturbs me enough that’s it’s stirred up another underlying historical – let’s say grudge, ye didn’t get to know about
        Noel Freakish Grealish is this year’s Society Captain, so he would have picked the venue (usual norm with these things)
        That’s a lad who isn’t shy about having plenty to say about people being in his own parish who are not from the parish
        If you know what I mean

        Another is ex Minister, now pensioner, and registered Lobbiest (last time I checked) Noel Dempsey, +1 btw
        Now he was particularly irritated by the moving lockdown phases under another hat of his; Chair of the Temple Bar Co

        Theres plenty hypocritical double standards going around that 19th hole shindig

        1. goldenbrown

          regarding that slug, one of my classic hit’s favourites:

          “Politicians say lots of things”
          Five years after saying Banks are fleecing the public, former @FineGael minister Brian Hayes is on defending them in his new role of bank apologist


          on the +3 btw I heard different but I think your guesstimate might be the real deal alright

    2. monty

      resignation not enough

      Sack each one of them then prosecute

      As for big Phil he must be sacked by Europe

      These idiots have ensured a Sinn Fein government

      Frankly I Am beyond caring

      Maybe the British isles needs to seal it’s borders for a month
      Nothing in or out

      Europe cannot do that we can but it includes UK
      And that is the problem

    1. M2cool

      Only question I ask myself is, what is good for the country, given we are facing into Brexit. Would we be better or worse off with Hogan gone from the position. I am not smart enough to be sure, but I have my humble opinion.

      1. Bottler

        Hogan is obliged to comply with the ethical position that he looks after ALL of Europe. But then Hogan and ethics!

        1. M2cool

          Exactly my thinking. If picking a full forward, you pick someone who scores, not much room for anything else in the equation. Bear in mind I don’t claim any expertise now mind so correct me at will.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Well actually 2Cool

            A proper Full Forward wins ball,
            Which means they can run rings around defenders of all shapes and sizes, skill levels, styles and vintage

            The very best Forwards are slippery, wiley, speedy and have immaculate skills and precision timing
            They can be chameleon like by fooling dodging and even make the hardest full back line underestimate them
            They know how to exploit the blind eye of any goalie
            And know how to trigger a god head hard man
            All Star Forwards are a breed that always preform better under pressure
            The Legends class

            Good examples – although more known as Corner Forwards, Seanie Leary and Joe Deane
            Lads that didn’t need their wing backs / wing forwards doing all the graft, and lobbing clean ball straight into their hands for the final touch

            Although never up front, the same has to be said of John Fenton
            Must be their East Cork DNA in fairness

            So you need more that just a lad who can score
            That would be a Lar Corbett type Forward
            Ok, he got three goals out of a dog rough KK back line that day
            But Jaysus he barely had a dozen touches for the whole game

            Gimme a player that’s all of the above
            Not someone that comes in for the final photo finish

          2. GiggidyGoo

            I see Michilín is going to be Agriculture Minister for the next few weeks. Could we set a difficult-to-beat record, and have three Agriculture Ministers dumped in three months or so?

    2. Brother Barnabas

      “However, it is difficult to conceive of a commissioner who would not agree to resign when asked to do so by his government, if the circumstances are unrelated to his work as a commissioner.”

      this doesn’t take into account the sheer brazenness of Hogan- he wont be giving up that EU number easily

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It doesn’t right enough. But it would show how serious Varadkar really takes what went down in Clifden, and whether he is prepared to back up his soundbites with action.

        Another thought that comes to mind is about Brian Hayes who is a lobbyist. Can their ‘facilities’ of access to Government be removed? I mean, who would want the government to be pandering to the likes of him after this?

  5. GiggidyGoo

    This is an Irish equivalent of Bilderberg.
    And don’t tell me that Martin and Varadkar were unaware of such an outing prior.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Norma and Michilín will be busy writing their excuses for the clusterfu that’s going to visit them next week. Some bright spark now has come up with the idea that parents who drive their kids to school will get €5.50 per day for doing so.
    Who will actually decide who gets the places on the buses?

    If you thought the M50 etc. was busy when school buses were running, it’s going to be a hell hole next week onwards. And the schools themselves may hire some traffic marshall’s.

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