A Rush And A Push


This afternoon.

Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

Gardai attempt to prevent people from approaching the Custom House for an anti-mask rally

John Galt writes:

They refused to let people in, the video says it all. I found it odd that the Garda were not wearing masks until after this incident.

When the ‘Public order unit’ arrived shortly afterwards.. and became more organised, they all appeared to start wearing their masks. Take from that what you will.


This afternoon.

Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

A rally organised by Health Freedom Ireland with support from Yellow Vest Ireland of people questioning aspects of Ireland’s Covid regulations, including mandatory mask wearing,



This afternoon.

Brief Handbags between maskers and anti-maskers ahead of the rally.


101 thoughts on “A Rush And A Push

  1. Joe

    The irony of them covering their faces to fight. Also please don’t amplify these eejit’s cause.

    1. Plumbob

      Judging by twitter posts It seems Broadsheet is fully onboard with these paranoid fruitcakes.

      1. Rob_G

        Broadsheet: “80 lawmakers at a dinner is an outrage!”

        Also broadsheet: “100s of people at a protest? Great!”

        1. Pat Mustard

          Poor little Rob..

          If you don’t like the content, why don’t you head over to Joe.ie, it’s an echo chamber full of contrarions like yourself..

          1. Plumbob

            I like to look at all media Paddy me oul mucker, even the paranoid fruitcakes. Try it sometime, you might broaden your world view.

          2. Pat Mustard

            I like to look at all media aswell, Bob me auld flower, its just unfortunate that the Gates foundation has infiltrated the whole lot.

        2. Clampers Outside

          I don’t see any side being taken in the BS report of this the protest Rob.
          Jus’ sayin’

          1. Rapscallion

            Incites ‘Gates Foundation’ and ‘Kool Aid’, accuses other of drinking the Kool Aid, whilst adjusting tinfoil helmet.

  2. John Smith

    Just because people are opposed to the enforced wearing of masks, it doesn’t make them dopes or eejits, George and Joe. Many people might actually feel that the reverse is true. Nor is it strange that some of those who are protesting are wearing masks. It is quite feasible to be strongly opposed to the imposition of mask-wearing but to support the right for individuals to choose.

    In any case, insults such as ‘dopes’ and ‘eejits’ don’t answer the points that are being made and these people have the same right to be heard as those who are toeing the current government line. I rarely agree with George’s comments but I refrain from insulting him and I recognise his right and Joe’s, too, of course, to put forward their point of view. The same should apply to those who disagree with them.

    The issue of fighting is a separate one and I do not know enough about the background to make any comment.

    1. Masjed

      Fools then.
      And no ; no one has a right to be heard.
      A right to express your view is not an obligation on others to listen!

      1. John Smith

        Agreed, Masjed, so long as you are applying this comment across the board, in this case to both ‘maskers’ and ‘anti-maskers’.

        However, if you do not listen you cannot fairly judge what a person is saying so should not insult them. ‘Fools’ is no better a term to use than more insulting-sounding words. Someone who holds a different view from your own is not, ipso facto, a fool and nor, for that matter, is someone who agrees with you automatically a clever person.

        1. Masked

          Agreed but my view is that the overwhelming evidence supports the effectiveness of vaccines and it is rather foolish to reject same. But that’s just my opinion (very widely held I might add) which all and sundry are free to ignore.
          I don’t intend any offence and if anyone takes offence I would suggest that they don’t – it is entirely within everyone’s control to either accept or reject perceived offence and I believe the latter option is all too rarely exercised sadly.
          Thanks for the reply – good banter if I maybe so flippant.

          1. Masked

            Fine. If that’s your view then just don’t take them. If we want to take them leave us be.No need for protest.

          2. Masked

            So what would you have to say about forced denial of vaccination then. Yes indeed it gets more difficult when such decisions to avoid are made in behalf of others.

          3. sidhe

            when you have no intelligent response, it’s always a good idea to fall back on mindless namecalling and accusations

            even after admin had to wade in and set the record straight, you still do it. tell me, do you enjoy being constantly in the wrong?

    2. George

      They’re dopes because the peer reviewed science shows that masks are an important tool in reducing the spread of a virus that is kiiling people.

      Insult me all you want if you can back it up with peer reviewed scientific papers.

        1. Clampers Outside

          Perceived insults whether real or imagined are actual violence these days!
          I suggest a duel, ten paces then they turn and do their best indignation face.
          The judge will be a meak poodle yet to be selected.

        2. george

          Nobody is insulting me. I am responding to John Smith who criticised me for using the word dopes and said he doesn’t insult me. I am saying I don’t care whether he insults me for disagreeing with him about masks as long as he has science to back up his argument.

    3. Darren

      Yep callin names is missing point of free comment. Sure you can call someone a dope and not know anything about them. The medium here encourages a more rounded approach if you allow it.

        1. Pat Mustard

          Indeed, the black outfits and masks are only a coincidence..

          What’s your favourite flavour of kool aid?

  3. jack

    The barriers at Knock were pushed aside last week and the group held their own procession in front of the church.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Urgh… they should learn about Jesus and how he is revered in the Quran, even mentioned a lot more than Muhammad!

  4. SOQ

    Antfis thugs doing what Antfis thugs do- they”ll be lining up for their CoVid-19 vaccines first if they feel so strongly about the subject.

    Super turn out- RTE will obviously count about 150.

    1. Jimmy

      Rte.ie website says 500..

      Numbers at a guess were 1400-2000

      How can RTE get it so wrong? Just fed a nunber by the garda?

        1. Do I need a username?

          Lol. SOQ – you can’t count. It was hundreds. Remember you claimed the Neo Nazi anti-Covid restrictions and anti-mask march attracted 1 million! attendees…

          Still waiting for the evidence…

          And I’m getting sick of asking.

      1. SOQ

        It is very much why Dolores Cahill is popping her head up now and I admire her for doing do- someone who spent most of their working life creating vaccines is not “anti vax”.

        Anyways- lets hope antifia got home safe and well to their mammys.

        What happens after this battle is of some concern but right now- the very idea of muzzling children while the good and the great laugh- is a line crossed.

          1. SOQ

            To the asthmatics, probably yes- no words under the muzzle,

            1 in 16 of the Irish population but sure disability rights were never that important in the first place eh?.

        1. Max

          When did she do vaccines? My understanding was that she researches proteins and maybe personalised medicine. those are different to vaccines.

  5. CE

    I hope John Galt never needs anything like a garda, air sea rescue, public ambulance, nurse etc…

  6. V aka Frilly Keane

    Pics 5 & 6 down are 1000 plus

    And beyond that bitta argie bargy with railings in the video clip, shur’ even the Guards werent too put out about it- the people progressing didn’t look like they were up there for looting n’ rioting, or squeeming into loudhailers

    In fairness

  7. delacaravanio

    Three only thing more crazy than joining a crowd in the middle of a pandemic to protest masks is counter-protesting it.

      1. Plumbob

        Don’t forget your dose of hydroxychloroquine and your disinfectant injection. I hear 5G is Rampant central Dublin!

        1. Do I need a username?

          @Plumbob – Lol.

          To be fair, there is something frying SOQ’s brain although I doubt it’s 5G…

  8. newsjustin

    Only people dumber than these protestors are the idiots who turn up to protest and fight them.

    1. Pat Mustard

      The people who show up outside hospitals with abortion porn are dumber than either of the tribes on display here today..

  9. Kolmo

    The strength of comment on here is very worrying – there are a group of people who are being manipulated, by whom? – that’s the real question.
    Science is not a debate – something is either scientifically valid or not. Being mildly inconvenienced is not an attack on anyone’s liberties.
    Who is really behind these protests? As a civilised, aspirant humane society – this flag-stealing nonsense, and it is incoherent, low-on-detail conspiracy nonsense, must be tackled as a threat to the State, there’s no point in politely tutting or writing a stiff letter to the Irish Times when these useful idiots are manipulated into doing something way worse than desecrating a flag or hijacking an ideal.

    1. Clampers Outside

      As well as the swivel eyed loons on the far side of the horseshoe :)

      Great match for each other!

    2. Kdoc

      The way the trained thugs pushed aside the Gardaí is very disturbing. In fact it’s clear the Gardaí were bullied and unable to respond. They knew they could take on the Gardaí and win. If this is not nipped in the bud we could end up sleep walking into the thugs controlling sections our city at their whim.

  10. Kdoc

    Some are saying that members of England’s National Front were in attendance. If that’s true it’s certainly odd company for so-called patriots to be keeping.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Godbothering pureblood Celt Niall McConnell is good friends with Jim Dowson. Fash makes for strange bedfellows.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        In fairness

        Some of the more known agitators, like that Donegal fella, have all ran for Election
        And have been shunned
        Same with the Noose Party

        Equally, their ProLife Hard White Catholic staunchism has been buried under a landslide and will never see daylight again

        Their screamings Paedos Paedos Paedos even makes them more absurd and ridiculous, and laughable

        And Ben Gilroy? Seriously, he’d only threaten your patience

        As for the lads among them with criminal records – seriously now come on
        No one else would have them

        If there’s anything to be said about what they’re allowed get away with, or the danger they present, is their Fundraising activities

        And it’s not just the Revenue
        Receiving funds electronically from overseas accounts, or accounts with no id, or other specified connections is heavily regulated, and for very good reason
        High time the Central Bank / AGS Financial Crime Unit had a look

        On a personal note, that an anti corruption anti-vaccination free speech movement would now look like this shouldn’t surprise
        And most of ye were there when it started, and ye know what happened, and some even enabled
        Don’t make me go there again
        At this stage it’s insulting and humiliating,
        And offensive

        Time to move on

    2. Pat Mustard

      “Some are saying..”

      I love this second hand tosh being swallowed by the gullible IT readers..

        1. Pat Mustard

          At least with first hand tosh you can point to a source, second hand puts you in rte realm..

          1. Kdoc

            The RTE realm is far superior, and far more reliable, to Gript’s, Croft’s or O’Doherty’s realm.

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