Custom House Quay and Butt Bridge, Dublin 1.

Further to the the anti-mask rally….

…a group of black-clad, pro-mask counter protestors briefly clashed with anti-maskers before finally being repelled when Gardai moved them back on to Butt Bridge.

Earlier, anti-maskers breached a poorly manned cordon preventing people approaching The Custom House.

Saturday: A Rush And A Push

Sam Boal/Rollingnews



61 thoughts on “Butthurt

  1. RobbieF

    Why were there counter protesters?

    I understand that not everyone agrees with the message in the rally being held. But to attack people and then take the higher ground by branding them racists seems a bit odd to me.

    If they were so concerned with the message. Where was the social distancing from the counter protesters?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Always happens. You get antichoice on the peripheries of pro choice rallies and vice versa. You get anti fascists turning up at fascist marches (for whatever crusade they’re hiding behind to make them look a bit more human).

      Aunt Aoife needs to rein in the boyos though. There’s a time and a place, this wasn’t it.

          1. RobbieF

            Ok so everybody there is a fascist. Got you!

            You do understand there was nothing at all fascist or rascist in tone at this rally or can you point out to me otherwise. People of all political persuasions attended. It was a call out against the Government and covid.

          2. sidhe

            that’s not what she said though, is it?

            did you misunderstand the comment in your eagerness to point out how absolutely not-facist the whole protest was?

          3. newjustin

            I don’t think Bodger is a fascist, and he seems basically in support of this particular cause.

          4. Junkface

            So when is the Jim Corr vs Jedward fight? They could get that on pay per view, not exactly Sky Sports, more Sky… slap around

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            The Irish Farage Party are fascists. If you went knowing they were involved, then shame on you.

    2. Nilbert

      “I understand that not everyone agrees with the message in the rally being held”… lols, practically nobody agrees with the anti-mask ralliers…

          1. RobbieF

            I think you will find the statement that

            “practically nobody agrees with the anti-mask ralliers” is both broad and wrong.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    What is the world coming to at all? This is no more about wearing or not wearing masks. It’s just an excuse for some people to give an outlet to their violent streaks.

    1. RobbieF

      A large peaceful rally.

      Attacked by the so called Antif a. Imagine it was the other way around. These people are only out for trouble it seems. Antagonising people until they get what they want. A fight!

        1. RobbieF

          Yes, Considering the call out posts online to “Bash the Fash” and of course their larping gear along with the chants!

          “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA” in the middle of Dublin.


          1. scottser

            got a link?
            to me it just seems like the pro-gemma/qanon/racist ‘nationalists’ are well organised and funded. i wonder if they’ve been infiltrated by special branch which is why they get a relatively easy ride from the gardai?
            as for the antifa and the wsm being called fascists for calling out fascism, well that’s just obtuse. you can’t turn the other cheek forever; sometimes you’ve got to slap back.

          2. RobbieF


            Have a gander at this page and the call out tweets. No tolerance whatsoever.

            Bunch of scumbags looking for trouble.

            I admire the hate for fascists and racists but to label a group protesting the Government on Covid racists is just looking for trouble


          3. scottser

            thanks robbie, i’ll check it out.
            there’s a lot of wierd and inaccurate associations going on in all of this that makes it hard to pick through to get to anything near ‘the truth’.

          4. scottser

            i had a look there robbie; there’s so much conspiracy nutbaggery going on with the ‘far right’ it would be best if they were left to roll around in their own filth without the drama antifa go on with.
            feckin eejits the lot of them

          5. Kdoc

            Please what RobbieF? There were plenty of fascists at the top table. Kelly (Farage’s mate), Croft (who admits Alex Jones is his guiding light), Gilroy (where do I start?) among others.

      1. Kdoc

        You obviously missed the earlier video of the far-right thugs bullying the Gardaí at the barriers on Custom House quay.

        1. RobbieF

          What makes them far-right?

          Nothing that day mentioned, immigration, sexuality or religion.

          There were people there of all political persuasions.

          All the time we are told it is wrong to label a whole group of people for the actions of a few. Or am I missing something here?

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Troll Alert ! Kdoc (Just thought I’d get it in early before the conversation descents into farce)

  3. Junkface

    I don’t understand. Why would a group of people turn up to fight another group of people about mask wearing?? This is bizarre. What’s the motive? Was it just a bunch of lads who were looking for a fight?

    1. RobbieF

      Nail on the head…Modern day larping to these people. Watching to much Youtube.

      There is a video going around and they are chanting.

      “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA” in the middle of Dublin.

      That tells me a lot!

  4. Jockey

    If anyone fancies dealing with crap like this on a daily basis you’ll get a whopping 30k salary and a free hat.

  5. Do I need a username?

    The charming thug in the dirty grey tracksuit in photo 12 with hallmark beer gut spilling out over his ensemble is rather emblematic of the low-rent mob who turned up on Saturday. They are angry at everyone and no one and they don’t really know why.

      1. Do I need a username?

        Hush now Scottser lest Mr Bill Kavanagh rain down his entire fashionably “fashy” lexicon painstakingly cultivated by spending way too much time online flagellating himself over all his favourite anonymous Twitter accounts and “verifiable” sources of information.

        We are mere plandemic-denying snowflakes, our brains fried by 5G and ignorant of all those great “truth seekers”, soon to become our political messiahs.

  6. Broadbag

    The embarrassing footage of the Gardai being out manoeuvred by a few scarf wearing yobbos yanking the barriers out of the way (without recrimination) will have dealt a very heavy blow to the Gardai’s future ability to control crowds, a somewhat worrying precedent has been set here that you can do what you want and a few Gardai are powerless to stop you.

    1. AKA Frilly Keane

      I kinda got the impression the Gardai were supportive of the Health Freedom side

      They definitely weren’t committed to standing by those barricades anyway, whatever the reason

    1. Do I need a username?

      Balaclavas for winter riots, masks for summer riots? To be fair, they are probably doing us a favour by hiding their faces – even their molls would probably agree. Mouths untouched by modern dentistry…

  7. SOQ

    Una McGurk never mentioned anything to do with immigration- so on what legal grounds would she be investigated? They’d need to be water tight of course but it suits Mehole to sling mud as he was roundly criticised by some of the speakers.

    I sometimes wonder about who writes the MASI stuff- “white supremacists”? Way to go folks- how to win friends and influence people- NOT. Just like the water protests, that event was billed and conducted itself on a single issue platform of NO MANDATES- no mandatory masks, no mandatory testing and no mandatory vaccines- which is something people from right across the political spectrum support.

    And when you look at how the media conveniently jumped on the antifia scuffles one has to wonder if they are not paid shills- they obviously had no business being there. Government and RTÉ are losing control of the narrative on this issue and they are worried- and they have every reason to be.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Where in any official Irish documents is there reference to mandatory testing and/or vaccination? This is paranoid woo from the same idiots that peddle the long debunked myth about mercury in vaccines. Scared idiots listening to people who want to keep them scared and idiots.

      1. Pat Mustard

        According to Daisy everyone she disagrees with is a paranoid loony..

        But she’s not ignorant.

      2. Sirtuffyknight


        “Under section 38 of that Act, a chief medical officer (with the agreement of a second medical practitioner), may order that a person who is a probable source of infection with an infectious disease be detained and isolated in a specified hospital or other place, where isolation is necessary as a safeguard against the spread of the infection and the person cannot be effectively isolated in his/her own home.
        Where necessary to prevent, limit, minimise or slow the spread of COVID-19 and to minimise the risk to human life and public health, a medical officer of health may make an order for the detention and isolation of a person who he/she believes is a potential source of infection (see below) and a potential risk to public health. A detention or isolation order can only be made where the person concerned cannot be effectively isolated or refuses to remain or appears unlikely to remain in his/her own home or other accommodation arranged or agreed by the Health Service Executive (HSE). The person can be detained and isolated in a hospital or other place for as long as the medical officer believes is necessary.”

        1. SOQ

          All from a test with an up to 5% margin of error, but in truth nobody really knows- which cannot differentiate between a live viruses and remnants of dead ones.

          But anyone who points this is apparently a loon.

  8. Aegis

    So anti-maskers wearing masks, fight anti-anti-maskers wearing masks.

    Who thinks this whole thing is a set up? Staged?

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