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42 thoughts on “Stay In Your Pod

  1. Niall

    Don’t think it’s bizarre at all. It provides a way for parents to discuss new rules with the kids in advance. No different to the code of conduct the kids sign for underage GAA for example.

  2. Broadbag

    It’s a simple reminder, mostly for parents, but getting to kids to ‘sign’ is a handy way of getting it into their heads that they are a part of a new experience. You can’t ask a child to pick up a pencil these days without a parent bleating about how it’s too stressful for the child, some parents are the real snowflakes these days, not the kids.

  3. paval

    The post is daft. Responsibility will always be with the teachers and parents, but there has to be some way to tell children about the new rules which they have to follow.

    1. Chuckenstein

      It reminds kids at the end of a fairly grim document that it’s important and OK to be happy in all of this. Nothing more. Signing in blood is optional.

  4. Broadbag

    Lots of interesting replies on that thread, for and against, and more alarmist nonsense like:

    ”Very concerning on many levels. Pod colours ! This is opening many more areas of concern anyone else think so?”

    Colours are concerning now! How do these people get out of bed in the morning, the floor must be a concern, not to mention their feet, and then their feet have to actually touch the floor, the horror!

    1. Cian

      Pod colours? What about kids who are colour blind? Has nobody thought if the children!!!!!

      *clutches pearls*

  5. SOQ

    I wonder what a ‘pod’ is- still at least they going full daft like Scotland with the muzzles- yet.

    Northern Ireland starts back today. Students will be “encouraged” to wear masks- which is an interesting turn of phrase.

  6. Mick

    Generally speaking, most kids are at least aware of codes of conduct, etc., at their own school, and this is nothing more than an extension to that. This might not be the best possible way to do it, but it gets the point across to kids and parents. In secondary schools (at least in my kids’ school), new entrants and their parents must sign the code of conduct, which this year includes details on covid-19.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      sure what I have seen of handwriting skills half of them will be signing an x,
      what happened to cursive writing lessons in this country ?

      1. millie madonna

        As far as I know, my little one will be starting cursive handwriting when she goes back to school this week. She’s seven and starting first class, and I think that’s how it’s done. Apparently it helps aids with the phonetic reading they do in school now.

        It was all Letterland back in my day.

        1. Oh...

          I was going to reply above that it’s not really neccessary to learn it, but if it helps with other things then sure.

          I’m sure there’s some type of study thats been done to evaluate whether it’s actually worth having kids learn to write rather than just type given that they’ll start off with an tablet/phone before they interact with a crayon.

          1. paddy apathy

            “They’ll start with a phone/tablet before they interact with a crayon” – You’re not a parent are you?

          2. Rob_G

            I’m sure that it’s worthwhile teaching kids to write; to write in cursive, I am not so sure.

    1. Cian

      Low levels in ICU and low deaths from COVID is to be welcomed.

      But what is the cause?
      A. Lockdown, people working from home, minimising of social contact, hand-washing, masks, contact tracing, testing and quarantine etc.
      B. It is a seasonal virus and we are in the off-season.

      SOQ says “B”…. which is easy to say because SOQ wouldn’t be responsible for 1,000s of deaths if he is wrong.

        1. Cian

          Sweden? Where the government recommended people working from home, minimising of social contact, hand-washing, masks, contact tracing, testing and quarantine but didn’t go to a full mandatory lockdown?

          Sweden? With 575 deaths per million? which is 7th highest in the world?

          That Sweden?

          1. SOQ

            Sweden NEVER mandated masks nor lock downs- that is the whole point- schools, restaurants and bars remained open throughout the entire thing.

            Sweden has a much higher over 65 age group- meaning higher risk- and subsequently higher deaths within that group- so per million means absolutely nothing.

            Swedens rate of hospitalisations and fatalities are tapering of in EXACTLY the same way as other countries- but you know all this of course.

          2. Cian

            Sweden had more deaths per 100,000 in the over 65 age group than Ireland has in the over 65 age group.

            Sweden 5,358 deaths from 2.0 million over 65s = 25,950 per 1,000,000 ( 2.6%)
            Ireland 1,653 deaths from 0.7 million over 65s = 23,740 per 1,000,000 (2.4%)”

        2. Formerly known as

          Geeze, Sweden. I hear they put the 85+ age group into palliative care, not ICU. I think they are not the country to be copying. I hope you are volunteering at the local hospital if you want to put hospital workers in danger.

          1. SOQ

            We done that here too formerly- except it wasn’t even palliative, they were just left in nursing homes to die- with no family even allowed in.

          2. Cian

            As far as I know it isn’t feasible to put older people on ventilators – because it causes damage to the lungs. So if you are over 85 with COVID a ventilator isn’t an option.
            It is also likely that many of the elderly opt for DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) so may not want to go into ICU and would choose palliative care over ICU.

        3. MacGafraidh

          How do their ICU numbers compare to ours SOQ? Why are their ICU admissions 4x higher in a day than ours despite having a less densely populated area and only double the population. It’s weird, it’s like there’s something stopping people catching it and ending up in ICU in Ireland.

          1. SOQ

            The only figure I found on ICU was that Sweden only reached 60% of their ICU capacity. I don’t know how that compared to ours but I would expect it is higher- Germany certainly is.

            We seem to have conveniently forgotten the original goal here, which was to not overwhelm the health service.

            It has now morphed into something else entirely despite the face that we now know it is nowhere near as virulent as assumed back then.

          2. MacGafraidh

            Millie a Hail Mary on its own is powerless, couple out with an Agnus Dei and now you’re talking..

            SOQ as of 23/08 Ireland had 443 ICU admissions on the back of covid (source press statement. As of 19/08 Sweden has had 2,553 ICU admissions (source It’s funny how you can find data when you need to but can’t when it means something. Sweden had a one month head start on us but a 2,110 difference. You’re using Sweden as a constant marking stone yet you use the headline data that suits you. Masks reduce contract rates and ICU admissions. Social distancing positively contributes also. The number of people contracting and ending up on ventilators don’t lie. Your ‘masks don’t work’ propaganda is harmful and you need to stop your relentless pony talk.

          3. SOQ

            Their ICU admissions were THREE time higher because they had THREE times the number of high risk people in the first place.

            How many men are treated by gynaecologists and no- don’t even go there on the trans thing.

          4. SOQ

            Sweden did not close down schools yet has had the same outcome.

            Can you direct me to where that statement is wrong?

          5. Cian

            Their ICU admissions were THREE time higher because they had THREE times the number of high risk people in the first place.

            Um, if MacGafraidh’s numbers are correct, then Sweden had FIVE AND THREE QUARTERS times the ICU admissions (although they only have THREE times as many over 65s).

  7. Andrew

    It’s Colette Browne .A perfect example of why more and more people don’t pay for newspaper content anymore.

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