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    1. f_lawless

      Did you see this article? Sinister as f—


      An example of the doublespeak:

      “Once we wrapped our children in cotton wool to keep them safe. For their sake of their development, their physical and mental health, we need to wrap them in face coverings instead. The Government needs to rubber stamp it. Teachers and parents need to support it. The date on the calendar can’t come soon enough.”

      The one heartening thing, though, is the comment section below. 300+ comments. I scrolled through about 150 and every single commenter (you have to be a Telegraph subscriber to comment) is completely outraged by the article. Many calling it disgusting, evil, advocating for child abuse, etc.

      1. SOQ

        A lot of this seems to be driven by teacher unions but in what way would they be at more risk than say- shop assistants who have worked right through the pandemic?

        Forcing children to sit all day wearing masks is child abuse- there is no other words for it.

          1. bisted

            …the kids of this generation give great hope for the future…they have found their voice and they use it…their example during this pandemic has been what will ultimately defeat it – they make evidence based decisions and act for the common good. Most of all, they will never be abused again…they will decide on the effectiveness of masks and act accordingly…

        1. millie madonna

          It’s just as well they aren’t doing that here then, isn’t it? At least not at primary school level. There are no requirements for children to wear masks in school for now.

        2. Rosette of Sirius

          You’ve posted some awfully stupid stuff since this all kicked off and this is right up there with most stupid….

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            You equated kids wearing a mask to child abuse. Utter stupidity. If you feel that strongly about it, you and the rest of the anti mask boneheads to protest outside Tulsa HQ

          2. SOQ

            Forcing children to breathe through filthy rags all day- of course it is child abuse- what else could it be?

      1. goldenbrown

        you would think a serious racehorse like a Prem league player would travel with minders, wouldn’t ya?

        thick doesn’t begin to cover it

    1. :-Joe

      lol… and pep + de bruyne too..
      – haha.. not a rovers fan but can you imagine the laughs and all the attention for the LOI ?…

      The media and world football would be better off than the usual constant boring reports of the obscenely wealthy advantaged clubs, the daily diaries of their thoughts, whose overpaid spoofer has been going to the toilet today etc..

      Let’s do a whip-round and fund it… – Worth a billion in transfer fees just for the fun of it..


  1. GiggidyGoo

    – Can Varadkar confirm that he met Hogan on 12th August? The evening of that date was the evening Hogan somehow managed to be in both Kilkenny and Adare, after Hogan said he’d met Varadkar in Dublin and returned ‘that evening’ to Kilkenny.

    – Is Hogan still a member of FG? If so, is Varadkar happy he is?

    1. goldenbrown

      Giggidy, Giggidy, Giddidy. permit me to summarise how this will play out:

      – Hogan, Varadker, and UvdL will all be fine, they are all EPP after all
      – the story will rumble on locally but with fading amplitude as other matters turn up (there’s a menu to choose from here…C19 death, economic meltdown, mass unemployment, Brexit…)
      – same heat dampening approach as post GE2020 will apply….UvdL will consider the report at (greeeaaaaaaat) length
      – sometime in November while we’re all moving on some statement on the matter will turn up in news bulletins and inside the newspapers around the Page#8 mark (preferably when something else bad is happening)
      and before you know it it’s 2021

      added bonus ball – Hogan will have successfully drawn away all attention from the other 100-odd bad actors who attended the golfing sesh

      however, a nice consolation I think is that it has its very own Wikipedia page – you and I and anyone interested can log on and edit the page to add any information that comes to light you know. a nice permanent tattoo for FFG + their fanclub into the future!



      1. :-Joe

        Wow, it’s mystical… It’s like you can see into the future somehow, like you’ve seen it all somewhere before… I, like the 50%(and declining) of voters who support F-f/g can only wonder where and how it could happen.. Truly spooky stuff..

        On a serious note, who are the others exactly and can we shame them all until they have to stand up to the mandate they were given and be held accountable to the public good?

        Also, whatever you think about golf as an activity or sport, it truly has been hijacked by the most obscenely corrupted eejits of humankind…


          1. Otis Blue

            In the furore about Hogan we shouldn’t forget his 2014 reform of local Government act which left it even more useless and less accountable than ever.

            “Putting People First” he called it.

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