He Could Be Anywhere [Updated]


This evening.

More as we get it.


All better.





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45 thoughts on “He Could Be Anywhere [Updated]

  1. NobleLocks

    Irewokeland… where personal offense outweighs the national interest.

    Yeah what he did was wrong. Should we shoot ourselves in the foot and get rid of him because of it? No.

    Yuri Bezmenov’s lectures on how communism subverts society are ringing truer and truer every day here.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      He doesn’t seem to give a poo about the national interest, though. I don’t care that we’ve lost position. It’s not being ‘woke’: sometimes morality has to trump pragmatism. Actually it always should but that’s not the world we live in, sadly.

    2. scottser

      What, keep hogan so he can ‘stick it to the Brits’?
      What a ludicrous position to take. He broke the law and he’s a hypocrite; he should go.

    3. Sham Bob

      This is a new strand of opinion – anti-woke and believe that communism has an influence in Ireland, but you’re pro-EU?

      Has the meaning of ‘woke’ now been stretched to meaninglessness, like ‘virtue signalling’?

      1. NobleLocks

        Hardly new. I despise the woke communist Neo-left as much as I hate the violent and racist Right and I’m very much pro-Europe.

        Don’t be fooled by the the screeching Harpies of the Nazi doctrine of political correctness (yes the phrase Politically Correct was coined by the Nazi’s). There is a middle ground, where being left or right doesn’t require extremism.

        Yes Communism and the extreme left are the major problem not only in Ireland but in the west more than ever before. You only have to scratch the surface of BLM to see what I’m talking about.
        Que: aww Noble’s a racist! Noble doesn’t agree that Black lives matter etc… Virtue signalling bullploppy nonsense from people who hate actual real discussion. If you’re still here, read on.

        Co founder of BLM Patrisse Cullors calls herself a “Trained Marxist”, their manifesto states that they want to “disrupt” the nuclear family and bring up kids in a “village”. Replace “proletariat” with “Black” and “Bourgeois” with “White” (in particular white male because somehow, white women are ok [women should look at history and wonder why this is the case]) and you’ve got every argument BLM make. FFS Even their symbol of the raised black fist is a communist red fist in black paint! And that’s just scratching the surface, dig deeper and you’ll find more.

        The universities are hotbeds of radical left now too. The intellectual left found itself unemployable after the 1980’s as radical left thoughts are an anathema to daft right wing managerial methodologies so the left intellect went into the only place they would be accepted, the universities. Now we’re reaping what we sowed when we allowed the balance of left and right to be poisoned.

        The radical left are the new right and have gone WAYYY too far. They’ve pulled the trick of making people think that there are Nazi’s and Racists everywhere (I mean when was the last time you met an actual Nazi or Racist? When was the last time Anyone did?) while simultaneously cleaning the millions and millions of dead from the radical left’s hands. They’ve used race wars and tribalism to do it and they have poisoned our youth to achieve it. I only hope that the inevitable correction, when it comes, won’t be bloody… can’t help but think my hopes are for naught.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          disappointed you didnt also drop in a bit about the Nazis being in fact “socialists”

        2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          My aunt is a desperate racist. My Mum is pretty racist too but knows to keep quiet around me.
          So yeah. I meet them regularly.
          Nazis not so much.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Best piece of news I’ve had in a long long time.
    The job needs to be finished now. Judge. As well Hayes (remove his access to government minimum) And then drill down the list of attendees and punish them well.

    Hogan won’t be able to live with himself that he was told to resign, by a woman. He has very little respect for women.

    Let’s see how he gets re-invented now.

    1. millie madonna

      I almost asked how do you know he has no respect for women and then I remembered and I’m suddenly delighted that he’s been so publicly derided.

  3. Dhaughton99

    Brian Hayes supposedly had 3 directors from the vulture fund Cerberus with him as guests.

    1. 3stella

      I see Hayes is claiming they were 3 old school friends. Little known fact he was in the same school and year as Tommy Tiernan in Galway.

  4. Termagant

    The question we have to ask ourselves now is what can we do to fix the problems that allowed someone like Phil to rise to the position he attained. Why does the system that’s supposed to serve us so abundantly reward and promote greedy entitled self-interested buppyholes.
    Unfortunately I feel the answer might be abolish democracy but let’s see what we can do.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      stop luring in the wrong people with so much financial reward, it should come from a genuine want to better your community, your nation, people’s lives, fair wage for fair work, not this honey pot crap

  5. GiggidyGoo

    The resignation of course has very little to do with his movements in the end. It is to do with his duckin*, diving, half truths, no truths. The triumvirate of Martin, Varadkar and Ryan knew it. Von der Leyen had her eyes opened to it. He was just not trustworthy to be in the position he was in.
    There must have been something quite serious though for Varadkar to have turned. Was he asked to provide some sort of story or other to help out, but couldn’t do it? Coming to think of it, Varadkar is notable by his absence from the media this past week, when he be out of the blocks pretty snappy usually.

    1. f_lawless

      Well it wasn’t all that long ago he was photographed in the Phoenix Park flouting new public guidelines that had been set out only days earlier by the Assistant Secretary General to the Dept of the Taoiseach – “no loitering, no picnics, do your exercise and then go” etc

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      And the SC Judge sitting in a room with the lobbyist and his vulture fund friends. Untenable.

      1. 3stella

        Another attendee of Table 6, The head of Protocol in the Oireachtas might also be a little worried as the political fall out mounts, none other then Brian’s sister Cait.

  6. Otis Blue

    Might be difficult for FG to retain the Cork South Central seat in a by-election. Coveney’s running mate last time out was the clown Buttimer. He’s a busted flush as his attendance in Clifden cost him the Seanad Leas-Chathaoirleach gig.

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