16 thoughts on “Thursday’s Papers

  1. Gerry

    Coveney would be a good replacement for Phil Hogan.

    If he attended the Bilderberg conference at some point, good, we need transatlantic cooperation, and someone respected by their fellow pols.

  2. Gabby

    Daily Star pun headline of the week: a pitta bad news – GONER KEBABS. National crisis for the UK.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      if it does end up being Coveney, the surprisingly forthright opinions expressed by Varadkar and Coveney will make sense – Coveney gets the plum job, Varadkar gets rid of his main rival for FG leadership. Ruthless.

  3. Janet, dreams of big guns

    I came here to thank you for the above Hugh posterior cartoon, very amusing

  4. goldenbrown

    oh the drama!

    so why did Hogan quit? it certainly isn’t out of respect for us.

    a fit of toys out of the pram pique? fresh after being blocked off from that nice fat WTO job and now this? given the personality involved I’d wager he feels badly wronged, probably even views this as “constructive dismissal” lol

    but nah, I reckon he was sacked because he’s a security risk.
    is there worse embarrassment in the pipeline? other stuff he hadn’t selectively told us about his Golfgate affairs? what other cute hoor dishonesty could there be? (the Germans don’t get cute hoor) stuff the Brits wouldn’t hesitate to use at the right time….cavalier, bombing around the boreens of a summers evening unaccompanied with very serious documents on the back seat of the Merc….

    sure who knows, only thing I do know is he’ll be grand

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