12 thoughts on “Strawberry Beds Forever

  1. Slightly Bemused

    That was the hill my mother taught me to drive on, back in the day. Coming from Kildare, where the closest thing to a hill we have was being drilled by Roadstone, really learning hill starts was a challenge. So my dear mother took me there to learn on Knockmaroon Hill.
    There is a stretch with a sharp turn on the slope, and her instruction was clear: go down the hill in the gear you use to go up, and turn wide when going left, keep it tight when turning right. I have since had much instruction in driving in various conditions and vehicles, yet that simple stays true (unless driving on the other side, in which case reverse the turning message).
    She also had another piece of advice that I later was told by truckers: if on the descent you meet another vehicle coming up, stop and let them climb. Gravity will get you going again, but they have to fight it.
    In essence, she taught me to be polite on the road. I often wonder what my father would have taught, but as he taught my mother, maybe much the same.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Darn. I may have reversed the turning message by mistake. Too many years driving on the wrong right side of the road :-)

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