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  1. John Smith

    Why are masks ‘part of the uniform’? Is this the school’s requirement or the parents’?

    Guidance on safe use of face coverings at gov.ie says:

    Who should not wear one

    Cloth face coverings are not suitable for children under the age of 13

    For this reason, the Statutory Instrument that requires use of masks in certain indoor premises (not including schools) excludes children under thirteen from the requirement to wear masks.

    Requirement to wear face covering

    4. (1) A person shall not, without reasonable excuse, enter or remain in a relevant premises in a relevant geographical location without wearing a face covering.

    (2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to –

    (a) a person under the age of 13 years,

    1. SOQ

      You are dealing with an irrational fear here John- instilled by the government and the media. At least in the UK they are now admitting they faked CoVid cases to cause alarm- what is the chances of them doing that here?

  2. SOQ

    I do hope after a full weeks wear, some lab takes a range of those rags and does a full analysis of what bacteria and viruses they will by then be harboring.

    1. ReproBertie

      You know you’re not supposed to wear the same mask for that long without washing it, right?

      1. SOQ

        Yes I do but what is the chances of every parent washing and drying those masks every night?

        Close to zero.

        1. ReproBertie

          Since you’re the expert on what happens in the homes of families with children in secondary school, what are the chances of those families having more than one mask for their children so they don’t need to wash and dry the same mask every night?

          1. Mick

            Our kids’ secondary school has requested every child to have 3 masks per day, and to change them after each break. They also recommend to have 6 so that they can be washed and dried on every other day.

        2. Papi

          Why is it close to zero, q? What are you basing that on?
          Is it from the same place you found the child abuse claim?

        3. Slightly Bemused

          I am not sure if it is the same for other places, but I hand wash mine every evening after using them during the day. I have a number of them, so the ones I wash can dry in peace and be ready next time I need them.
          I have assumed that the soap I use to wash my hands is fine for killing any viruses or bacteria on the mask, and it washes out fully just as it washes of my hands.
          A friend was soaking his in Dettol, but that stuff seems harder to get these days than gold.

      2. John Smith

        ReproBertie: There’s far more to it than just the daily washing to stop the virus being spread when a mask is worn. Look at the gov.ie guidance at ‘When to wear face coverings and how to make them’ . The instructions are detailed and long (and still incomplete – there is no mention of the fact that you need to remove your mask to blow your nose, probably more often than for any other purpose!) There is no way that children will be following properly the guidelines for use. How many adults are? Incorrect use is more risky than no mask when it comes to the spreading of the virus – that is true whether or not the wearing of masks is actually beneficial.

        SOQ: I agree wholeheartedly that the fear is irrational and instilled – and orchestrated – in the way that you say and these photos are part of that campaign. However, schools should be following the Government’s guidelines and not requiring mask-wearing by children under thirteen. They should also be informing parents as to why they are not making it a requirement – many (most?) parents don’t even know that the Government has issued this guidance. (There is not, as yet, any requirement for the use of masks in schools by anyone, as far as I know. No doubt it will follow when the Government is remind of this fact by NPHET!!!)

        1. ReproBertie

          “ReproBertie: There’s far more to it than just the daily washing to stop the virus being spread when a mask is worn”

          Yes there is but I was specifically dealing with SOQ’s notion that the children would be wearing the same mask all week long.

          1. SOQ

            Here is another angle- what are masks to be washed with? Normal soap powder will leave residues- anybody even thought of what health impact that may have?

            Is washing powder a potential carcinogenic? Genuine question- I am pretty sure the manufactures do not recommend it is to be sniffed or inhaled.

          2. ReproBertie

            As per gov.ie advice masks should be washed “in a hot wash over 60 degrees with detergent.”

            “Does washing a face mask cause cancer?” asks man accusing the government of scaremongering about a virus that has killed 2,336 people on the island of Ireland.

          3. SOQ

            Please stop with the personal bullpoo and at least try to have a grown up conversation eh?

            What does ‘detergent’ mean? Normal washing powder? That by design will leave residue which is why they advertise it with all sorts of pleasant chemical smells.

            In clothes that is not an issue- although some people do need to buy non scented- but forcing a child to inhale it all day may be another story.

          4. millie madonna

            Some of your questions are delving into the realm of the ridiculous now, queenie.

            I have to ask, between the genuinely ridiculous line of questioning you’re taking here and your penchant for calling masks ‘muzzles’, don’t you think you’re opening yourself up to ridicule and the kind of personal attack you say you’d rather avoid in favour of a civilised discussion?

          5. ReproBertie

            Let’s have a grown up conversation about the possibility of washing facemasks causing cancer?

            Wise up.

            Actually thanks. Your bullpoo and the garbage from frank has reminded me why I stayed away from this site for the last while. I’ll leave you to it.

          6. SOQ

            Millie- is it really so unreasonable to ask what the effects of inhaling chemical washing powder residue and synthetic scents deep into the lungs of children is going to be?

            If it was me, I’d be off down the local health food store to buy a natural washing agent is all.

          7. millie madonna

            Is that not the kind of question that must be answered satisfactorily before being approved for sale in the EU? If the idea of washing a mask in detergent and the risk of chemical exposure bothers you, then surely the idea of sleeping with your head under the duvet, for example, must be equally bothersome?

            I myself never sleep burrowed in duvet, but young miss millie is very fond of it and can frequently be found curled up at the bottom of her bed. She has unquestionably inhaled plenty of chemical over the years, if detergent poses such a risk, and is only marginally mad

      3. Fergalito

        You do know we’re riddled with bacteria and microbes anyway, even while stepping out of the shower.

    2. george

      SOQ you really don’t understand how viruses work if you think there’s going to be some accumulation of viruses in facemasks.

      Also imagine how dirty their socks will be after wearing them for days.

        1. John Smith

          The masks are over mouth and nose. It’s not just The Virus that will (or will not) accumulate. Other things will!

  3. frank

    How long are we going to keep up this tripe?
    As if things are bad enough we are now forcing some weird behaviour on to our kids.
    I have a child in preschool. No lunchboxes. No water bottle. FFS this is how kids learn responsibility!!!
    This is their first job.
    Look after your lunchbox. Make sure you eat everything and be sure to bring it home. Drink loads of water.
    This worked with my other kid. He knows how to look after stuff and all he drinks is gallons of water.
    We are wilfully making ourselves & children into imbeciles.

    What the bloody hell is going on??

    1. george

      What’s going on? Have you not read the news? There’s a highly infectious virus called Covid-19 that’s been killing people in Ireland since March. Don’t know how you missed it to be honest.

      1. frank

        Here’s the News George.
        I’ve had Covid19. My wife has had Covid19. My two kids have had Covid19.
        It does not kill you.

          1. ReproBertie

            It would be a pretty stupid comment on my part if he hadn’t frank. His wife, son and grand daughter all recovered thankfully.

          2. frank

            So he died ‘from’ Covid19 rather than he die ‘with’ Covid19.
            I’m asking if Covid19 was the cause of his death?
            Also were his wife, son and grand daughter very ill?
            Were they hospitalised?

          3. ReproBertie

            I do not know if they were all hospitalised because this was in the middle of lockdown and I’m not a nosey agenda driven idiot who was going to ask questions that were none of my business of a family in mourning. I do know his wife was still in hospital when her husband died from Covid. Their son, who had recovered, was allowed sit in the room with him so he was not alone when he died.

            You can take your conspiracy based semantic question and shove it.

          4. frank

            “I do not know”. There we are.

            No conspiracy just the truth ReproBertie.

            If you can’t politely answer a question about something you posted perhaps you should take some of your own medicine and place that upon your botty-bumkins

          5. ReproBertie

            “There we are” he says like my not knowing whether my neighbour’s son and grand daughter were hospitalised or not somehow proves a point.

            It certainly proves a lot about the pointlessness of engaging with the conspiracy idiots like you frank.

          6. frank

            It shows that you ‘don’t know’ what you are talking about.
            That is not a conspiracy that’s the truth.

          1. Papi

            I’m not selfish enough to think it wont kill others, my mother for instance is in the highest of the high risk categories, so I wont go playing around just to prove a point.

          2. Papi

            So you’re saying I can force people to wear masks to protect my mother? Cheers. I’ll tell em Dr.Frank said so.

            Brick wall.

          3. frank

            I said look after your mother.
            I didn’t say a thing about masks.

            Your mothers compromised health is your responsibility not mine or my kids.

          4. frank

            Papi. When my kid was seriously ill.
            We wore masks for 4 years.
            We scrupulously washed our hands.
            We didn’t go to crowded indoor places like cinemas.
            Any bacterial infection could have been fatal.

            I never relied on anyone else for my childs compromised health. The responsibility was mine alone.

            Look after your mother and don’t rely on me or anyone else.
            It’s YOUR responsibility, don’t cod yourself.

            Edit. I’m a great neighbour Brother but if you want a rub on the back go ask your mother. Or not as the case may be…

          5. Papi

            Ah, I see now, you kept your child safe, and fair dues to you, from outside infection. This isn’t the same. But, hey, you do you.

          6. Frank

            “safe from outside infection” and “this isn’t the same” explain both of those to me please because neither make any sense.
            “you be you” needs no explanation. I am indeed myself.

          7. Papi

            Just as you and your children take no responsibility for others safety, I have no responsibility to explain anything to you Frank, take care of yourself. It’s what you’re good at.

          8. Frank

            you can’t explain yourself because your spouting nonsense is more to the point.

            of course I’ll look after myself and my children and my family. I would never rely on the like of yourself. If you took a leaf out of my book and did likewise outrageous draconian measures such as children wearing face masks would not be ‘normal’.

          9. Papi

            With as much respect as I can muster for you, I really really don’t want any page out of your book. Setting a wonderful example for your children. Lucky them.

          10. Frank

            play the ball Papi.
            you can’t answer my questions because you have no answers.
            my kids will do just fine they’re taught not to suffer fools. a crucial lesson

      2. f_lawless

        @George: “Don’t know how you missed it to be honest.”

        I don’t know how you’ve missed the continuous and steady decline in deaths and hospitalisations since that period. For several weeks now they’ve been at extremely low levels. Clusters of “new cases” which have been found after increased testing have not altered this trend.

        As Carl Heneghan, expert witness to the Oireachtas Covid Committee hearing , has said :

        “I am concerned people have become overly frightened and throughout this pandemic, the fear instilled in people has been a real problem.

        Many people misunderstand and overestimate their risk of Covid. This uncertainty is leaving them highly anxious and affecting schools, offices and how we go about our daily lives. The government needs to intervene to explain to people their true risks.

        We now need to rail back from opinion and start using an evidence-based approach. ”


        As he as also said elsewhere the evidence as it stands does not indicate that any kind of major second wave is likely to occur in Europe. I think he’s right that we really need to take an evidence-based approach when assessing the CURRENT level of risk. In all likelihood we’re not going to see any kind of major second wave short of an improbable extreme mutation in the virus or (God forbid!) some nefarious actors releasing something new upon us

        1. John Smith

          ‘Many people misunderstand and overestimate their risk of Covid. This uncertainty is leaving them highly anxious and affecting schools, offices and how we go about our daily lives.’

          This seems to be very much the case. Most people have a very low risk of even catching the virus. Now, the risk of hospitalisation, let alone of needing ICU, is extremely low. It never was high, except for certain groups of ‘vulnerable’ people especially when they were in certain settings.

          Few people that I speak to have a reasonable understanding of this though those who do are getting frustrated extremely with the restrictions.

          1. SOQ

            I disagree John. I think most people had a very high risk of catching it and that a sizeable number did.

            It iwas far more widespread than people imagine which is a good thing because they are now by in large- immune.

          2. John Smith

            I would certainly agree with you, SOQ, that it was was much more widespread than the ‘confirmed cases’ figures suggest and that that is no doubt being reflected in the ‘new cases’ figures now – very many being likely to be viral debris from a past infection. I think the rate of infection (whether detected or not) varied across the country, with some areas having comparatively few cases (though more than the figures suggest).

            The current levels of risk of serious effects from catching the virus are, as I said, very low.

  4. f_lawless

    Why are you immediately trying to drag the debate down to the gutter? Surely there’s something more constructive you can contribute than low-level trolling

      1. millie madonna

        I thought that was the tone of the piece too, given some of the posts published here in recent months.

  5. Micko

    Dropped my kid off at school this morning.

    Very few adults wearing masks. And the one or two that were, took them off a soon as they saw no one else bothered.

    They were outside sure.

      1. Micko

        Dunno. It’s not very clear is it.

        Maybe they told the staff themselves when they got the txt.

        Fair enough.

  6. ReproBertie

    The Government advice is “Staff in all schools, and post primary students, should wear a face covering where a physical distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained.”

    Pretty straight forward really but that doesn’t stop people misinterpreting it.

  7. Slightly Bemused

    I know it sounds silly, but one thing I have noted is how much more I look at people’s eyes to judge what they are thinking. Without the smiles and other subtle indications given by the mouth muscles, the eyes are left to express what a person talking to you is feeling.
    Always you could tell if a smile was genuine if it touched the eyes. Now you need to look at the eyes to see if they are smiling.
    Once again, the eyes become the windows of the soul.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Oh yes, and for some reason the stinker is concentrated without the aid of a pursed lip :-)

  8. John Smith

    Thanks for the info, ReproBertie. Where can I find that guidance, please?

    There is still a conflict in the government’s own guidance in that there are lots of students in their first year at secondary school who are not yet 13 but we’ll let that go, I guess.

    The children in the photos, though, seem to be all National School age, which is why I asked my original question – is this a school requirement in their case or the parents’ choice?

    1. ReproBertie

      That guidance in pdf form was emailed by the government to my kids’ school who emailed it to me.

      You can probably find a version of it on gov.ie/backtoschool but there’s a video for post-primary students here:


      1. John Smith

        ReproBertie: Found it, thank you. It’s in ‘COVID-19: Your questions answered about returning to school’ on Gov.ie in the Post Primary section. It also includes the standard exclusions but, conveniently?, omits the under 13 one. No guidance is given in that section on care and correct usage of the face-covering, nor is there a link to the other Gov.ie page which covers that, which seems a serious omission.

        I couldn’t find any mention of face-coverings at primary school, which, by that reckoning should apply only to the teachers. Perhaps I’ve not delved deeply enough.

        However, one of the problems is, of course, that there is so much in the way of guidance, information, statutory instruments etc, that few people read or follow it. They just follow whatever they understand from what has been said in the media, particularly on the television, and most of that seems to be aimed at keeping up the fear and damning the doubters.

  9. Junkface

    Who knew that wearing masks would be such a controversial issue even 5 years ago? I wonder if it would have been such a big deal if this type of Pandemic happened in the early 2000’s before social media? I’m guessing maybe no.

    The information / misinformation age has fried the brains of a large percentage of the population. Common sense logic is no longer common.

    Again, worldwide Medics and Scientists have agreed that spending over 15 mins indoors with people not wearing any masks is a sure fire way to spread the virus.

    The good news is that most recent scientific reports have suggested that the covid 19 virus is weakening with time. The strains in Europe being contracted now are significantly weaker than they were in March and April. So less people are being put in ICU’s and on ventilators.

    1. SOQ

      Just wondering what reports you are reading that says the virus is weaking Junk?

      I follow data more myself and the evidence from that side of the house suggests it has followed a seasonal pattern which is pretty much evidenced by the fact that nobody is getting sick anymore.

      1. Cian

        What does “followed a seasonal pattern ” actually mean?
        Is the virus somehow different in Summer?
        Or do fewer people have it? or we are outdoors more? so there is less transmission?
        Or is our immune stronger?

  10. Frilly Keane, Rebooted, Live and Dangerous

    The sooner we all agree that not everyone questioning the Lockdown, the Restrictions, the NPET decision making, the numbers, and whether masks work or not, are Alt White AntiVax Bigots and Nazi Saluting wingnuts
    The better

    Like it even says it in black and white
    U13s are not required to wear masks FFS

    And if there was any sincerity or committment to our own Government’s Pandemic Management and Lockdown Exit Strategy
    Every school in the State would have the same consistent uniform reopening plan
    And by now, like they’ve had since March
    there would have been arrangements in place to deal with varying standards of school facilities, class sizes, transport needs, Special Needs, Parents, and all the rest of it
    Even exam management and results

    Leo & Michéal knew what they were doing lobbing Sr Norma into the helm here in Ed
    Too stupid to recognise she was a patsy to dysfunction
    And too grubby and ambitious to say no to anything
    But compliant enough for them to manage
    And devout enough for the Religious Ownership/ School Management to hold her hand

    1. Cian

      eh. They do: http://www.gov.ie/backtoschool/
      Broken into
      – Information for students and their families
      – Information and resources for primary and special schools
      – Information and resources for post primary schools
      – School transport
      – Wellbeing resources
      – Roadmap for the full return to school

      1. Frilly Keane, Rebooted, Live and Dangerous


        So how come Michéal and Sr Norma weren’t photographed inside a damp mouldy dark thin sheet shed with breeze blocks in the corners to anchor it?
        Or presenting a Special Needs school with their single tub of hand wipes?

        And where’s the Leinster House podium speech with the fiver for parents to drop their kids into school instead of using public transport

        When are the results out again?
        How long will the results be for LCs that opt for written exam assessment?
        Colleges can wait – can’t they?
        That schools were empty for April May June July yet couldn’t come up with separating out desks and chairs in a whole school building of class rooms, or roster time tables and create exam conditions for one school year on their rolls
        Sure C!an

        Lash up another copy and paste there

        Ideally none that explains how three schools in the one parish have three different arrangements for drop off, pick up, lunch and activities

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