School Gatesgate



Yesterday: Part Of The Uniform

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29 thoughts on “School Gatesgate

  1. scottser

    my kids school has staggered drop off times, what’s so difficult about it they couldn’t do it here?
    and those driving down that laneway should be shot with balls of their own plop

    1. Art Vandelay

      Same here, i drop the kid off at staggered times as requested by the school. Are the people running some schools so incompetent they need an actual memo from the government to work that out?

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        Our school does staggered drop offs as well as admitting the kids through three different access points (including a recently rehabilitated, former pissy lane).

        The staggered break-times are a dream and have solved the Brownian-motion problem of small yards in big schools.

        1. baz

          staggered drop off times fall down when both parents arrive early stay late and talk poo poo as if they were attending a social event

          1. John Smith

            @baz Or if they have more than one child at the school and have to hang around until the other one(s) are allowed in. Having more than one child to deliver in these circumstances is a problem for the parent who has to get to work, as well. However, if all the children from one family are allowed to be left/collected at the same time, that presumably causes problems with where the children wait until their bubble is allowed to float in to its classroom..

            I’m wondering how the staggered times are being handled where children are brought in by a school bus. It would not seem to be feasible to have the bus making lots of separate journeys in country areas. Does anyone know what is happening in this situation?

          2. Cian

            To manage parents with multiple kids:

            Our school is doing the staggered drop-offs by surname – all classes will gradually fill & empty.

            A friend’s school is being done by class, however the school will accept siblings into classes earlier than expected. e.g. if 1st class starts at 9.00 and 6th at 9.20; then a parent with both is allowed to drop the 6th-classer at 9.00;

            Are there any schools that is doing it by class and forcing the parents to do multiple drops/collections?

          3. John Smith


            Glad to hear that there are some reasonable solutions being found (though there would appear to be a lot of waiting around before and after classes). I guess that school buses are meant to arrive at different times, like a series of very large ‘family’ drop- offs.

            A lot is going to depend on differences in the design of the school and its grounds and access points, its location and surroundings, places where you can park to walk the final distance, etc. What may be fairly easy to arrange in one place may be a total nightmare in another.

          4. Cian

            I’ve no experience with school busses – but it would make sense to stagger them

            But you are correct – different schools have widely different needs – so the onus is on the school (principal, teachers, board of management AND parents) to implement the guidelines as far as practical AND to learn from this week to make improvements next week and the week after.

          5. baz

            replying to myself as need to address John Smith Q to me re multiple drop offs.
            I have 2 drop offs 10 minutes apart, I drop, leave and return 10 minutes later.
            perfect opportunity for a bit of exercise – try it

          6. millie madonna

            Lucky you living ten mins from school. We live 25 min walk from my daughter’s school.

          7. Janet, dreams of big guns

            used to walk 30 mins to school and back every day, poor little feckers would be jogging, chanting” leave at 8, won’t be late”,
            downhill on the way at least

          8. John Smith


            ‘perfect opportunity for a bit of exercise – try it’

            Doesn’t apply to me. My children are well past that stage. However, I have a background in education on one side and, on the other side, experience of school-runs (for several children and at more than one school) so I am questioning things from a somewhat informed and interested point of view, I feel. Going away and coming back 10 mins later works for you, which is good, but may not for someone else (eg they may have to go on to another school or work) and does increase the overall amount of traffic (whether on foot or in a car).

            I think this all underlines Cian’s comment that schools have to implement the guidelines as far as possible and learn from what happens this week. One thing that they can learn is that a lot of parents clearly are not worried about getting back to normal and, as Janet has pointed out below, a lot of them have never really moved away from normal – except as regards things that couldn’t be avoided, like ‘sticking something over their face in a shop’ or not going to the pub or the theatre, depending on their interests. There will, of course, also be a lot of parents who will wish to abide by the strictest of guidelines. The balance between the two ‘camps’ will be different from school to school and will affect how the school handles matters, just as much as the more concrete considerations like the school’s location, etc..

    2. Laura

      Scottser, they have driven down the lane because they have to get their little snowflakes as close to the school as they possibly can incase the rain gets them

  2. Cian

    This is on the school, not the Department. There are clear guidelines. And any school that I’m aware of has staggered drop-offs.

    Congregation of people at school gates should be strictly avoided.

    Some approaches that schools may consider to avoid congregation include the following:
    • staggered drop off and pick up times where practical or feasible, so that not all children arrive onsite at one time
    • if the school has additional access points, consideration may be given to whether it would be beneficial to open these to reduce congestion
    • consideration may be given to where children go as they arrive at the facility. This could include heading straight to their small group’s designated learning space or classroom
    • for those arriving by car, parents may be encouraged to park further away from the school and then walk with their children to avoid congestion, or alternatively use active travel routes where feasible
    • where learning spaces can be accessed directly from outside, this should be encouraged to decrease interactions between individuals in circulation spaces

  3. Niall

    This is the teachers making a point. “Don’t drop you kids off before a specific time as we’re not a baby sitting service”
    Both parents and teachers need to approach this with a bit of cop on. If the govt needs to babysit everybody to this extent then that’s pathetic.

  4. broadbag

    Yeah, the people in the cars who drive up into that mess really need to have a look at themselves.

    Loving the reply on Twitter saying first day of school is an important milestone and surely both parents should be allowed attend…the inherent selfishness of people overrides any logic and willingness to keep themselves or their kids safe, as long as they can have a photo for Facebook and the family WhatsApp group, that’s the important thing.

    1. me

      The only person to disagree with this point of view on twitter is the apologist reporter for the motor industry.

  5. Friscondo

    I turned up to collect my kids yesterday. There was ample room to keep a safe distance from others, yet there were groups of 4,5,6 people chatting away as if the last six months never happened. This, in currently locked down Kildare. I have no idea how you get through to these eejits.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      all these people in Kildare all chat around their estates, have braais or BBQ every weekend, all the kids have been playing together since March, obvs they are not going to suddenly social distance at a school gate, as far as I can see lockdown has been over since it started.

  6. uncouth

    This is on parents. We ask parents to drop kids at the corner and to come at the correct time. But no, parents come whenever they like and drive all the way up to the school gates and then have to attempt a 3 point turn because God forbid their child might have to walk 200 metres like a pleb.

    1. george

      It may well be but the solution isn’t going to come from those same parents.
      A few cones across this lane every morning would be a start.

  7. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Park up a kilometre away and give your children some exercise. A lot of them could do with it.

  8. Janet, dreams of big guns

    Well the street has been refreshingly quiet, I know my partner has found it an easier morning of working from home without the screaming army of bored children charging up and down the street all morning.

  9. Gabby

    Now maybe city folks will start waxing lyrical about the the far-off Alice Taylor days when country children wearing patched gansies and short pants walked barefooted to school through the fields. Balladeers should start singing about a vanished era.

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