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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Aside from an ugly outfit, Adele has a helluva Fivehead.

    She needs to stop faffing around pretending to be Katy Perry and release some new music!

    1. jason

      Personally, I would have been less offended if Adelle did full black face. she is a blatant racist dressing up like that.

    2. Junkface

      I don’t get all of the fuss. Cultural appropriation is a stupid thing to criticize people for. Surely it’s a tribute to how much a person likes a different culture. Africans do this all of the time with European culture and American culture in Africa. Whats the problem? Nothing, just more woke behavioral policing nonsense. Live your life and express yourself.

      There was a clip recently on twitter of a black US girl who loved Irish dancing and was really a great dancer. That’s a tribute to Irish culture. Great to see! Humanity has always shared cultural inspiration.

      1. :-Joe

        +100% – Another drizzle of BS more like it..

        Who in their right mind could possibly and honestly care if someone adopts any kind of style from another culture not originally their own. The dumbest part is she’s probably on a holiday in Jamaica trying to blend in with the atmosphere, hopefully not in the gated community for the wealthy only parts of the island – but that’s another story.

        People adopting other styles happens all the time but the level of fake outrage has always depended on the timing and what or who is the object up for judgement in the moment for the tabloid rags…

        The BS-101 playbook on the front pages forever, as long as I can remember. The daily stoking of anger of a tiny minded minority of eejits who want someone else to dump on instead of looking in the mirror and being honest with themselves. Even doing some actual journalism…

        Look at her, who does she think she is… Looking fitter and healthier too… The bloody nerve(Finger-waving etc.) A sad, pathetic and ultimately miserable never-ending boring story all round.

        Also, the hat-trick of suggesting that substance abuse addicts should just become workaholics and phil “look at me big mighty fisht” hogan should get some kind of sex change is just way off the crazy cliff too..

        Typical rags, only good for spotting eejits from a hundred yards away….


  2. Tommy Bohan

    Normal service returns with front page picture on English Daily Mail. I presume they just used the same picture as their British sister paper. They’re heading for the same place as the ill-fated Times Ireland edition. I was in SuperValu yesterday evening and there was a huge pile of Daily Mails still there. How they can charge €1.80 for a paper that contains so little Irish news is beyond me. They sold 21,000 in July, that says it all, the practically regional Irish Examiner sells more. Whoever their editor is needs to wake up.

  3. Clampers Outside

    Far play to Adele! Appropriate all you can, and show off the cultural mix of the part of London you come from with pride.
    Sharing of culture, and having it copied, mimicked, etc. is flattering to most accept for far Leftist and grievance junkies hooked on a view of the world through the lens of Critical Theory! We should be laughing at such idiocy and celebrating actual diversity in practice :)

      1. Clampers Outside

        And here’s that same young girl talking on BBC about being accused of Cultural Appropriation


        We should all laugh at the morons who make stupid claims like this. It’s racist, and there’s white and black racists doing it.

        F__k ’em!

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Who actually appoints the commissioner? Ireland or Europe? If it’s Ireland, then Von der Layen is out of order surely?

    1. The Old Boy

      It’s a bit of a black art when a new commissioner needs to be appointed in the middle of the Commission’s term. The European Parliament votes on the Commission as a whole, once the portfolios have been assigned by the Commission President. Member States nominate candidates “in consultation with the Commission President”.

      It will be up to Von der Leyen to decide whether to reshuffle the Commission or to appoint the new Irish commissioner to Hogan’s old portfolio. This obviously gives her a lot of influence over the process, where there is both a plum job up for grabs and the real risk of being cast into the outer darkness of, say, Digital Economy and Society. The whole Commission could, in theory, be voted down by the European Parliament if the new commissioner doesn’t have the backing of the President.

      It is unusual that the current process is being carried out with such publicity. Usually, this all happens through back-channels and the Brussels equivalents of Sir Humphrey Appleby.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Why is Von der Leyen insisting then on two candidates – male and female? Is it a veiled threat, or statement? ‘Nominate two, or else your commissioner portfolio will be the most important one’ I think it is.

        1. Otis Blue

          Because she’s committed to gender equality.


          She’s merely requesting that Ireland adhere to the requirement this time around. This request was made of all 27 member states. Last year the Irish Government only nominated Pig Fill despite also being requested to nominate a female candidate as well.

          Anyway, there’s a nice irony that Pig Fill , though inadvertently, is doing his bit for gender equality.

  5. Nigel

    “We’ve lost 90pc of our sparrows in the last 30 years, but because they haven’t hit the point beyond which there’ll be a catastrophe for the species, we’re not responding,” Dr Donohue said. “But when you look at those figures again, 90pc gone in 30 years, you realise that relying on thresholds is not the way to safeguard a species.”

    1. bisted

      …by coincidence, I saw two sparrows yesterday near the border area…the first for decades except on an island of the north coast…by the same token, I’ve recently seen a Jay, Tree Creeper and Grey Wagtail which are firsts…

  6. Nigel

    ANNUAL SNOWFALL can no longer replenish the melted ice that flows into the ocean from Greenland’s glaciers. That is the conclusion of a new analysis of almost 40 years’ satellite data by researchers at Ohio State University. The ice loss, they think, is now so great that it has triggered an irreversible feedback loop: the sheet will keep melting, even if all climate-warming emissions are miraculously curtailed. This is bad news for coastal cities, given that Greenland boasts the largest ice sheet on the planet after Antarctica. Since 2000 its melting ice has contributed about a millimetre a year to rising sea levels. The loss of the entire ice sheet would raise them by more than seven metres, enough to reconfigure the majority of the world’s coastlines.

    1. Junkface

      If we lose so much sea ice we really are screwed. With nothing to reflect the suns heat at the poles, the Earth will become unbearably hot. There would be mass evacuations to newly moderate regions like Siberia, North Canada. Most of Europe will be inhabitable except for Ireland and Scandinavia. I have to find the map for this, its online somewhere. Scary stuff!

  7. Nigel

    While there are near-constant fires burning which pose no threat to humans, a rainy spring and early summer prefaced what has been a relatively fire-free July and August (at the time of writing). So what was the source of the smoky haze that enveloped the Canadian North? After some investigation, it was announced that the smoke present in Alaska, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories originated in Siberia, where nearly 3 million hectares of Russian forest continue to burn.

  8. Nigel

    Last one, promise.


    In 2009, Mayo’s Inishkea Islands, a special protection area, held the most breeding waders: 377 pairs. But by 2019 only 68 pairs were found. Again, sheep numbers had doubled on the north island, the favourite nesting ground of waders and terns. With less grass to hide them, common gulls had stepped up the theft of eggs from nests of lapwing, ringed plover, dunlin and redshank.

    1. :-Joe

      Ye, four years free with three to get certified..

      If your interested in the history of Africa there is a great documentary from last year called “Cold Case Hammarskjöld – 2019”.

      It’s about the unsolved case of the UN Secretary General’s death in a plane crash flying into the Congo to broker a peace deal with a puppet dictator in 1961…

      [ Semi- Spoiler Alert ]
      It’s a relatively low buget independant production but plays out like a stylish murder mystery, a cold-war spy thriller and a darkly humerous 70’s style paranoid conspiracy. Even though, it’s really just a great documentary example of dogged curiousity and independant investigative journalism.

      A fascinating story behind a shocking untold history with plenty of quirks and more than a few twists…

      I’ve already almost said too much but try to avoid reading anything about it and spoiling the experience if it interests you..

      History, truth, facts and fun for all the family.. Better than anything disney could make up and have you dream about…


      Available from all good outlets like MUBI, online streaming etc. or idk.. maybe BitTorrent if you’re really desperate and open minded enough?…


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