Pub record-keeping regulations ordered by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

Some people in government feel
They need to keep track of each meal
That’s served in a bar
And the publicans are
Unconvinced that the plan is ideal

John Moynes


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37 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. frank

    Remember GDPR compliance was the big thing there last year. That’s gone out the window now has it?
    If pubs, restaurants, cafes and even some shops (I was asked for my phone number in a paint shop for contact tracing) are collecting personal details for ‘contact tracing’. How are they storing that information? for how long? and who has access to it?

    1. Micko

      This whole thing is GDPR nightmare. And you’re right, it’s gone out the window.

      Even taking someone’s temperature, that’s technically medical data. If someone has a high temp, the business has to take their details.

      Once that temp is assigned to someone it has to be handled very sensitivity. How’s that data stored, handled etc

      Businesses leaving themselves wide open to legal issues.

  2. george

    What does this mean really? The receipts are generated anyway and they are required to keep those records for tax purposes anyway. What is the extra burden? Writing a receipt number down in a book?

    1. frank

      It would mean there is a book thrown behind a counter somewhere with:
      your name.
      your phone number.
      your eating habits.
      plus the day and time you were there.
      That’s a lot of information for the barman down in Noctors to be holding onto for a month.

      Edit. Noctors don’t serve food. Obviously.

          1. george

            Pubs are supposed to closed unless they are operating as restaurants. This is too ensure compliance with that.

      1. george

        They already take your name and number and the time so nothing changed there.
        Why would they bother to write down what you ate when they can just write down the receipt number?

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I used to run a tab book, some of the names of the patrons I can recall off the top of my head, Q Ball, hot wheels, Iorn ball’s McGinty, Windows, Speedy, Lady Godiva, Lenin, Tea Leaf …The Russians ( five ” jewelry sellers who liked vodka at ten am and occasionally wore nice ankle bracelets, they paid the collective bill monthly in cash )fun times

    2. george

      Taking names and numbers isn’t new. It has been a requirement since they reopened.
      If you don’t care about contact tracing and want to give false details nobody is going to stop you.

  3. Eoin

    I’m so sick of the sight of this conehead. Donnelly is well on his way to being the most unpopular Irish politician since Phil Hogan. They’ll eventually have to send him to Euroland for his own safety too.

  4. gringo

    Fascinating to watch the death spiral of this government. The incompetence is beyond anything we could have imagined. Not a peep out of the Shinners, sitting back enjoying the circus.

  5. AKA Frilly Keane

    Just shows

    McKinsey Project Management talk
    No matter how much of it has entered our natural day to day chatter
    And gives you the occasional line on Bullstuff Bingo

    Still only gets you so far

    All Talk
    No Political Principles
    No Political Talent
    No Leadership skills

    Just all talk & Consultants Reports

    He was made for the Department of Health

  6. Larry lamb

    his future is behind him

    Soon he will hang himself and it will not take much rope

    A man who has no credibility and makes Varadkar seem almost god like

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