Staying In Tonight?


Course you are.

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Join old friends, new pals and domestic pets as we discuss pubs, schools and all things rona.

Perspex visors recommended.

Hosted by Neil Curran.

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15 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

      1. SOQ

        They won’t prevent the ‘fear’ virus- anywhere else?

        I really do think people should take a trip down the gay male health centre or what ever it is called now a days- cruising each other while waiting for results.

        That sort of attitude is now ‘right wing’- no- its called liberal.

  1. Lilly

    i don’t think Seamus Woulfe broke any law, Vanessa. He was certainly in breach of Government guidelines, but they’re not legally binding.

  2. Lilly

    Also V, why do you think Phil Hogan was shafted by his own? Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that?

    1. Vanessanelle

      The Parliamentary Party have sweet eff all to do with him anymore
      None of this washed back on them in the slightest

      Leo & co threw him out
      and got in one of their own

      And it must be said McGuinness will be a far better image & rep for Fine Gael in Europe
      as well, in fairness, as the role of Commissioner

      Fine Gael are teeing up the Aras very nicely
      all the same

  3. Steph Pinker

    I missed the show, I’ll catch up over the weekend; did Micheal Healy-Rae answer any questions posted on Answer A Broadsheet Reader?

  4. TheIrishGuy

    I said I would provide details of testing available over here in California that I didn’t know when Neil asked me.
    There are plenty of testing centers nearby. A quick search brought up 3 testing centers within a five mile radius. They are drive thru test centers a referral is not required but you need to book an appointment. Booking an appointment seems to be straight forward and on the day. The testing is free at the point of contact. If you are insured then they are billed- if you do not have insurance then the federal government picks up the bill. Results are expected in 3-5 days. This is not a test for antibodies it’s just to see if you have the disease.
    Antibody tests cost $149 from what I can see- but I need to do some more research.

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